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I was standing there in the forest. On a pile of ferns, it was also surprisingly sunny. Edward was also there he had his back to me. He had his shirt off and was sparkling. i tried to sneak up on him. But I fell through him. I hit the ground and i turned to see Victoria. Her Red hair was crazy and had several leaves and twigs in it. She laughed a wicked laugh and said."I really do hope you survive. I would love to see your talent." I tired to scream but no one was listening. As she bent her head down and bit me.

I woke up screaming. I lied back down. Renee burst into the door. "Are you OK Bella?" I sighed "I'm alright mum, just a bad dream that's all." "Oh, okay. Oh who is Victoria?"

I tried to look confused. "Who mom?" Her face dropped a little bit."Oh, I dunno you have been screaming her name and saying 'Please Victoria. Don't do this'."

I just shrugged and said "I have no idea. Now go back to sleep mom. You look exhausted." She nodded and walked off. I sighed and rolled over. This is going to be a long week. I fell asleep again.

I woke up again after sleeping a dreamless sleep. My alarm woke me up. Stupid clock.

I knocked it off the stand and grumbled. I yawned and stretched as i reached for my toiletries bag. I trudged off towards the bathroom.

I heard Phil yell."Morning Bella." I then sung."Morning Phil.".

I reached the door and slammed it shut. I turned the shower on and sat down on the bathroom door. Did yesterday happen? Are they really here? Did Jasper really drive me home?

i took one big breath in and stood back up. I took my clothes off and looked at myself in the mirror. My skin was still dull and boring.

I flexed all the muscles and hopped in the shower. I opened the lid to my familiar strawberry shampoo. I sniffed it and washed my hair. I stood in the shower for a couple of minutes.

I turned off the water and wrapped the towel around me. I noticed i didn't have any clothes. So i ran back towards my room and picked up the pair of jeans and the shirt i laid out before.

I got dressed there and then walked over towards my window and opened the curtains. I sighed as the light came streaming in.

There not going to be at school today. Its sunny. I walked back to the bathroom and brushed my teeth.

I sighed and looked at my hair. It was all frizzy and I'm possible. I just put it up in a messy ponytail.

My skin was all blotcy so i decided to put on a small amount of foundation.

I walked down and saw Phil sitting at the dining table reading the sports section of the newspaper.

I went into the kitchen and pulled out some cereal. I poured the milk and sat down with Phil. I pulled out the funnies and started reading them.

They weren't funny at all so i put them down and eat as quick as i could. I got up and washed my bowl and put it in the dishwasher.

I do like having a modern kitchen. Also not having to cook evrey night. But i do miss the pizza.

I walked back up stairs and checked the clock. Shit.I'm running late. I picked up my bag and ran down towards my car.

"Bye Phil." I called. I was out the door before i could hear the answer. I opened the door and got in a pushed the button to open the roof.

I then sped down the road. I reached school just as the first bell rang. I ran towards my locker and grabbed my books. I sighed as i looked at my time table. Biology and Gym.

I shut it and walked off towards roll call. I entered and Mr. Radford gave me a dirty look for being late.

I said my apologies and sat down at the back with one of Rebecca's friends.

Her name was Cassie. She had black hair. It always looked different. She must spend hours in the morning on it. Today it was in preppy pigtails.

The bell rang and i walked down stairs to my biology lab. I walked in and took my seat at my lonely table.

My teacher Ms. Doltchavic walked in pulling a T.V. I looked up and started tracing the lines in the roof. Before i knew it the bell rang and i picked up my books and walked off towards my locker again.

I opened it and stuck my books inside then i felt something cold come up towards my neck.

I held my breath. I then felt cold fingers swipe away the lose hair. Then i velvet voice said "Hello Bella." I gasped and turned around to see Jasper. He chuckled and whispered "Breath Bella."

I let go and breathed normally. "Please don't do that again Jasper." He just smiled at me and said "OK. Do you want to sit with us today?"

I thought about it for a minute then said "Um OK." I turned around and started to walk towards the canteen. "Where are you going Bella?" He sounded confused. I turned around and he pointed outside.

