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The headboard banging against the wall was the only coherent sound in the room; pleasure-filled moans resonated through the walls of the dark room.

-"Sa- agghhh… Sa-suke"- grunted Naruto, as a pale hand wrapped itself around both their shafts, rubbing against each other, grinding in a mad dance, a desperate race to reach whatever goal could be at the end.

Sasuke actually found the sound of violent rattling quite erotic… he had come to associate that sound with intense sexual activities.

-"Ahhhh… nggg.. right there… YES! Right there!"- moaned Sasuke in a most unmanly manner, but he could not find it in himself to care as the other man, nameless and faceless, was pounding him against a borrowed mattress.

-"Yeah, that's it! Tell me how you want it!"- answered the husky voice of the other male as he sped up his pace.

The sound of the headboard banging against the wall set their maddening pace of thrusting.

Even though Sasuke did not really wanted to be thinking about the past, about faces and names he didn't really know, dark rooms that always smelled of sex, alcohol and lust, he could not stop his mind from going to those all-familiar places.

The squirming man underneath him was quite an erotic sight to behold if he'd ever seen one.

He was willing to admit he was letting himself go a little bit, because after all it had been the blond who had started it.

He had guided Sasuke to his room, ridding both himself and Sasuke of the inconvenient pieces of clothing, as well as the lights in the apartment; kissing and biting all the while, grinding against each other's bodies, seeking the touch of skin against skin.

Sasuke's eyes could make out the blurry form of Naruto's body beneath him in the dark. He could see most clearly the piercing blue eyes; he did not need the light to remember the exact hues and shades of blues, the way he reflected himself like a mirror of his soul.

Naruto was expecting the sudden hit of what he was doing to come and slap him in the face, but as Sasuke's mouth found his nipple and started biting and licking, he completely forgot why he should stop when it felt so good.

-"Nggg… Sasuke… ahhh… yes!"- he couldn't stop himself from saying and felt Sasuke's lips smirking on his skin.

Naruto's hand moved to cover Sasuke's own, pleasuring them both, forcing the other to slow down his frantic rhythm.

The blond wanted to gather his own thoughts.

He was VERY naked, squirming in pleasure underneath Sasuke… and could not deny how much this felt like not enough. He wanted- needed- more of the other, to feel Sasuke's touch so deep inside of himself that he could not be sure if it was his own skin or Sasuke's.

When Sasuke felt the slowing in pace he turned to see Naruto, unable to discern what the other wanted in the poorly lighted room.

-"I want to see you…"- whispered Sasuke huskily on Naruto's ear, causing a shiver to run down the other's spine.

-"I… nngghh… I-I… ahh, yeah… mmm…"- Naruto could stop the pleasure to escape his lips, not that he felt he needed to hide it. He knew something was about to happen, could feel it tingling on his skin, lingering in the sex-filled air.

-"Naruto…"- breathed Sasuke, already losing his mind at the slow pace set by the other: -" I wanna… nnghh… I need ahhh… to see your-ahh, your eyes"- he moaned when Naruto's thumb touch the slit of his erection, still rubbing them together.

Those blue eyes, Sasuke felt, were his only anchor to reality. He needed them, he needed those blue eyes to guide him to whichever place Naruto inhabited.

-"Sasuke…"- breathed Naruto in the most erotic voice Sasuke had ever heard.

They both knew it, it was somehow floating around them, whispering to their ears in a barely audible mumble of desire.

-" I want you…"- one of them mumbled, and both of them stopped when they realized it had been Naruto.

They understood the possible implications of the words being said and they both were wondering something about the same line.

This could not be something lust-driven, animalistic and based on pure instinct.

This is what Sasuke decided as he stopped completely before slowly, as slowly as he could manage, let his hands travel through Naruto's chest.

This wasn't like all the other one-night stand he had had in the past, filled with an unknown passion and lusting, sinful positions and slutty words being shouted in a dark room such as this. This was very different...

Tomorrow, when he woke up, he would find Naruto in his arms, he could have breakfast with him while they joked around, pacing through the apartment in nothing but their boxers. Like he had always wanted to.

