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Lopmon: Lucky for you, I saw this coming and came up with those things beforehand. Impmon, Ai, and Mako will be at a playground, they will all meet somebody, maybe throw in an OC or two, and it can be called 'Impmon, Ai and Mako's playground adventure', and it can be an ImpRena if you like.

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Getting to the playground by Rainbow35! (With some help from Lopmon, XD)

Ai and Mako were very excited, as Impmon was taking them to the playground.

"Are we leaving yet?" Asked Ai, who was wearing a short pink dress, with a bow tied at the back.

"Not if you're wearing that dress, we're not." Said Impmon. "Just put on something a bit longer if you have to wear a dress."

"Okay!" And she ran back upstairs to get changed. Impmon waited downstairs for both of them, their parents were out, and he realised that leaving them in their room alone mightn't have been the best idea. But he decided to wait, as he didn't actually have a reason to panic... Yet.

"I don't wanna wear your underwear!"

"Then put it on your head, and I'll wear yours!"

"But Impmon said that you had to put on a longer dress!"

"Well what length dress do you have to wear?"

"I'm a boy, I don't wear dresses!"

"Prove it!"

"Fine then, I will!"

At that, Impmon figured it would be best to stop this before it got too much out of hand.

"Okay, what's going on up here?"

"Mako won't wear a dress!"

"Ai isn't wearing underwear!"

Impmon didn't really want proof of the second one but he needed it.

"Ai, lift up your dress."

"But he's lying!!"

"I'll believe you if you can prove it."

Ai couldn't prove it, and started crying. Just to prove his point, Mako lifted up her dress, making Impmon go bright red.

"See, I was right! Impmon, why is your face all red?"

"Ai, stop crying please. Mako, let go of her dress. Both of you, I'm gonna decide what you're wearing, 'kay?"

"(sob) Okay. (sob)" Said Ai, trying her best not to cry.

"But that's not fair, I'm good at getting dressed!" Protested Mako, folding his arms.

"Look, you guys can both pick something out for yourselves, and if it's OK by me, you can wear it."

That was alright by them, and Ai picked out pink overalls, and Mako picked out blue ones. Finally, they were dressed.

"Right, are we ready to leave now?" Asked Impmon.

"Yeah, come on, lets go!!" Yelled Mako.

"Well... uh... Yeah lets go!" Said Ai, with a hint of uncertainty. Impmon made a mental note to make sure she was okay.

They were actually supposed to have left at 9am, it was now 11:30am, but that didn't matter. Their parents wouldn't be back until about 6 that evening, so they had all day.

On the way to the playground, (They were walking, despite Ai and Mako wanting Impmon to digivolve to Beelzemon so they could fly) Ai was starting to look more and more uncomfortable.

"Ai, what's wrong?" Asked Impmon.

"Nothing." She replied nervously.

"Are you sure about that?"

"Yes!" Even more nervously this time.

"Okay then..." But he wasn't very sure.

5 minutes later, they were exactly halfway to the playground. Impmon decided to check Ai again.

"Ai, are you sure you're alright?"

"Yeah." She said, while crossing her legs.

By this time, Impmon had figured it out. "Do you have to go to the bathroom?"

"Maybe... Just a little!" She said, while making it clear that it was way more than a little.

Mako felt that he had to make things worse. "Oh-no! Panic! We're never gonna make it! Ai's gonna die!!"

"Mako, calm down. She'll be fine. Now lets see, we're around 7 or 8 minutes from the playground... I think... Either way we're about the same distance from home... Okay, Ai, can you hold it?"

"Yeah... For 10 seconds."

"Panic now?" Asked Mako.

"Yes," said Impmon, "Panic."

They all panicked for a little while, until Impmon realised that he could digivolve and... Well, take them somewhere. Where was a different thing entirely...

So, he digivolved and took them home so Ai could go to the bathroom. Then they started crying, on the grounds that they should be at the playground by now. While they were busy crying, he took them and flew to the playground.

"Guys! Stop crying, we're here!" He said, as he de-digivolved.

"Oh." They said together.

"Yaaay! Playground!" They screamed as they went running off in different directions.

Impmon watched them. "This is going to be a long day..."

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