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Chapter 19

The King, The Leader, The Friend, The Lover,

The Finale

"Yes, and I will never leave you again."

He told her ever so softly. Ash heard her silent sobs, feeling the wet tears staining his shirt. Her small hands tightened on his black shirt, scared that he will disappear again. The ebony haired trainer's eyes softened at that. Ash's grip around the young girl's waist tightened as well. Wanting to reassure the girl he loved that he was not leaving ever. He took the chance to inhale the familiar scent of her hair. He chuckled lightly. It was exactly how it smelled before all the horrible events.

"Ash…" Dawn sobbed, softly. "You're here…you're okay," she whispered. The auburn eyed trainer buried his face into the crook of her neck. She gasped when she felt wet liquid slipping down her neck. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. There were choked sobs emitting from her beloved.

"I'm…so sorry," he spoke, brokenly. "So…sorry." At that, Dawn pulled her head back and grabbed both sides of Ash's face to see him clearly. His eyes were just the same as her, bloodshot with tears slipping from the side of his eyes. He sniffled, and then closed his eyes in attempt to stop the tears from streaming down his cheeks. He put up a sad smile that made Dawn's stomach churn with displeasure. Where was the smile that she loved so much? She used her thumbs to wipe the tears from his eyes. He let out a soft gasp before opening his auburn eyes. "Dawn?"

"Ash, please don't smile like that," the blue haired girl pleaded. Her voice strained and hurt. "I want that loving smile back that you always gave me." Ash turned his face away. How could she still want him? After what he did to her. He thought that he didn't deserve to be in the presence of her. Dawn moved his head to make him face her again. "What's wrong?" Tears began to fall from her eyes. Million of emotions were running through her right now. Does he still want her? Does he forgive her?" "Please tell me what's wrong," she sobbed.

"Why are you welcoming me?" Ash finally asked. "After all I've done. You still welcome me. Why?" he asked again, desperately wanting to know the answer. She smiled knowing what he wanted. She wanted it too. She put her hands to the side and held them behind her back innocently and smiled lovingly.

"I forgive you," she stated so easily. Forgiveness, that's what they both wanted. Forgiveness for what they did to each other. The pain and sorrow they caused each other. His eyes widened for a split second before he closed them again. His mouth curved into a ghost of a smirk. "I forgive you," she repeated. "So, please smile for me." Ash's auburn eyes opened slowly and looked at Dawn as if she was the most precious thing to him in the world. His mouth twitched before it curved into a smile showing his pearly whites. Dawn smiled back, that was the smile she wanted. She suddenly remembered something. At that, her smile faded. Ash was puzzled. "And me?" It finally snapped into his head. He never forgave her.

"I forgive you," he said, lovingly. "I forgive you." She smiled again. Tears ran down Dawn's sapphire eyes. She reached for Ash's face and cupped it within her hands. She pulled it down so their faces were mere inches away from each other. They both closed their eyes. Their nose brushed against each other before their lips gently touched one another. They were both in pure bliss, letting loose their emotions in one single kiss, their hearts fluttering. It was as if time stood still for them, only for them. Dawn's small hands moved down to his chest so that her arms were flat against him. Her tiny hands gripped the fabric of his shirt tightly. Ash moved his arms around his beloved's waist and deepened the kiss. Nothing mattered to them at the moment. The only thing that mattered was that they were together, finally together. As like everything, all good things must end. Dawn pulled her head back, breaking off the kiss. She opened her eyes and chuckled at the sight before her.

'So cute,' she thought. There was her Ash with his eyes closed still with a crimson blush across his cheek. She knew her face was no better, but she couldn't resist how adorable Ash looked right now. He was trying to lean forward again to capture her lip again, but was failing miserably. Dawn's mouth curved into a smirk when Ash's face was mere inches away from her. Suddenly, a loud smack echoed throughout the forest. Ash opened his eyes immediately and took off his hands off his girlfriend's waist to touch the stinging sensation on his cheek. His eyes widened in surprise and shock. She giggled before she reached for cheek that she slapped. The blue haired girl rubbed it to soothe the pain. "That's for making wait for two weeks." A smirk appeared on Ash's face.