I walked up to him and whispered. "Um, Jasper its sunny." He laughed again. "Oh i know." I was so confused at this point. But he just grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the courtyard.

I held my breath as he walked outside. The sunlight touched him and he just glowed a little bit. If you didn't know what he was meant to look like you wouldn't notice how he looked. He looked at me and smiled.

We walked towards a table under the tree. I saw Rosalie and Emmett caught up in there own present.

But there was still no Edward or Alice. We reached the table and Emmett and Rosalie looked up and looked shocked then also gawked at mine and Jaspers of them did.

Jasper noticed this changed and settled everything down and said "Hey look what i found." I smiled and Emmett had a big goofy grin on his face and got up(almost knocking down the table in the effort.)

and pulled me up into a big bone crushing hug. I was gasping for breaths as he put me down and Rosalie picked me up and stroked my hair.

I could tell that she was having a conversation over my shoulder. I felt her nod her head. I just let it go. We sat down.

I sat down next to Rosalie and Jasper sat down next to Emmett across from me. Rosalie started talking about channels new line of perfume. I looked down at my hands and i noticed my scar was sparkling.

I looked up at Rosalie. "How come you guys don't sparkle anymore?" She noticed me looking at my scar. She went into her pocket and pulled out a small picked up my hand and rubbed it in. She gave me back my hand and i looked at it. It did the same strange glowing look.

"What is in it?" I asked. Rosalie just shrugged her shoulders. "You would have to talk to Carslie about that. I think it is like sunscreen. But im not sure."

"Oh. Are you a junior or senior?" "Well we all enrolled as juniors, except Emmett hes a senior." I noded.

"So, you are still dressing the same." I looked down at my clothes. I blushed. "I thought hanging out with Alice might have taught you something." I just shrugged it off.

"I like comfortable, practical clothes." She rose an eyebrow."I can see that. Oh well I'll have to take you shopping sometime. Ohh and do you still have your old truck."She asked.

That hit a nerve. I really do miss my old truck. "No. I got rid off it when i came up here. Well Renee got rid off it really. I do miss it." She could feel my sadness.

"Its alright Bella. You know i could try and get it back for you." I shook my head."No its to late. Renee sent it to the crushers." "Oh so what type of car do you have now?" "A green new bug." I said.

"What type is it?" She asked."I dunno Rosalie, its a car." I answered. She lit up."Well im going to look at it this afternoon." I sighed i was going to lose that battle.

"So how are Phil and Renee?". I looked up at her. "Good. Phil is really busy with his team and Mum got new kindergartens. So she is a bit flustered about that. How are Esme and Carsilie?" I asked.

She smiled back "There good too. Carsilie is loving the more difficult cases and Esme is redecorating our house." I nodded and said "that's good."

I looked over to see Emmett and Jasper wrapped up in there own conversation. It was too low for me to hear.

I looked at Jasper's lips. They were full and soft. They were a faint red. They were trembling at the sped. I liked my lips. I wonder what it would be like to kiss those lips.

I felt hard nudge at my side. I looked over to see Rosalie. She looked a little frustrated. "Are you listening Bella?" I took a couple of minutes to respond. "Huh?" Was the only respond i could come up with.

"What were you looking at?" I just shook my head. "It's nothing. Just the tree. It's beautiful." "Oh." She responded. The bell went then. I got up and walked over towards the trash can and dumped my soda.

I walked to my locker and opened it. I had history next. I sighed and grabbed my text book and workbook. I then felt cool arms snake around my waist.

I turned around to see Jasper smiling. "Guess what." I looked at him startled. "What?" He smiled "We have history together." I looked down and blushed. He had his hands locked together behind my back and our hips where grinding together.

He must have noticed as he let go and stood back. But he still had his hands on my hips. I was still blushing. I was breathless.

He chuckled."Well, do you want to go?" I just nodded. I didn't trust my voice. He took my hand and lead me up the stairs. He was walking at an in human pace. It wasn't noticeable thou. We got to the class before anyone else had.

