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The chapter written to music (Best I could come up with)

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Ai had finally calmed down, and was wondering where Mako was.

"Impmon, where's Mako?"

"Well, I think he went that way... Or maybe that way..." He said, pointing in two completely different directions.

"Okay then, we're going this way! Come on!" She said, as she dragged Impmon in a yet another different direction.

(Back with Mako)

Mako had been walking for quite a while now, and it was about two O' clock.

"Sigh, I wonder where I am, this playground is big. I'm hungry, maybe it's lunchtime... Why am I talking to myself?"

Then, he spotted an ice-cream van. To top that off, he heard a familiar voice (Suzie's) Screaming; "Yay, Ice-cream! Henry, get me some ice-cream!"

He walked over there. "Hi Suzie."

"Hi Mako! Where's Ai? Do you want some ice-cream too?"

"Ai is... Somewhere... And yeah, ice-cream would be good."

Henry didn't want to spend all his money getting little kids ice-cream. "How about I get one ice-cream and you can both share it?"

Suzie had some other ideas. "Ew, sharing ice-cream with a boy? You need to be married to do that!"

"Mako, why don't you go find Ai? You don't really need ice-cream do you?" Asked Henry.

"Yes I do!!! Get me and Suzie ice-cream or I'll cry!!"

Suzie wanted to help with the persuading. "Yeah, and I'll... I'll do stuff to you when you're sleeping, and videotape it, and show it to everybody."

"Um, what kind of stuff?"

"STUFF!! Now get us ice-cream!!!" Yelled Suzie at the top of her voice.

That scared Henry. "Okay, I'm getting you ice-cream now, don't hurt me..."

Mako and Suzie got their ice-cream, and ate it happily while Henry tried to figure out what she had meant by 'stuff'.

(Back to Ai and Impmon)

"Impmon, what time is it? Actually, you probably don't know. I'll go ask that lady. Lady, what time is it?"

"10 minutes past two."

"Thanks! Why can't it be two O'clock?"

Impmon went to try and stop her. "Ai, it'd be two O'clock if you had of asked 10 minutes ago."

"Well we weren't here 10 minutes ago, were we? What is the O for in 'O'clock'?"

The lady decided to reply to that. "O'clock is short for 'of the clock'."

"Well that's stupid, who made that up? Two of the clock?" The lady had walked away by then, so Ai turned to Impmon for answers.

"Do you know?"

"I think it means that the clock is saying that its two."

"Then how come nobody says 10 past two O'clock?"

"Look, this isn't important. Let's try and find Mako."

"It is important, and I don't wanna find Mako!"

Impmon dragged her away to look for her brother anyway.

Eventually, they met up with Mako. "I had ice-cream. What did you guys do?"

"Ai asked somebody what time it was, and then I made her come look for you."

"Oh. That's boring."

"Can we go home?" Asked Ai.

"Yeah, sure. I'd say there's more fun stuff to do there anyway." Said Impmon.

So, they all went home.

Should I end the story here, or write another chapter on what they do at home?

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