"Oh, really?" Before Dawn could retort, Ash slammed his lips against hers, surprising the young coordinator. Her eyes widened before they drooped closed as she took in the pleasure he was giving her. Ash pushed her against a tree, and moved his body closer to his beloved. Dawn snaked her arms around her lover's neck and deepened the kiss. Ash took this chance and moved his hands down the curve of Dawn's body. She moaned softly as she felt Ash's right hand on her hip, while his left continued down further, memorizing every inch of her body. She felt Ash's left hand stop under the hem of her skirt. She was pleasantly surprised when she felt the ebony haired trainer moved his left hand upward into her skirt, cupping her buttock and squeezing it tight. "Ash!" she gasped.

Ash seized the moment by moving his wet muscle into Dawn's hot cavern. The young coordinator was surprised by the bold movement her boyfriend did, but she couldn't help but to enjoy it. She gave in as she felt Ash's tongue mingled with hers. Her lower body felt extremely warm, it felt like she was going to explode. Ash licked the roof of the young coordinator's mouth eliciting a loud, throaty moan from her throat. Dawn was about to shove her tongue into her lover's mouth, but Ash moved his head back. She looked at her boyfriend with a confused and dazed look. Her sapphire eyes clouded with lust. She saw a smirk on his face.

"That was for slapping me." He grinned. The auburn eyed trainer moved back and smoothed out his clothing. Her mouth hung open. She was in complete and utter shock. That was the meanest thing that he ever did to her. Sure, trying to take over the world was one thing, but this, this is the most evil thing he ever did to her. After Ash smoothed this clothing, he looked at Dawn innocently. "What?" Dawn was about to give him the yelling of his life until Ash spoke. "Oh, I didn't know you wanted to do that in the forest." She blushed deeply; her entire face was completely red. "You know we can continue if you want to," he said seductively in a husky and sexy voice.

"Ugh-w-we-blw," she blabbered. Ash taking in how cute his girlfriend was, laughed. Dawn gritted her teeth, stomped her foot, and crossed her arms. She puffed her cheek and glared at her boyfriend. "Shut up." He laughed again before moving forward until he was face to face with the love of his life.

"I'm sorry." Ash moved his arms so that they were around her thin waist once again. He embraced her tightly, but she did no such thing to him. She merely looked away. "Really Dawn? Come on, I'm sorry." Dawn looked at Ash's face to see it filled with guilt. Her features softened and she wrapped her arms around his neck, giving him a loving embrace and a chaste kiss on the tip of his nose.

"You're so lucky that you're so cute," the blue haired girl said to the ebony haired boy. Ash merely chuckled.

"Yep, I guess I am lucky." Ash released his hug on the young coordinator and looked at her closely. She finally matured into a beautiful young woman. His gaze lingered at her breasts. Her bust size grew rather large. He smacked himself mentally and moved his gaze to her face. Her face was absolutely gorgeous and flawless. There was something missing though. It finally came to him that she wasn't wearing her beanie.

Dawn too, was looking how Ash looked. She never had the chance took look at him closely because of all the craziness. She noticed that his entire outfit changed. He was wearing a nice, tight, black dress shirt that showed how tone his entire body was. She blushed at that. He wore skinny white pant with matching white dress shoes. Lastly, he wore a rather styling white tie. Her gaze finally reached his face. Her breath hitched at how handsome he became. His face surely matured over the years. His face was flawless, absolutely sexy. He still had those intense auburn eyes that could look into a person's very soul. His hair surely changed, it was still ebony colored, but it looked like he actually combed it. She used to remember all the time she tried to attempt to comb the boy's hair, but failed miserably. His spiky, ebony bangs framed his face perfectly. The back was spiked up a little like it use too, but for some reason it seemed much sexier. She failed notice that she has been staring for a while now.

"Dawn, why aren't you wearing your beanie?" Dawn snapped out of her ogling and scratched the back of her sheepishly.

"You don't remember." Ash shook his head. "Remember you cut it off." The ebony haired trainer suddenly remembered the event. The event when he almost killed Dawn. His face darkened

"I'm sorry."

"No need to worry," Dawn said her trademark phrase, noticing how sad he looked. She wondered why he was so sad over a beanie.

"Not only that, but also trying…trying…to…kill you." Dawn walked over to her lover and gave him a warm embrace.

"That wasn't you, Ash. I don't blame you for anything." She released her hug and smiled. The auburn eyed trainer returned the smile, but it drooped back right down. "What's wrong now?"

