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High School

I sighed and looked out at the cloud ridden sky. It looked like a big grey blanket. I noticed a nest of birds sitting in the tree above. The mother and Father had just come back from feeding and there are little chicks reaching out to feed.

I sighed again, then i heard a whisper followed by a little giggle. My eyes flashed up to look into the rear view mirror and i saw Alice sitting between Emmett and Edward. She had her legs up on Edwards and her arms around his neck. Edwards arms were around her waist and he was leaning down and whispering stuff into her ear.

Emmett had a disgusted look on his face. Like he was about to pass out. Then Rosalie shot him a apologetic look and he sighed. Then Edward started tickling Alice and she giggled. Her giggle sounded like it came from an angel.

I rolled my eyes up and sighed again. I remember when that was me, when i would sit in the backseat and make her giggle and be happy. I miss her. She was my Angel and my whole world. My shining star. Then she exploded leaving my whole world black, Dark and empty.

I sunk right back into my depression. I looked down and started to fiddle with a lose strand on my jumper. I just can't cope seeing them together or anything that reminded me off our times together. How could she leave me after all those decades of being together and with her BROTHER. I know that there not blood related but this means we had to change our story completely.

I felt myself starting to get really angry then Rosalie nudged my leg. I looked up and she pointed to the back, I turned around to see Edward and Emmett sitting up and glaring their teeth at each other. It looked like they were about to rip each other to shreds. Alice was sitting in the middle trying to push them away, with no luck. She gave me a pleading look. Who was she to ask anything of me! But i calmed down the situation. Rosalie shot me a grateful look.

I pulled myself together completely just as we pulled into the schools parking lot. I sighed as i saw the 'Vancouver Grammar' sign. Why did Esme Insist that we go to a privet school? She spends all this money for us not to learn. The teachers hardly ever trow anything new or difficult at us. Rosalie pulled into our normal car park.

The school building was traditional, red brick building. It was double story, with another single story building attached to it. In the middle of the building were big double doors, with big green hedges growing next to them. Above them was a sign which read 'Vancouver Grammar. Its not only the sun that signs brightly here.' The background was wight. With a thin red line around the outside as a border and the writing was in red. Under the windows there were garden beds filled with gorgeous wild flowers of all different colours and sizes.

I didn't even bothering opening the door. I just jumped over the top. Denting the convertible a little bit. Rose shot me a mad look. I just poked out my tongue like a 5 year old back. Then Emmett came to her side and intertwined there hands. I spun around to see Edward and Alice in the middle of a way to passionate kiss. I sighed. I am so glad their leaving at lunch. Edward broke away and growled and walked away with Alice underneath his shoulder. I put my hands into my Underoath hoodie and walked off towards my locker.

I opened it and found a picture of me and Alice stuck up inside. I tore it up and stuck it in my pocket. I grabbed all the books i would need and trudged towards roll call. I could fell the dark depressing cloud hang over my head. I knew it wasn't going to go away. As i walked towards the class room door i saw Rosalie standing there. She smiled and rubbed my arm. "its alright Jazz everything will get better." She was the most sympathetic as she was still really angry at them for doing this to Bella and I "At least they are leaving at lunch." She tried to lighten the mood. I smiled back as the teacher turned up to unlock the door.

They big cloud hung around for the rest of the morning. All trough my classes i just replayed the same memories over and over again. It was like a song that you couldn't get out of your head

Alice was curled up into a ball in my arms. We were laying in Edwards meadow. It was gorgeous. I was as happy as i have been in so long. We had been laying there for hours and the sun was going down. It was the start of Twilight and Alice sighed "Ahhh. The start of another night." "mmmm" was the only word i could get out. I kissed the top of her head. She looked at me really annoyed, i chuckled and murmured "I love you." She lent up and kissed my lips. "We will be together forever, I promise."
End of Flashback

Who would have known that these 7 simple words would make my whole world fly. Also make it come crashing down.....


I was returning from a hunt. I heard Alice and Edward talking, this didn't bother me but then i heard her giggle. I knew that giggle and she only laughed like that when...... even my thoughts trailed off. I stopped in my tracks and looked for them. I saw them Alice had her back to the window she only had a bra and her jeans on. Edward came towards her and rapped her into a hug. He noticed me and whispered into her ear then she replied a bit to loudly "I love you too. We will be together forever i promise. Then Edward whispered into her ear again and she turned around with shear horror on her face. She looked me in the eye and she opened the window and jumped. I turned around and started to run, but she caught up with me. She grabbed my chin and spun me around to look at her. I looked her in the eyes and said "Alice, Please just leave me alone." I pulled her hand and she fell onto the forest floor and i ran off. She whispered "I promised forever. We will be together forever."

The dark cloud came crashing down that day. I ran for days and days. I stayed up with the Denali Coven for awhile. But i got bored. Don't get me wrong, I love them all. Its just that most of them are girls. So i decided to go and visit some old friends. I saw Peter and Charlotte and i decided to down to the Amazon Coven, but i got a phone call from Esme telling me that she misses me. I should also come home. I wasn't in the mood for going home. So i decided that i would take a week to get back. I visited some more old friends. I also slipped up on my diet, twice. I let my eyes return to the normal gold and i started to run home.

When i got home Esme was the first one to met me at the door was Edward i just pushed past him. I wasn't in the mood to talk to him or Alice. Esme gave me several hugs and kisses and told me to never leave again. Carlisle gave me a hug then he told me to come and talk to me in his office when i was done. I waved goodbye to them all and trekked up into my room.

I opened the door to find Alice sitting cross legged on my bed. "What do u want?"I hissed. She remained calm and pleaded with me "I just want to talk, about what happened." I began to feel my dead blood boil underneath my skin. Then i snapped "THERE IS NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT. ALICE THIS IS SOMETHING THAT YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO DEAL WITH. I DON'T CARE IF IT WAS FOR LOVE." I then grabbed the photo off my bedside table and right in front of Alice's face, i ripped it in half frame and all. Glass shattered everywhere. I then threw it into her lap and started walking around the room. I Flipped the coffee table over which was sitting in front on my reading couches and screamed "HOW COULD YOU??" I walked to her make-up dresser and pushed everything onto the floor. Countless number of perfume bottles and make-up bags shattered. I went to pick up her jewelry box. But i remembered that it was her mothers so i put it back down. I turned around to Alice sitting quite comfortable on my bed. I pointed to the door and said "Please, just get out." She nodded and walked to the door. She stopped in the door way and whispered "But i do love him." I was furious again, I picked up a crystal vase with wight Gerber's in it. OUR FLOWER. I threw it out of the room and it hit the wall and smashed into a million tiny pieces. I then jumped onto my bed and buried in the thousands on pillows on it. I sobbed and turned on the radio.
End of Flashback

The teacher had just finished his lesson as the bell rang. He loudly called "Dismissed." I picked up all my books and walked slightly faster than a normal human. Out of the class room and to my locker. I opened it and put my books in and slammed it shut. I turned around to find Edward and Alice. Their hands were intertwined. I rolled my eyes. Edward spoke "Gosh Jasper, Whats up with you?" "Its nothing" I mummbeld back. "Okay. Well plans have changed me and Alice are leaving now instead of lunch we just couldn't wait any longer." He rubbed his nose into Alice's shoulder as he said it. I felt the dark cloud come down heavier on me again. I had to get out of there, the love that they were emmiting was sufforcating me. I manged to mumble "Have fun." As i walked off to the cafiteria i noticed a familiar smell. I shoock my head, It can't be. As i opened the cafiteria door, her sent hit me like a speeding truck.\

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