Yep this is my first fanfiction

Yep, this is my first fanfiction. Don't laugh. Just kidding. Laugh all you want because I don't really care because I'm pretty much laid back.

This will be a Pearlshipping story so don't like it, then don't read it.

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon unless Satoshi Tajiri gives it to me for no apparent reason.

Summary: Ash Ketchum has disappeared from the Pokemon circuit for 4 years after a tragic accident. Leaving all his friends behind and only bringing his loyal Pokemon into the darkness where he his going to enter.

Chapter 0


The wonderful world of Pokemon. A strange and wondrous place with a brand new adventure over every horizon. Nobodies know how or when Pokemon came to this blue planet, but everybody knows that without them it would be a pretty dull place. Heck, nobody knows how the universe was made, but some people believe an all powerful Pokemon created everything. Many stories had been passed down from generation to generation to explain all of this. No one truly knows except one man. A man that lost his name long ago.

This man was known as one of the kindest and hardworking trainer that anybody has ever met. Everywhere people recognized him because of his trademark hat and his unruly ebony (ebony is black right) hair with his yellow companion hanging on his shoulder. People he met always gave him respect and offered him friendship. Loved by all especially his Pokemon, mother, and friends. Note that I only said mother. The father of the respectable trainer abandoned him and his mother long ago for his own selfish goal.

Growing up without a father didn't have such a harmful effect on the ebony haired trainer since his father left right after he was born. The trainer only needed his mother's love to fill in that void and the dream of becoming a Pokemon Master.

Along the way of his journey he found people who were dear to him. To him they were everything. Those people will always be there for him, to comfort him when everything looked dim. He felt like the luckiest person in the whole world until something tragic happened. This event changed his life turning him into an evil person. At the age of 13 was when it happened and that's when he began his descent into darkness.

Over the past 4 years this trainer's name has been lost. The only people who still remember it are the people who he traveled with. In his absent of the Pokemon circuit he established a new identity to escape his past. This new identity struck fear in everyone's heart including Pokemon. Nobodies knew that this identity was the lovable ebony haired boy including his so called friends. This man created one of the most feared criminal groups in the world rivaling Team Rocket. This group is called Organization Omni. Everybody feared its symbol. It was a yellow infinity symbol. Though Team Rocket was feared, Organization Omni was the scariest. Organization Omni didn't steal Pokemon from other trainers like Team Rocket, but they abducted the trainers along with their Pokemon. Nobody knows what happens to those trainers and their Pokemon that's why every Officer Jenny is looking for them.

Organization Omni were at war with Team Rocket both looking for supremacy. The leader of Organization Omni finally fed up with this mounted an attack on Team Rocket's headquarter. Leading this assault was the leader and his five elite Pokemon trainers along with some Omni Grunts. And that's when the story begins.



A loud explosion was heard throughout the Team Rocket base. Rubble and debris were lying everywhere in the front entrance.

"Crap! What the hell was that!" screamed a Team Rocket Grunt. The said Grunt looked at the video monitors and what he saw made his eyes widened. The Grunt grabbed the vid-phone and immediately called the head boss, Giovanni. In the screen was a big, muscular man with an orange suit. He had many rings on his fingers and a beautiful Persian on his lap. His hair was slicked back with gel making it flat and shiny. By the scowl on the boss's face you could tell he was not pleased. "Yo, Boss!"

"I'm right here you blasted fool! You don't need to yell!" shouted the orange clad man.

"Sorry sir" the grunt saluted. "We are being attacked by Organization Omni, sir."

Giovanni's face was priceless. His face immediately darkened by the thought of the attack. "I will send backup. Do whatever it takes to take them down!!!" screamed Giovanni.

"Yes, sir" saluted the grunt.

In the highest floor of the building stood the leader of Team Rocket. 'Could this be the end of Team Rocket' thought Giovanni as he paced around the room while his Persian stared at his master with concern. The boss came to his large window and gasped at what he saw. There was like small army of Omni Grunt led by his most hated enemy and his elite Pokemon trainers. Giovanni could see that his grunts weren't doing too well.

"It's time to face this so called leader" said Giovanni as he grabbed six pokeballs from out of his mahogany desk.

"Come my soldiers. Destroy the pitiful Team Rocket. We shall be the new rulers of the world!" screamed the cloaked leader of Organization Omni. The leader was wearing a black cloak that covered his entire body. The hood covered his head completely showing complete darkness. The only thing that could be shown was his piercing auburn eyes.

"Yes, your majesty!!!" shouted the Omni grunts with much gusto. Omni Grunts wore silver armor with a silver mask that looked like a knight's helmet. On their chest was a yellow infinity symbol signifying that they were part of coolest criminal organization ever.

"You five. What are you doing? You are suppose to be my elites and you guys are just standing there trying to look pretty!" shouted the leader.

