Quick, little oneshot.

------------------------------------------------------------ISABELLA'S P.O.V--------------------------------------------------

I am seventeen now. It has been a year since Total Drama Island.

Duncan somehow has ended up in my same, safe place which I live, something about violating parole. Whatever it is that caused this event, he's here, and dressed up in a eerie black reaper outfit. His real metal schythe reflects the full moon, casting a lovely lavenderish hue onto the slick road under my feet. My face is hidden by my oversized witch's hat. The silk costume around me flows like water around me. He smiles at me micheavously as he tosses a water balloon at a well-lit house. The unlucky house owner swears at him. He doesn't care. He just laughs. I return his grin with a fake-smile. I wish I could stop this escapade of the 'insane izzy-girl'. As desperately as I don't want to admit it, I want to be normal. I want to talk to people, just talk. I want to Duncan doesn't, nor ever will, know this desire of mine- the desire to be a normal girl, not an insane pyro one. He grins and throws yet another one, hitting a nerdy boy. I feel bad for him. The pieces stick to his robes, splattering cheap, green psuedo-plastic onto his expensive costume. He runs away, tears slipping down his face. My heart aches. I feel pain- for him and for me.

We meet up with Geoff and Bridgette, the only couple on the island lucky enough to get sent back to the same place- and one of the few unlucky ones stuck with us. Cody is the only other one. He's at his Grandmother's, passing out candy or something. I wish he would've came. He's nice.

Geoff discreetly slides his arm around Bridgette's neck. She laughs and buries her head in his chest. Something tugs at the hemline of my black and red dress- a small girl. She's lost. I smile at her and give her directions. Duncan rolls his eyes. Bridgette smiles. Geoff is too busy listening to party music to see my act of kindness. I feel sick.

And not because of the candy I wolfed down.

We go down to the graveyard. Duncan pulls out a wriggling gunny sack from his back pocket. It hisses. A snake. My mind drifts off to the story of Cleopatra and Mark Antony- the asp bit her, the poison seeping into her heart, the two lovers a old-time Romeo and Juliet. I am pulled back to earth. He whispers in my ear- "Get him with it!" I see a classmate. He stares at me, shocked and dissapointed, as I look at the sack. I hold back the tears, but not the anger. It seeps out. I kick the sack towards an incline. It rolls down the steep slope and lands a safe distance away. Duncan groans. He pesters me. "Izzy, you id-"

I stare at him. My eyes burn into his retinas.

"Isabella, not Izzy."