AN: Another great episode. This season is slowly but surely becoming my favorite one of all. Don't look shocked when you read the first quote. It is Gabby/Father/Daughter :) Enjoy. More to come soon!


Abby: Can I stay with you tonight?


Gibbs reached for her bag from the back seat and ushered her in the front door.

"I'll go get your room set up…you hungry?"

She nodded. "A little."

"Alright," he motioned towards the kitchen. "I'll be right down."

When he arrived down stairs he couldn't help but smile. She had pulled out a loaf of bread and promptly made herself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

"I could've made us dinner Abs."

She swallowed; still chewing her last bite. "Oh I know…just wanted to do something simple. Been a crazy day."

He agreed and pulled out two more slices of bread and proceeded to make his own sandwich. "You feeling better?"

"Yeah, kinda."

"Nothing bad is gonna happen Abby."

She nodded. "I know…"

Her child like tone tugged at his heart and he tried to ease it with a smile. "You gonna need a shower?"

"Nah, I took one at NCIS…not that your bathroom isn't sanitary Gibbs; I just really like the showers in our locker room…you can adjust the pressure and I really like the soft streaming one…"

He stifled a laugh. "Okay."

"But I brought my toothbrush and stuff." She motioned upstairs. "I'm gonna go get ready for bed."

He nodded. "Alright…I'll be up in a few minutes to tuck you in."

She watched as he tried to play it off as a joke and punched him in the shoulder before heading upstairs. She put on her extravagant PJ's and started down the hall when Gibbs appeared behind her.

"Hey, where you going?"

She shrugged back at him. "My room."

"I put your stuff in here." He pointed towards the room at the end of the hall and watched her stand still. "What?"

"Nothing…I've just…I've never been in there. I always thought it was…" Her voice trailed off as she followed the stare he was giving her. She watched as he opened the door slowly and was still a bit hesitant to step inside. "Are you sure?"

Gibbs eyes suddenly glistened and no matter how hard he tried he couldn't hide it. "I'm sure Abs."

She set her bag beside the bed and couldn't help but notice the fresh sheets. "Pretty walls."

"Yeah," Gibbs began, clearing his throat a bit. "She and her mom painted it a few weeks before I shipped out…Kelly loved butterflies…almost as much as McGee loves computers…"

She had to smile. "Wow, that's a lot."

He nodded and motioned towards the door. "Well…you know where I'll be."

"Okay," she pulled away the covers and slowly slipped underneath them. She reached back to turn off the lamp to find Gibbs standing over her and gently tucking in the covers around her. He placed a soft kiss on her forehead before she could even say a word.

"Good night sweetheart." He reached for the lamp switch and put the lights out. "I won't be far."

Abby didn't know whether to smile or cry. "Good night…" She said quietly and watched the door close before finishing. "…Dad."