His entire body was shaking, and Naruto wasn't sure if it was due to the excitement going through his veins or if it had more to do with the nervousness he felt at having realized what his words implied.

Sasuke was looking at him questioningly and Naruto wasn't sure what he should say... or if he had already said it unknowingly.

-"We don't... you don't need to..."- Sasuke started saying, stumbling with his words and making to stand from his place on top of Naruto, but a tan hand stilled his movements and doubts.

-"I want you"- said Naruto and even if he was still shaking and panting profusely, when he felt Sasuke shifting from a top of him he knew for sure that he indeed wanted Sasuke.

Slowly, as slowly as he could allow himself to, Sasuke rested again on top of Naruto and his lips blindly found their way to meet Naruto's in a kiss.

But this kiss wasn't in any manner as urgent as the ones they had been sharing.

It was a reassuring kiss, a lingering touch that Sasuke knew would stay with him, would walk him to the places he needed to go from then on.

His hands, the same hands that had been so eagerly traveling throughout all of Naruto's tan body, now did the same trajectory with an unknown calmness.

Naruto's hands were resting on Sasuke's back. It was as if both of them knew the approaching storm and where taking the deep breath before the plunge.

When the long kiss finally ended, one of Sasuke's hand reached for his night stand drawer and rummaged though it in search of lube, while his lips where occupied on leaving a mark on Naruto's shoulder.

The sound of Sasuke's hand rummaging through the drawer did weird things to Naruto, it excited him in an odd way, because he knew what was coming next, he knew what that sound meant...

And when the sound of the drawer being shut reached his ears a shiver ran up his spine.

Naruto couldn't quite discern the patterns in the ceiling he was now looking at, and it might have to do with the fact that he had never seen them from this particular angle, laying the bed, underneath Sasuke.

Sasuke's hands were roaming through his lower anatomical regions, having Naruto moan and grunt without control. Both of them were breathing hard and felt like this was a dream and they were about to wake at any minute... any minute now.

The sound of a cap being open was deafening to Naruto's ears, but it caused his cock to twitch with an anticipation he hadn't realized he was feeling.

Everything stilled when Sasuke's fingers found Naruto's entrance.

The shivering and panting from the blond made Sasuke nervous, made him want to stop, turn back and run for the hills; and as he was about to move his hand away, a tan one grabbed his.

Their eyes met and even through the thin darkness surrounding them Sasuke could read what those blue skies were trying to tell him.

He slowly circled the entrance muscle, and Naruto couldn't stop the unmanly squeal that left his lips at the strange sensation.

-"Relax"- said the raven and just then he noticed how raw his voice sounded, how very dry and tired he really felt.

Slowly he pushed the first finger into the blond, who was squirming from the intrusion, but neither of them said anything else as Sasuke's finger moved inside the other; it didn't take long for Sasuke to enter his middle finger easily finding Naruto's prostate and stimulating it.

It took some time, but the strangeness and awkwardness was disappearing and a new sensation, a VERY pleasant one was starting to take complete reign of the situation.

The Uchiha could tell the stimulation was starting to work as he heard Naruto moan his name in a sinful erotic manner.

-"Nggg... Aghhh, Yes! Ahh! Right... nnngh, yes, right there!"- grunted the blond squirming underneath the Uchiha.

He wanted to see this, needed to see it; as if seeing Naruto's face contort in pleasure would make this all the more real. He needed to see how much Naruto liked this, needed to see what kind of power he had over the blond moaning beneath him. He reached over to his bedside lamp and turning it on he was surprised to see blue eyes already looking intently in his direction.

-"I needed to see your eyes..."- breathed Sasuke an explanation that had not been asked.

-"Me... ahhh... me too..."- moaned the blond; all the while Sasuke had never stopped moving his fingers and had even added a third one, but Naruto seemed oblivious to anything else beside the pleasure Sasuke was giving him.

The raven's shaft twitched with anticipation when a particularly low groaning of his name left Naruto's lips, asking for more.