"What about the others?" Dawn gasped. How could she forget her friends? They have the right to know that their beloved friend was okay, more that okay, he was alive! She was about to open her mouth until Ash spoke. "Do you think they will forgive me?" he asked, sadly. He lowered his head in shame.

"Ash," Dawn started. Ash raised his head and looked into those sapphire eyes he loved so much. "I'm sure that they will forgive you. They could never hate you. They'll be mad, but they could never hate you. You did so much for them." With that, Ash's hope was renewed. "Now, come on let's go." She grabbed her boyfriend's hand and led him to his mansion. In a few minutes they were right in front of the white steps that led to the mansion. Each step they took, Ash's heartbeat would beat quickly. All his friends would be there. How will they react? Millions of questions ran through his head, but he was snapped out of them when he reached the front door. Dawn reached for the door, but was stopped when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned around and looked at her lover.

"Dawn," he began. "I don't know if I can do this."

"Ash, you can't keep on running away from your friends. You're going to have to face them sooner or later. I would choose sooner." Ash nodded his head knowing that his girlfriend was right. He experienced many things. This should be easy, right? "Alright, let's go." She grabbed for the golden knob and turned it slowly. The couple entered the large mansion. They continued walking down the hallway until they stopped at a door. Ash recognized which room it was, the living room. "Ash, I want you to wait here for a while. I'll call you in soon, okay?" The ebony haired boy nodded his head and positioned his back against the wall and crossed his arm giving him that 'cool' look. Dawn opened the door and entered the room to see all her friends sitting down and talking. She saw, Brock, May, Max, Gary, Koyomi, Kenny, Nando, Zoey, and Lisa. She was surprised to see three other figures. It was the three champions, Lance, Steven, and Cynthia.

"Hi, Dawn," the three champions said. Dawn waved her hand at them.

"What are you three doing here?" she asked, curious of there reason.

"Well…" Lance began. "The others told us that you were not acting like you use to be. We're here to help you out of your rut. To help you move on." Dawn waved her arms frantically.

"No, I'm okay."

"Dawn, quit denying it," Cynthia said. "We know that you are heartbroken since Ash's death. You can't keep living in the past. You have to move forward."

"No, you have it all wrong."

"Dawn, stop acting like that!" Steven yelled. "We will knock some sense into you, if we have to." Suddenly, the door opened. Everybody turned their gaze from Dawn to the door. Their eyes widened in shock to see the figure that they thought was dead strolled right in. Here he was, their best friend alive and well. He raised his hand and waved at everybody.

"Hello, everybody." Everybody rose from their seats and surrounded the young boy. They couldn't believe it. Their best friend is here and he is alive! The first thing that Ash felt was a hug from his friend, May. She wrapped her arms tight around Ash's midsection surprising him. She nuzzled his chest releasing her tears onto his shirt. Ash's feature softened and hugged her back softly.

"Ash…you're alive…" the brunette sobbed.

"Yeah," that was the only reply from Ash. May chuckled softly before her grip around the boy tightened. Dawn looked on with happiness seeing that Ash was reunited with his friends at long last. She couldn't help, but feel a tinge of jealousy of seeing May in her lover's arm, but she knew that May really missed him and wanted to express it to him. Dawn looked around the room to see all her friends with soft smiles on their faces. There were a couple of tears dripping from their eyes. May pulled her head back and looked into Ash's auburn eyes.

"What happened?" she asked. Ash was about to answer until somebody pulled her off. Everybody began to tackle him into hugs. Surprisingly, Brock was the first tackle to his friend into a hug causing both of them to fall to the ground, glad that his 'little brother' was alive and well. Max pushed Brock off and proceeded by hugging Ash tightly with a few tears slipping from the side of his eyes. Gary, Marina, and Jimmy hung back and looked at the happy display. Marina looked over to Gary and saw a few tears slipping from his eyes before wiping them away quickly with his sleeve. She giggled before looking to her boyfriend. He had a large grin, but there was something behind. She wondered what it was. Kenny, Nando, Zoey, and Lisa hung back as well, watching their friend's spirits were lifted. Lisa eyes were wide open with sparkles, finally able to see King's face. There was a slight blush across her cheeks with a dreamy expression plastered on her face. The three champions leaned against the wall with happy expressions on their faces. It would seem that the story would be a happy ending.