The five members looked at their leader and let out hurt gasps. Each member wore cloaks like the boss, but each had different colored eyes. Their eye colors were lavender, crimson, ice blue, jade, and yellow.

"Uh, sorry man" the lavender eyed man said while rubbing the back of his cloaked head sheepishly. Smack! "Ouch! What the hell was that for!?"

"That is not how you address his majesty" said the crimson eyed man.

"Lighten up" the crimson eyed man looked behind himself to glare at the girly voice person with ice blue eyes.

"Shut up wench!"

"Now you've done it" said the lavender eyed person who took a large step back. Everybody sweatdropped.

"What did you say?" the ice blue eyed girl whispered menacingly. (Alright if you haven't figured it out yet the ice blue eyed person is a girl)

"You heard me, wench" the crimson eyed guy replied.

The blue eyed girl just chuckled. In an instant the girl pounced on the rude guy and began to slap him crazy.

"Stop them!" shouted the leader. The jade eye guy just sighed and began to walk towards the ridiculous sight.

"Alright, that is enough" said the jade eye man. The annoyed man grabbed the girl's waist and pulled her off not before she kicked the crimson eyed guy where the sun don't shine. The crimson eyed guy rolled on the ground screaming in agony with tears falling from his eyes.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Serves you right!" laughed the lavender guy while he was holding his gut with tears rimming his eyes.

"I'm surrounded by imbeciles" muttered the fearless leader with his head down.

The yellow eyed guy walked up to the leader.

"What do you want us to do" he said in an annoyed tone. The leader looked at the yellow eyed man and sighed.

"Sheesh, you make it sound like it's a pain in the ass to serve me. I want you guys to go into the building and set the bomb and make sure there is nobody in the building when it detonates" said the ebony haired man.

After recovering from the low blow he received. The crimson eyed man glared at the girl. The yellow eyed man walked towards the glaring guy and just patted his shoulder. "Alright Saru (Crimson), Rai (Lavender), Jin (Jade), and Helena (Ice Blue) you heard the boss" said the yellow eyed guy.

"What are you going to do, Stride (Yellow)?" asked Rai.

Stride turned to the lavender eyed man "I'm going to stay behind in case the boss may need help. Now all of you get going."

The four cloaked trainers left to do their job. Rai looked back at the leader and Stride and raised a peace sign "See ya."

"So after this what are we going to do?" asked Stride. The cloaked leader stood their not responding. "Are you deaf?" Still no response. "Hey I'm tal-" Stride was interrupted when the leader raised his hand and pointed to an orange figure a few feet away from them.

"So you're the infamous leader of Organization Omni" said Giovanni with his Persian standing right next to him. "I hope you will do better than those grunts" he said while using his thumb to point to those people on the ground.

"Why you litt-" Stride began to say until the leader silenced him with another hand.

"You're Giovanni, right?" the man nodded. "Good, I was hoping to challenge you" said the auburn eyed man.

"How about a six on six battle?" Giovanni suggested.

"No, how about six on one" the leader said confidently. "You arrogant son of a bit-" the orange clad man said, but was rudely interrupted. "Let's ignore your stupid rant and let's just get on with the battle, old man" the auburn eyed man said. Giovanni grinded his teeth and threw six pokeballs.

"Come on out" from the six pokeballs came out Golem, Rhyperior, Tauros, Nidoqueen, Nidoking, and Ursaring. All of his Pokemon screamed out their names to intimidate their opponent. "Let's see you be all high and mighty now." The cloaked leader just chuckled and threw his pokeball. The blinding flash revealed a red Pokemon with red pincers snapping.

"Scizor!" it shouted its name. The bug Pokemon glared at its opponent and smirked.

"A puny Scizor, HA! You think it can stand up against all six of my Pokemon. You are more foolish than I thought" said Giovanni.

"If you think my Scizor is so weak, then why not attack or are you afraid?" mocked the leader. The remark caused Team Rocket's boss to steam with anger also causing him to have a large anime vain on his forehead.

"Golem, Rollout. Tauros, Takedown now!" the orange clad man commanded.

The large spherical Pokemon took initiative and retreated inside its rock and began to roll towards the bug/steel type Pokemon at an incredible rate. A little ways behind the large rock type Pokemon was Tauros stampeding down causing the ground to shake.

'What is the leader doing? I know he his strong, but this is just insane" panicked Stride scared of the outcome of the attack would cause.

"Scizor, Extremespeed into a Crush Claw" the leader spoke in a low tone that only the red Pokemon heard. In an instant a red blur stormed the field and stood directly in front of the rolling boulder. Its red claw glowed with a white light before it slammed its pincer into Golem. The rock type immediately flew back due to the insane strength of the attack and slammed right into the surprised Tauros creating a large cloud of dust.