He was not sure how much more of this erotic sight he could take without wanting to pound right into the other like there was no tomorrow; but he needed to be patient, to prepare Naruto as much as he could.

-"Not... mmmm... not just your-your fingers... ahhh, more!"- Naruto managed to make himself coherent enough to say.

Sasuke groaned at the needy tone the blond had used and felt himself get harder.

When the three fingers were removed Naruto's groan resonated through the walls with a low tone and an erotic hint to it.

Sasuke positioned himself in between Naruto's legs.

They both stilled for an infinite second of eternity… This was it; once Sasuke entered Naruto there was no way he would be able to ever leave, he was going to stay inside for good, and they both knew it. It was a terrifying realization, not one they wanted to run away from, but it was, after all, a very big one indeed.

All the troubling emotions, all the pain and uncertainty, all the secrets being kept and pushing them apart, all the fears and hurtful words left them as Sasuke sinfully slowly ease into Naruto.

The uneven breathing and heavy panting filled the room as well as each other's souls that they even didn't know how empty they were until they felt the other.

Naruto's face was contorted in a mix of shock, pain and pleasure and Sasuke was sure he had never seen such a face drawn on the blond.

It felt so right, to have Sasuke entering him; he had always imagined it would feel weird, awkward, uncomfortable. But now, looking into Sasuke's dark eyes he knew how very natural this was.

For a brief moment Naruto thought of how much time they had lost, how many opportunities they had missed, how many kisses and touches they could have shared and were forever lost, because time had passed and he would not be able to bring all that back.

However when Sasuke reached the hilt and they both stilled their every movement and even their souls stopped, the last coherent thought Naruto had was "I'll make up for it from now on".

From then everything seemed like a big blur…

Aggnnhhh… grunts and moans, a thin layer of sweat covering their bodies… Sa-Sasuke, ngghh… heavy panting and the creaking of the mattress being pounded… faster, mmm yeah! Faster… the calling of each other's names, blue and dark colliding… you're so tight… their skin felt like burning fire scorching their every fiber… Naruto agghhh, yes! I'm so… ahhhh, so close!... the relentless thrusting in and out, in and out, a mantra echoing on the walls: Yes, yes, yes, Sasuke, yes!... a particularly well-angled penetration, Naruto's legs on Sasuke's shoulders… how they got there…?... a spiraling sensation pulling them in, into each other, into a swirl that was bound to keep spinning forever, the coiling sensation at the pit of their stomachs… Naruto… Sasuke…

And everything became blue skies and starless nights…


The effects of the cocaine were starting to wear off and the stranger penetrating her was only making the process of sex much more painful. But she knew she had to bear it, it would be over soon and she would go… somewhere…

She still had a lot of decisions to make about her next move and current situation.

There was so much going on, so much thinking to do… Why couldn't this fucker get it over with so she could go get some more drugs?

The man groaned in an animalistic manner while he sped up his frantic thrusting; she guessed it meant it would be over really soon…

He shoved deeper into her and with one last contained scream, he shot his load into her, still ramming against her viciously, his finger digging painfully on her hips, riding his orgasm and with the last few shallow thrusts, he fell on top of her with all his weight.

The mixed sound of the room made her feel sad for some unknown reason; not guilty, not used and disgusted with herself and the man still inside of her, not weary or heavy with resentment… just sad.

The moonlight filtered through the partially closed curtains and every once in a while she could heard the distinctive sound of a car speeding down the street, the front head light creating odd shaped shadows in the wall with peeling wallpaper, the red rear light of cars moving forward and leaving her behind gave the room an eerie feeling from time to time.

The now even breathing of the stranger on top of her resonating near her ear, where he had found purchase for his head, in the junction of her shoulder and neck, a place of her anatomy she would normally consider too intimate, but given the situation, she would allow it.

An ambulance siren blared on the outside, waking the seemingly asleep man, causing him to stir and finally remove himself from inside her.

-"Thanks honey, you were great"- said the hoarse dry voice of the male now making his way to the other side of the room where most of his clothing laid rumpled.