"Max, you can let go," Ash chuckled between his words. The young trainer released his hug from his friend with a smile on his face with a few tear glazing beneath his eyes. Ash was about to get up until he saw a hand in front of his face. He raised his gaze and was caught with silver eyes that were hiding behind glasses. His features softened at the loving gaze he was given. "Hey, Koyomi." She smiled back when Ash grabbed her hand. She pulled him up and launched herself into his arms.

"Ash…" Koyomi cried, softly. The ebony haired boy wrapped his arms around the young girl and kissed the top of her head.

"I'm so sorry, Koyomi," he told the blonde girl in his arms. She pulled her head back and smiled.

"Ash, where were you?" she asked. The auburn eyed trainer opened his mouth to answer, but another question was asked. Both parted from each other, leaving Ash to defend himself. Everybody began asking questions after questions, like if he was alright or what happened? Ash's face turned into displeasure as he was being bombarded by questions. Dawn noticed this and walked into the circle that Ash was in.

"Stop!" she yelled. Everybody stopped their questions and was silent; wondering what was up with Dawn. "Can't you see that Ash can't explain anything if you guys keep on asking questions!" The whole room fell silent. Ash merely sweatdropped, amazed and scared at the same time. He knew not to get on her bad side unless he wanted to be punished. "Now, Ash, will you please explain everything." Everybody sweatdropped at how calm Dawn was acting now. Ash nodded his head.

"Okay, but how about everybody first have a seat," the ebony haired boy said to everybody. His friends nodded and sat down on the couch, while Ash stood in front of everybody with a nervous expression written on his face. How would his friends react to what he was about to say? He sighed, everybody should believe what he had to say, after all the crazy things that happened. Ash began to tap his chin, wondering where he should start.

"How about you begin with how you transformed into that being?" the breeder suggested. Everybody nodded their head in agreement, also wanting to know how Ash turned into such a powerful, horrific deity. Ash sighed; he thought that his friends and lover were going to think that he was insane. "Please tell us. It has been bothering us for some time." Everybody nodded their heads except the three champions because they weren't there when Ash turned into a God. May took noticed of this and turned her head to look at the champions of Jhoto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh.

"You see the final battle wasn't a Pokemon battle, it was a battle between our Pokemon and Ash himself," the brunette told them. The three champions were shocked for a moment, but they processed the information they received and nodded their heads understandingly. The bandanna wearing coordinator gestured Ash to continue his explanation.

"Alright, do you know the artifacts that I was collecting?" Ash asked all his friends. They nodded their heads. "I will shed some light on them. Well, they are what you call remnants. Remnants of legendary Pokemon that were created when they were born. Azelf, Mesprit, Uxie, Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina were the six Pokemon that held these remnants. In the book I discovered-"

"About that book, where did you get it?" Gary questioned. Everybody in the room looked at the auburn eyed boy curiously. Wanting to know the answer.

"Well, during the time I formed Organization Omni. I was fascinated with Sinnoh lore. So called deities were seen in this country. Gods of Time and Space. That peaked my interest." Ash turned to Cynthia. "You know what I mean. I remember you telling me that it was a dream of yours to meet these two deities." The beautiful blonde nodded her head. "Well, in my trip to Alamos town when I was a kid, I met these two deities. I witnessed their awesome power. In time, I also met Giratina in the Reverse World." The ebony haired trainer looked at his lover and the breeder. "Do you remember?" Dawn nodded her head along with Brock.

"Yeah, that's when we met Shaymin," the blue haired coordinator added.

"Correct," the auburn eyed trainer replied. "Do you also remember when we met those three deities that they had incredible power?" Dawn nodded her head hesitantly, remembering all those times when she was almost killed by them. "Well, when I was by myself, I had a massive amount of time to think of that awesome power. A power that could make the world tremble. How incredible would it be to control it," Ash's tone of voice sounded uplifted. Everybody sweatdropped. Ash noticed and smiled sheepishly. "Sorry, didn't mean to get carried away." Ash brought his right fist near his mouth and coughed. "Well, now with the story, I knew that if those three deities were real, then the others had to be real. This led to my theory that there was a being that created the lower deities. I've read before that there was a Pokemon that was considered a God that created the universe. So, I researched the subject for weeks until my research led me to one of the oldest places in Sinnoh, Celestic Town."

