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The Secret Compartment


"Why me," I grumbled to myself.

"Did you say something sweetie," my mom asked entering the room.

"Nope," I said quickly. I was moving out to Forks within the month and I didn't want my mother to worry more than she already had been. Every time she was around I had to pretend I was happy and okay with everything that had happened over the last couple of months, the real reason I was leaving.

It was a relief that I would no longer have to live within the shadows hiding from the danger that seemed to always follow me. Perhaps if I moved in with the police chief my life would embody less chaos and pain.

"Bella baby," my mother said regaining my attention. "Are you sure you want to do this? I mean I understand that you want me to be happy but what about everything you're leaving behind here?"

"Mother," I said sitting down next to her. "This is for the best. You need to be with Phil and I need to gain some independence. Besides it's not as if we will never see each other again. You'll be just a plane ride away."

"Are you sure you're not just running away," my mother asked. I turned away from her avoiding her question and began packing again. We had discussed this numerous times and I was through trying to cope with my past.

"Mom please," I begged. "You know I don't want to leave but you also know I have no choice. He's left me without any other option"

"You always have a choice sweetheart," my mother encouraged. "I could stay here with you or you could travel with Phil and I. I know you want to get away from him but is this really the answer."

"This is the only way to regain my life back," I said. "As much as I love this place it just holds too many memories."

"What about Natalie," my mother asked. "What about Megen?"
"Don't mention her," I said quickly. Megen was the last reason I would ever think of staying. It was partially because of her that I was in this situation in the first place.

"You need to forgive her Bella," my mom said.

"You don't even know the story," I snapped. "It is so much more complicated than you think and I really don't want to get back into this."

"You can't keep this bottled up forever Bells," she said. "Living like this is like living a lie or living in your own fantasy world. Sooner or later this all has to come to an end."

"I'm holding out till it's later," I sneered. "Now I have to get back to packing, so do you think we can reschedule this therapy session?"

"Just think about it babe," she said rising from my bed and kissing my forehead. I knew she was right but I never wanted to think about that again. My life was complicated enough as a result of it, how could I torture myself my reliving it within my imagination?

"Knock, knock," I heard my stepfather Phil say at the door. "Can I come in Bella?"

"Sure," I muttered. When I looked up to acknowledge his presence I noticed what he had with him. Sitting right beside him was a dark mahogany shaded desk that looked to be from the early 1900's. "What is that?"

"This," he began. "Is for you to take with you to Forks. Your mother and I decided you may need it for your computer or something."

"Oh," I said. "Thanks Phil, I really appreciate it." He set the desk in my room and gave me an awkward one armed hug.

"Well miss you Bella," he said. "I truly feel guilty for making you do this though. I'm taking you away from everything you know and love." Phil was truly oblivious to everything and for some reason I preferred it that way. Too many people knew too much as it was.

"No you're not Phil," I disagreed. "All of this is everything I used to know and love. Now everything just seems so different. It's time that I moved on; it's time for a new adventure."

"Maybe things will be better in Forks," he said. "I know you've been kind of miserable lately. Maybe moving in with your dad will make you happier again."

"Maybe," I agreed. All of the sudden my phone began to play the familiar ringtone, Shake It by Metro Station. When I looked down I saw that it was Natalie who was calling me. "Sorry but I have to take this."

"No problem kiddo," Phil said. "I'll give you some privacy."

"Thanks," I said. Phil may not have known me that well but he always knew when I needed some alone time. Perhaps it was because he wasn't that much older than me. "What's up Nat?"

"Bellary," she said using the nickname I despised. "Why in the world haven't you called me in so long? Are you pissed at me or something?"

"No," I said. "I've just been a little distracted that's all."

"Bella," she said. "I know your keeping something from me. I wish you would just tell me instead of leaving me in the dark. You never know maybe I could help or something."

"I doubt it," I whispered but she still heard me.

"Try me hon," she urged. "Is this still about Kyle and Megen? You know you have to deal with that sooner or later. Megen's already calling me every two seconds begging me to somehow fix what she did."

"She can't fix it," I said through clenched teeth. "She and Kyle did what they did and now I'm forced to clean up the mess. But why am I surprised? This is what she always does, shits then runs so someone else can clean up her mess."