He sat me down on the spare table beside him. We waited in silence until the teacher came to the door. He unlocked it and let us in. I sat down in the back corner and Jasper sat beside me. The teacher started the lesson.

I turned to Jasper and asked "What are we studying?" He looked back at the teacher and murmured "The civil war. Around about the time i was changed." I nodded. The teacher cleared his throat. Reluctantly I turned back towards the teacher as he began his lesson.

I was taking notes intently. About half way through the lesson my attention was drifting. So I looked over to Jasper. He was staring out the window. I tried to see what was so interesting. But i couldn't find it. I sighed and looked back in frustration.

I saw his desk shaking from his silent laughter. I threw my pencil at him. He looked at me and i poked my tongue out at him. He sent me an emotion i wasn't sure but it felt like i was being tickled. I burst into a fit off laughter."OK......Jasper..........please.........stop."I said between gasps of breath.

The teacher turned around and asked "Is something funny Miss. Swan?" I shook my head. She pursed her lips and turned back towards the board.

I looked down his hand was sitting there. I picked up my pencil and stabbed him as hard as i could. The pencil split in half and a splinter went into my hand. Jasper looked at me. I saw the monster in his eyes. He went up to the front of the classroom. He came back with the tissue box.

He sat back down. I went to grab a tissue. He blocked it and said "Hand please Bella." I shook my head "I'm alright Jasper. I can do it."

"No Bella. Please give me you hand." I extended my arm. He took my hand and started to get all the splinters out. It was hurting. But he was going at an inhuman speed. So it didn't hurt as much. He wrapped my hand up in the tissue. The blood staining it.

He held up his hand. "Um miss, do you mind if i take Bella to the nurse. She has hurt her hand." She nodded. She had a look on her face like get her out of my classroom. He helped me up. We walked out of the classroom.

I had to ask "Jasper. Do you have any medical degrees?" He looked at me. "Only 2." I looked at him in shook. "How could you stand the blood?" He laughed "I opted for the theory study. No blood contact." I nodded my head.

We reached the nurses office. She looked at me "Bella, can you stay one day without coming here?" I blushed. Then Jasper said "sorry. We just need a band aid." She pursed her lips and went searching in the cupboards.

She pulled out a big square one. She took my hand and fixed it. She shooed us out of the office.

I looked at my hand. My palm was filled with band aid. I closed it into a fist. We walked back up to the class room. We opened the door and walked back towards our seats. We sat in silence for the rest of the lesson.

The bell rang and i got up and walked out the door. Towards my next class. The lecture went past in a blur. I looked down at my hand. Blood had stained it. Is that the same vampire that attacked me on my birthday? I closed my hand. Just as the bell went.

I hopped up and walked out off the class room. I went to my locker. I was looking into my locker and it hit me. Where was Edward and Alice? I grabbed my bag and shut my door. I walked out of the school.

I walked towards the car parking lot. I saw my bugs hood up. I would had started screaming but i saw a hint of blond hair sticking out the side. I walked up towards my car. Rosalie stuck her head and wiped her hands.

"Its a great car. But i could tune it to drive better and faster. You should come around now. Esme has been dyeing to see you and i could tune it there." I pulled out my cell "Um alright. Let me call Renee."

I dialled the number and got her voice mail. "Hi mum, I am going to go over to the Cullen's house again. Remember Jasper yeah him. I'll talk to you later Bella." I hung up and jumped into my car.

I tossed my bag over the back and pulled out my keys and put them in the car. Emmett came up to the window. I rolled it down. He smiled "Bella, how do you expect to get there? You don't know the way." I looked around I sighed and got out. He chuckled and hopped in.

We sped off down the high way. I turned to Emmett "Let me guess you live on the edge of town. Near a forest?" He smiled at me. "How did you guess?" I shrugged "You look like the type of person that would wrestle with bears." His booming laugh filled the car.

I looked out the window. The city was slowly thinning and the bush growing thicker. We finally reached a drive that looked a lot like the other house. We pulled in to see......

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