"That's my hometown!" Cynthia exclaimed.

"Yes, and do you remember the old ruins?" The Sinnoh Champion nodded her head vigorously. She couldn't quell the excitement in her body, knowing that the old ruins had a secret buried deep inside that she didn't know. "Well, when you enter the ruins you are greeted with old paintings and statues of Dialga, Palkia, Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie. Am I correct?"


"Well, there was a switch behind the slab paintings of the three lake Pokemon." Cynthia's eyes widened in astonishment. She and her grandma had examined that room thoroughly and didn't find anything. And then comes Ash, finds a secret in a matter of minutes. The Sinnoh Champion lowered her head in shame. Ash raised his arms and waved them hastily. "You shouldn't be sad. It was just dumb luck," he said to make Cynthia feel better. The Sinnoh Champion just sighed. Ash sweatdropped. "Well, I'll continue with the story. That switch gave me the secret book that was written a long time ago. With all my research, I still don't have a clue who wrote it," he continued. "In this book, I found out about the hidden secrets that were lost from the world, but one caught my eye. The information to summon the God of all Pokemon, Arceus."

"What happened next?" Lance the dragon trainer asked with his curiosity peaked.

"Well, I found out that in order to fuse with Arceus you must be able to control the power of aura," Ash responded. He brought his right hand forward; blue particles began to form around his palm until finally forming into a bright, blue sphere. The three champions gasped in amazement. They have never once seen a human being capable of doing it. Kenny, Nando, Zoey, and Lisa were equally astounded by the fact. Suddenly, the blue sphere vanished in an instant and Ash rested his arm to his side. "I was lucky. I found out that I was a descendant of people who could use aura. So, for the years I was gone, I used the time to hone my skills. As my training progressed, so did my power over aura. I was capable of doing things most people dream of like withstanding attacks that could be fatal to others, increased speed, increased power, healing, giving my Pokemon more power, mind control, and fusing with other beings." Everybody gasped, was this, the same Ash that they knew? "I felt unstoppable, but with all that power, there was a catch."

"It was that sickness, right?" Dawn asked, sadly. "You were coughing blood."

"Yes," the ebony haired trainer replied. "Giratina and Arceus had told me that since that I strayed off the path of light, the inner forces of good and evil inside of me began battling with each other. My soul was tainted with revenge against the world. This led to my sickness. The battle was killing me from the inside out." Gasps could be heard throughout the room.

"But you're okay now, right?" Max asked.

"Yes, there is no more evil lingering in my soul," the auburn eyed trainer answered. Everybody in the room sighed in relief, thankful that Ash was going to be fine. Dawn was especially happy by the fact, releasing a deep breath that she held in. "Now, with that out of the way, I'll tell you what happened next." Everybody nodded their head, eager to listen to rest of Ash's story. "Once I climbed the final steps and made it to the final platform on Spear Pillar, I used the six remnants to summon Arceus. After that, a battle ensued between us. I nearly escaped with the victory over Arceus, and then I used my aura ability to merge with it, becoming the ultimate being."

"Incredible…" everybody said, amazed at the entire story. Marina snapped out her daze and looked directly at Ash.

"What was that green slash across the sky?" the light blue haired coordinator asked. "It just appeared out of nowhere." Everybody nodded their heads. Even though everybody wasn't at the final battle with Ash, the green slash in the sky was visible to everybody in the Sinnoh region. Ash's expression darkened at the thought.

"That was a mistake…" the ebony haired trainer began. "That green slash in the sky was intended to destroy the entire universe." Ash closed his eyes painfully, remembering the event.


"You see, when I merged with Arceus, I didn't think of the consequences. My tainted soul was battling with Arceus. I was winning against the fight, but when I was battling all of you, I was weakened. This led into an imbalance within my body. Two great opposing powers going against each other. With no power being the dominant one, and of that moment no God, the universe had to fix itself by destroying the source of the imbalance that being myself." Ash opened his auburn eyes and began to scan the room, looking at all the faces of his friends. "In my final attack, I found out that all of you were willing to sacrifice everything to save me. I knew now that you weren't disgusting people, but were really my friends." Tears began to gather underneath his eyes as he continued his story. "I decided there, that I had to save those who were precious to me. All of you are precious to me. So I sacrificed myself to save all of you as an act of forgiveness for everything I've done."