"Be fare Bellary," she said. "Kyle was just as much blame, maybe even more."

"I don't want to talk about this anymore," I said. "But I do need to meet with you tonight. I have some news that I can't exactly say over the phone."

"Of course Bells," she said cheerfully. "We'll have a total girl's night, just you and me. We can see a movie and then get pizza after too."

"Great," I said. "I think that's just want I need. I'll see you around seven okay?"

"You got it hon," she said before she hung up. I glanced over at my clock noticing I had about two hours to kill before she would be here. I decided to check out my new desk in detail.

It was so old fashioned yet so beautiful. Every drawer was broad and spacious. When I opened the biggest drawer completely, I found a sort of lever. When I pulled it I noticed that it was a secret compartment filled with about a dozen old letters.

I pulled a single letter out and examined it closely. The only indication of whom it was meant for was addressed on the envelope. It simply said, to my one and only. I knew that reading it would be seen as an invasion of privacy but a part of me yearned to break the rules just once. The person who wrote it couldn't still be among the living so what harm could it do? I pulled out the letter out of the envelope gingerly and began to read it.

December 15, 1918

Dearest one,

I fear that my days are joyless without you in my presence. My life seems so full yet so empty without you. If only I might be able to reach you and tell you of my love. I fear that we shall never meet or even speak to each other. You are my heart, you are my destiny. Though our bodies have never touched I feel as if our souls are intertwined for eternity.

I do have some rather awful news to announce to you, thought I shall dread every moment of it. My parents have recently informed me of my impending engagement that shall occur too soon. I have never met this woman and yet I detest her. I wish my parents could comprehend that I wish for a life of love not misery.

If you may find this letter I beg of you to correspond back. Tell me where you are; tell me who you are and where it is that I may find you. Until we meet I must bid you goodbye. I shall try to write again soon.

Forever Yours,

Edward Anthony Masen

Once I finished the letter I found it almost impossible to find my breath. How could someone be so romantic and so loving? I never knew that such a man could ever exist. I always figured all men were jerks and had no true sense of love or honesty. But as I continued to read his letter's I realized that Edward embodied every quality in a man that no longer existed. If he were still living he would be my ideal.

I decided I should respond. Although I knew he would never receive it I felt it was the right thing to do. I sat down at my computer and began typing.

December 16, 2008

Dear Edward,

I may not be the person you seek but I felt I should answer you anyway. Truthfully I feel rather stupid answering letter that has just turned over ninety years old but here it goes. I know what it feels like to be trapped in a situation that you can't find a solution to. I know it's agonizing but I promise you it could be so much worse.

As for being in love, it isn't something I wouldn't advise you to do. In my experience love has been nothing but cruel and pointless. I have cried countless tears because of that stupid emotion and I have begun to despise it. Perhaps it is only I that is unlucky in love but regardless be careful. Once you give your heart away you may never get it back. So maybe you should jus marry this woman and save your heart the pain love induces slowly but surely.

I hope everything worked out,

Isabella Marie Swan

I placed the letter back into the secret compartment moments before I heard a loud wrap on my door.

"Bellary," Natalie said as she came through the door. "Come on chica, time to go have some fun!"

"Oh," I said startled. I hadn't realized that I had just spent the last two hours reading the letters. I wasn't even ready; Natalie was totally going to kill me. "Can I have just a couple of minutes Nat?"

"How can you not be ready," she yelled. "We made these plans like two hours ago. What have you been doing?"

"Nothing," I said quickly. I couldn't tell Natalie the truth she would think I was crazy. "Just give me a few minutes and I promise I'll be ready."

"Fine," she mumbled. "But your but better be downstairs in two minutes missy!"

"Yes mam," I said saluting her mockingly.

"Awww see theirs the sarcastic bitch we all know and love," she said hugging me. "I missed you Bella. Please don't cut me out of your life like that again."

"I'm sorry Nat," I said returning her hug. She truthfully had no idea that this would probably be one of the last times we would see each other.

"Forget it chica," she laughed. "Two minutes, I mean it."

"All right," I agreed. I picked up the rest of Edward's letters that seemed to be scattered everywhere and pulled the lever to open up the secret compartment. When I did I found that the letter I had just put in there a moment ago was gone, all that was left was empty space.

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