Title: Rejection
Author: SaurAmora
Fandom: After School Nightmare
Pairing: Sou/Mashiro
Rating: PG
Word Count 257
Beta: Unbeta'ed at the moment.
Notes: Written for 25moments using the prompt "pain".
The fic takes place in volume 8, right after the scene with Sou confessing his 'real' feelings for Mashiro. The first line is from After School Nightmare volume 8 page 136.


"My Sister. To forget my sister."

Mashiro didn't know what to do, what to say, or what to think after hearing these last words. Everything had been going so well so far – or as well as someone could expect with their history – and suddenly Sou said this!

Mashiro couldn't trust himself to speak for the pain he felt in his chest, so he nodded instead, mouthing the words "I see," without looking at anything in particular. He buttoned up his shirt, not bothering with his tie, before climbing out of the bed searching for his trousers. He could feel Sou's steady gaze on him as he dressed, but Mashiro didn't dare look back at him, afraid of what he might see in the other boy's eyes. Mashiro had never in his life imagined dressing could be this painful and humiliating; at that moment, he wished he had never existed.

How could Sou be this calm and composed after hurting someone like that? After saying and doing such cruel things, as they were about to make love for the first time? Mashiro took a deep breath, willing himself not to cry - he wouldn't show how hurt he was, not in front of Sou – but he could still feel the tears of hurt and shame in his eyes. He didn't only feel hurt, but betrayed as well.

"Bye," he whispered, his voice thick and unsteady, before leaving the room with the remaining pieces of his shattered pride and closing the door behind him. Sou didn't say a word.