"Ash…" Dawn whispered with a few tears slipping from the corner of her sapphire eyes. She never wanted to see her lover sad. It was painful for her to see her beloved like that. It reminded her of the past when she left him. Dawn was about to rise to her feet to comfort her lover, but she was surprised to see Ash fall to his knees. Everybody was also surprised at his action. The ebony haired trainer put his forehead onto the black marble floor with both of his arms onto the side.

"I'm sorry…" Ash said with his voice on the verge of breaking. His tears could be heard as they dripped onto the cold floor, gathering into a small puddle. "I'm sorry for everything I've done to all of you. I beg for your forgiveness." His entire body shook as if he was about to break. He choked down a sob as he awaited their answer. He flinched as he felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked up to see the bandanna wearing coordinator with a smile on her face with a few tears slipping down her face. She held out her hand. Ash grabbed it and was picked up back to his feet. He was surprised to see everybody around him. "May?"

"Ash, we all forgive you," she said. Ash's eyes widened. "We can never hate you. No matter what, you'll always be our friend." All his friends nodded their heads. Ash mustered everything he had and smiled. At that, May lunged herself at Ash and enveloped him into a warm embrace. Ash reciprocated the hug and held her tight, glad that he was forgiven by everybody.

"Ahem," Dawn coughed. The two friends broke off the hug with embarrassment written on their faces. A slight blush ran across May's cheek as she looked at Ash sheepishly. He grinned. Suddenly, arms were wrapped around the ebony haired trainer's neck. He looked to his right to see his lovely girlfriend, her cheek against his. She stuck out her tongue at May childishly. "Ash is my boyfriend. Not yours." The whole room erupted into laughter at the possessiveness Dawn had over Ash.

"Your boyfriend!?" Everybody looked at the pink haired ten years old. "He is my future husband!" Ash crouched down to get a better look at the girl. For some time he wondered who she was. Not once has he every met her. The young girl of ten blushed at the close proximity of their faces. She was actually standing right next to her idol, her crush!

"Who are you?" Ash asked, kindly, with a smile on his face. Lisa's face suddenly turned as bright as a ripe tomato. Ash was actually addressing her!

"M-My n-na-name is Li-Lisa," the little girl introduced herself. "I'm your biggest fan."

"My biggest fan?" the ebony haired trainer questioned. "Well, thank you. My name is Ash Ketchum, nice to meet you." The pink haired girl smiled. "And what's this about me being your future husband?" A string of blabber came out of the girl's mouth. She didn't know what to say. All the blood rushed to the young girl's head and she fainted right there on the spot. Ash used his quick reflexes and caught Lisa into his arms before she hit the hard marble floor. "I'm her future husband?" he asked everybody. All his friends merely sighed and sweatdropped. The lyre carrying coordinator stepped forward in front of Ash.

"I'll take the girl to a room," Nando said. Ash nodded his head and handed the pink haired girl to Nando carefully. At that, Nando walked upstairs to one of the many rooms to find a comfortable place for Lisa to rest.

"But where have you been for the past two weeks?" Jimmy asked. Everybody was quite perplexed too; they had thought that Ash died when he sacrificed himself. Dawn looked at her lover with an expectant look. She too, wanted to know the answer. Dawn released her grip around her lover's neck and prepared herself for Ash's explanation. Ash smiled softly to himself, remembering the fond memory of reuniting with his mom and his elites.

"Well, in truth, I was stuck in between life and death."

"What!?" everybody shouted.

"You see, when I awoke, I was in a black, desolate place. A void you could say. There was absolutely nothing except pure darkness. I had thought this was how I was to spend my life as punishment for what I've done. A few moments had passed, and suddenly, white staircases appeared in front of me." Everybody had questionable looks. "Really, it is the truth," Ash stated in a serious tone. His friends looked at each other with doubt in their minds, but rid it from their minds as they thought of the other crazy things that happened so far. Everybody locked their gaze back to Ash expectantly, wanting the auburn eyed trainer to continue. "There I met my mother and my elites." Everybody gasped.

"You were in heaven?" the blue haired coordinator asked.

"Kinda," Ash responded, while scratching the back of his head sheepishly. "It was the place you go before you entered heaven, I think. Anyways, there I was able to truly say goodbye with my mother and my elites." Ash blanked out for a moment, remembering the kiss that he received from Helena. He was wondering if he should tell Dawn about that…hmm…nah. He could only shudder; thinking of all the way his girlfriend would torture him.