She didn't move a muscle as the man went about the room, dressing himself; she wouldn't even be bothered with covering herself, because after all, he had already seen it all.

-"So… you have a name?"- he asked reaching the door, his hand already moving to the doorknob, hinting her of his real lack of interest on her answer.

-"Sakura"- she mumbled and after a grunt of acknowledgment at the name, she only heard the sound of the door being closed.

Not far from there she could hear the faint and yet annoying sound of a car alarm going off; a dog barking a few houses away and a crying baby being hushed.

All this felt strange and uncertain, and she felt she shouldn't be wasting another minute in that lonely dark place her soul was taking her… Yet, where else could she go?

She had no home to return to, no blue skies to look at. Hell, she didn't even have Lee anymore. She couldn't see herself going back to him after this; she would just feel so dirty, so used, so cheap. He didn't deserve someone like her; he deserved someone better, better than the piece of scum she was.

She wanted to get up, get dressed and go get her next dose; but she just couldn't muster the needed strength, couldn't find in herself the woman she once was… It was as if she was at the same pit hole all over again.

The rustling sound of clothing resonated through the hotel room's peeling walls.

She hadn't even dared to move, still coming down from her cocaine high and the lousy sex she had shared with a nameless man.

Sakura knew Sai was using her; but she couldn't give a damn about it.

-"How old are you, anyways?"- asked the older man fumbling with his belt.

-"sixteen"- she answered bluntly, not expecting the man to be surprised; after all he had come to Sai looking for younger woman to have sex with.

-"I hope I wasn't your first"- he joked sitting on the bedside, tying his shoelaces.

She stared at the white ceiling for a long, long time.

The man, who hadn't even waited for her answer, had long since left, leaving her with the humming sound of the room's air conditioner still running. Sakura knew she would have to leave very soon, since the man had only paid for a certain amount of hours; and even if the whole "event" hadn't taken that long, she didn't want to stay there for long.

She stood from the bad tiredly and made her way around the room searching for the items of clothing that lay littered around, dirtying the room more than it already was.

When she was mostly dressed, her cell phone rang, the cheerful sound of "my humps" echoing on the eerie place.

-"Hey! Hello honey, what you need?"- she answered having immediately recognized the ringtone her blond friend had set up.

On the other side of the line she heard the shaken tone of Naruto asking her to come over; he was feeling weak, broken, he was going to do it again…

-"I'll be right over"- she said hurriedly fumbling with her shoes and making her way out.

She stared long and hard at her cell phone laying on the floor, almost as if to will it to ring… But it didn't, she knew it wouldn't…

How much she wished Naruto could save her now, could be there for her as she had been for him… but he wouldn't, dammit! He just couldn't. How was she expecting him to help her if she didn't even tell him what was wrong?

But she had decided she was to purge herself of her own sins, go down to her personal hell… and maybe, if she was lucky, she wouldn't need to come back to face the consequences of her harsh decision hunting her.

-"I loved you Naruto"- she mumbled to the dark, realizing just how very quiet it had become after a few minutes. Her wrist watch read way past midnight and she felt beyond tired at this point, but knew there was no going back to that apartment, at least not right now…

She knew she was the kind of person to fall fast, trusting too much in promises that had never really been made.

When had Naruto ever said he would love her unconditionally? Sure, he had said he would be by her side as the best of friends; but when had he ever implied he would always be there for her. She knew how very selfish she was being, wanting something that wasn't hers to want, wishing to have it here right now… No, better not go down that well-known path. Her worst mistakes had been made when thinking with that part of her own self.

Sakura had always had this feeling that she had been overstaying her welcome on Naruto's heart; she knew how truly caring and giving Naruto could be, and she could admit to having taken advantage of that… but it was always, at the end, only those two, only Naruto and Sasuke.

She eyed her watch yet again and mumbling to herself she realized that: -"I've stayed far too long…"- but she wasn't all that sure what she meant by it. The reflection on the mirror of a tired woman told her it wasn't so bad, it wasn't really that bad…

The lights in the hallway blinded her as she made her way out of the room and to the stairs where most likely Sai would already be waiting for her.