"Impossible!" Giovanni shouted who still couldn't comprehend how a Scizor wiped the floor with his Pokemon. Stride's eyes widened while the leader of Organization Omni just stood their emotionlessly. After the dust cloud settled it revealed both Pokemon knocked out with swirls for eyes.

"Scizor!" the red Pokemon cried its name with its arms crossed.

"Pitiful Pokemon. Being beaten by only one Pokemon" muttered Giovanni before returning his Pokemon. "Nidoqueen, Nidoking get in there!"

Both Pokemon came charging at the calm bug/steel type Pokemon. "Both of you Megahorn" commanded orange man. "Nido!!!" both of them cried. Both of their horns glowed with a bright light ready to take down the overconfident Pokemon.

"Surround them with Extremespeed and Double Team, Now!" ordered the auburn eyed man.

Scizor followed its command and immediately took action. It ran circles around the purple and blue Pokemon. Both Pokemon immediately stopped their attacks and gasped at what they saw. It looked like 20 Scizor were running around them. Giovanni growled.

"Incredible" was all that left Stride's mouth.

"Flash Cannon" all the Scizor's lifted their claws up and started shooting barrages of silvery beams. Insert loud booming sound effects. Both Pokemon panted with exhaustion while the red Pokemon kept continuing its combination of Extremespeed and Double Team.

"Damn it" Giovanni said with a scowl while glaring at the cloaked leader. The scowl on the man's face turned into a smile. 'What is he up to" wondered Stride. "Double Earthquake!!!"

Nidoking and Nidoqueen stomped their foots on the ground and let out a loud roar. All of the sudden the ground began shaking, then large cracks began to form. Suddenly, large pillars of rock came out the ground crushing anything within its wake leaving a large cloud of dust. After the dust settled it showed the two exhausted Pokemon panting with no sight of the bug/steel type Pokemon. Giovanni smiled.

"Look up" the leader said while pointing his finger into the sky. Their in the air was Scizor unharmed with a smirk on his face. Giovanni's eyes widened. "Finish it with Flash Cannon at maximum power." A large silver beam emitted from the red Pokemon's claws and came down on both Pokemon. They screamed in agony finally collapsing with swirls for eyes.

"I thought the boss of Team Rocket would be a better challenge than this. I should have taken you down a long time ago" said the leader.

"Get in there Rhyperior, Ursaring, and Persian. Ursaring, Focus blast! Persian, Hyper Beam! Rhyperior, Rock Blast!" the orange clad man commanded. The three attacks combined together forming a large colorful beam.

'If this attack connects it could spell trouble' "You have to get Scizor out of their your majesty!" Stride shouted.

"I shall lend you my strength Scizor" said the leader while lifting his hand. The leader's emitted a blue light from his hand and shot it at the bug/steel type Pokemon. The red Pokemon glowed with a blue aura around its body.


"Full Power Crush Claw!!!"

The bug/steel type Pokemon gathered a large amount of energy into its right claw. As the blast came towards it, the red Pokemon swung its claw making a whoosh sound stomping the large blast. The combined attack was reflected back towards the other three Pokemon surprising everybody. The blast connected with the three Pokemon immediately knocking them out.

"It can't be" Giovanni stated while returning his Pokemon into their respective pokeballs. Giovanni fell to his knees and began punching the ground. "AHHHHHHHHH!!!"

"Return Scizor, good job"

Stride was amazed at the battle he witnessed. "Un-freakin-believable!" The leader just sighed at Stride's use of words. "What the hell was that glowing blue thing?" the yellow eyed man asked giddy like a child.

"Aura" the leader just stated.

Just after the leader stated what was the glowing blue thing was came the four cloaked trainers.

"There you have it your majesty. We set the bomb. Here is the detonator." The lavender eyed man tossed the control to the leader who caught it with ease.

"Is everybody out of the building?" his majesty asked.

"Yes" Saru said.

The leader pressed the red button that was in the center of the square control.


The whole Team Rocket headquarters collapsed into a pile of rubble leaving just fire and smoke in its wake.

"This brings tears to my eyes" Rai said with his voice cracking.

"Freakin Loser" muttered Saru.

"Saru" Jin said his name warning him not to say anything.

"What do we do with that guy?" Helena said pointing at the orange clad man.

"Leave him. He is nothing but a broken man now. I'm sure Officer Jenny heard the explosion, so she should be arriving with a whole squad of police officers any moment now" the leader said.

Suddenly, a large whoosh sound came from above the location of Team Rocket's headquarter. All five trainers and Omni Grunts looked to the sky. In the blue sky was a large black ship with the Organization Omni symbol on its side.

"Looks like our rides here" the yellow eyed man said.

"Do we have to do anything after this?" Helena asked.

"No, we are heading back home to Sasado City" his majesty said.

-Alright to clear things up Sasado City is in the Kanto Region

-I can bet you know who the leader of Organization Omni is

-Next chapter I will introduce you to the other characters that will appear in my story

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