"Ash…Ash," Dawn repeated her beloved's name, worried for her boyfriend because he had just zoned out and that he was sweating profusely. "Ash!" The ebony haired trainer shook his head rapidly and snapped out of his dazed look.

"Sorry about that." Ash smiled nervously; sweat still dripping from the side of his face. "I was caught up with a memory."

"Of what?" Dawn asked, curiously.

"Uh…nothing important," Ash nervously stated. "Anyways, there I was able to reconcile with Arceus and he gave me another chance to live out my life." Ash then tapped in chin, thinking very deeply. "It only felt like I was there for a couple of hours. The only explanation I can think of why I was gone for two weeks is that time runs differently there than here." Everybody nodded their heads in agreement. Suddenly, Ash felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned around to see Lance and the other two champions with stern expressions.

"Ash, you know what you did was wrong," the dragon trainer said. Dawn, knowing where this was going jumped to her boyfriend's rescue.

"You're not going to take him anywhere!" Everybody in the room looked towards the blue haired coordinator, wondering what was happening. "Sure, Ash did some bad things, but he said he was sorry. You can't take him away from me! I can't lose him again!" Dawn bit her bottom lip, tears threatening to fall from her sapphire eyes.

"Dawn, we're not going to take him away," Lance stated. Dawn wiped the tears from her eyes and looked at the three champions with a puzzled expression. "I was just saying that what Ash did was wrong."

"We won't take him away because he knows what he did was wrong," Steven said. "So you don't have to worry about your boyfriend getting locked into some prison." Dawn sighed in relief and took a step back to be by her lover's side.

"Besides nobody was killed," Cynthia stated. "Heck, nobody even knows who the leader of Organization Omni anyways except the people in this room and some people in Alamos Town, but you won't need to worry about them. They probably didn't get a good enough look at him to remember him."

"What about Officer Jenny?" Koyomi asked.

"I'm sure she won't say anything," Cynthia replied. "She admires King or as we know Ash too much. You could go as far to say that she has a crush on Ash." The Sinnoh Champion grinned devilishly towards the ebony haired trainer. Ash just blushed and scratched the back of his head sheepishly. "You better be careful Dawn or Officer Jenny could arrest Ash and put him into her own personal custody if you know what I mean." Dawn huffed and grabbed Ash's right arm possessively like how a five years old would hold their lollipop.

"No way! He is mine," she pouted very childishly. Everybody laughed until Ash spoke up.

"No need to worry," Ash copied Dawn's trademark phrase. "Because my heart only belongs to Dawn." He smiled towards his girlfriend causing her face to turn into a deep shade red. Ash leaned his head forward as did Dawn, but was interrupted by a certain hoody wearing trainer. Jimmy pushed Dawn out of the way and put his left arm over Ash's shoulder, surprising the ebony haired trainer.

"Hey, Ash, my old buddy, how about you give me a battle?" Jimmy asked out of nowhere. Dawn was about to rip the hoody wearing trainer's head off for interrupting hers and Ash's intimate moment, but was held back by her group of friends.

"A battle?" Ash questioned.

"Yeah, I heard a lot of things about you and I couldn't help but want a battle with you. So, what do you say?"

"Sure, but not today."

"Why?" Jimmy whined, wanting to battle right now.

"Well, it is almost midnight and I'm exhausted," Ash answered. The auburn eyed trainer noticing his friend was depressed came up with an idea. "How about we pick it up first thing in the morning. We'll even have it in my stadium in front a wild audience." Jimmy's eyes sparkled at the mention of 'wild audience.'

"Really?" Ash merely nodded his head. "Hooray! Yeah!" Jimmy jumped around everywhere cheering, but stopped abruptly. "This means I have to get a good sleep." At that, Jimmy ran to Marina and gave her a peck on the cheek before running up to his room. Ash was shocked at Jimmy's action. Marina noticing this spoke up.

"Yeah, we're together," the light blue haired coordinator said. "You're not the only one that can find love." At that, Marina walked out the door to follow her boyfriend.

"About that, Ash," Lance said. The auburn eyed trainer looked to the dragon trainer. "Are you going to tell the people of Sasado City that you are King?" Ash nodded his head.

"Yes, the city has waited long enough to know my identity. I will tell them when I battle with Jimmy." The three champions nodded their head. They were about to leave until Ash stopped them. "You know you could stay here," he offered. "I have plenty of rooms. Besides, I bet you want to see the battle between Jimmy and me." The three champions looked at each other before nodding their heads.

"Sure, thank you very much." The three champions took their leaves and walked to their respective rooms.

"Well, I'm going to hit the hay too," Kenny spoke out as he walked towards Ash. "You better take good care of D.D.." Ash nodded his head, while Kenny walked out the door to his room.

"Me too," Zoey said. "It's good to have you back Ash." At that, the red headed girl walked out of the door to her room.

"Yeah," May yawned. "I'm tired too." The brunette gave Ash a quick hug before going off to her room.

"I'm going to bed too," Max stated. "I can't wait to see the battle between you and Jimmy." The dark haired boy took his leave and went up to his room.

"Well, it looks like alls well that ends well, right Ash?" Gary asked his childhood friend before he went to his room. The auburn eyed trainer nodded his head and patted his former rival's back.

"Sleep well, Ash," Koyomi told Ash before she gave him a friendly peck on his cheek. She gave Ash one final smile before leaving to her room.

"You two lovebird better not stay up late," Brock warned, jokingly causing the two to blush and shy away from each other. The breeder gave out a long yawn and climbed up the stairs to his room, leaving Ash and Dawn alone together. The blue haired coordinator was about to leave too until she felt something clasped her hand. She looked over shoulder and saw her boyfriend with a worried expression.

"What is it?" Dawn asked, wondering what could be on her beloved's mind.

"Where is Pikachu?" Dawn gasped, she had forgotten all about the electric type Pokemon. "I need to apologize to it." He held his head down in shame, thinking of all the things he did to his best friend. The young coordinator turned and faced Ash with a sad expression.

"It's sleeping in your room right now," Dawn answered. "There is no need to worry, Ash. Pikachu will be happy that you're back." Ash slowly nodded his head and let Dawn lead him up to his room. When he first entered his room he clicked on the light and was surprised to see stuff that he didn't remember before. He blushed slightly when he saw Dawn's bras and panties scattered across the floor. Dawn gasped and began to clean up her stuff and shoved them into her bag. She scratched the side of her red, blushing cheek sheepishly. "Yeah, I've been staying in your room." Ash chuckled lightly before he noticed something shimmering in the corner of his eye. He walked to his dresser slowly and picked up the object. It was a golden trophy that was decorated in all sorts of symbols and diamonds. He looked closely to the bottom and saw some writing.

"Awarded to Dawn Berlitz, the Contest Championship Winner," he read aloud. He looked over his girlfriend who had a wide grin on her face. He smiled back. "Wow, Dawn, you're good. I'm sure glad that you didn't want to become a trainer or I would have had some competition."

"Well, the only reason I won was because I had a great teacher," Dawn spoke, truthfully. "And because of my great team of Pokemon." Dawn began to sway her hips seductively as she walked slowly towards Ash. The ebony haired trainer grinned devilishly as he set down the golden trophy. The blue haired walked into her beloved's warm embrace and gave a soft peck onto his lips.

"I bet Drew was pissed." Ash chuckled a bit and released his arms around his girlfriend's waist.

"Actually, he was eliminated in the first round as did Harley." Ash gave Dawn incredulous look. "They really did. It turns out that both were cheating by sabotaging the other coordinators. Luckily, I caught them and told the judges and Officer Jenny. They were instantly disqualified and booed out of the stadium." Dawn laughed at the memory. "It was really funny."

"But why would they cheat. It disgusts me to say this, but they were good coordinators."

"It turns out that Drew and Harley didn't train at all," Dawn responded. "They were too busy with their own stuff. I guess when they came back and saw all the real coordinators training with their awesome moves, they became worried. After they were caught cheating, the competition went pretty smoothly. In the final match, it was between May and me. After what the judges called a spectacular battle, I came out as the victor."

"Impressive," Ash told his lover. Unbeknownst to the couple, a yellow Pokemon began to move around due to the noises of their conversation. It opened its eyes slowly, still droopy from being woken up. Pikachu let out soft yawn as it patted its mouth. Its ears perked up as it heard a familiar voice. It jumped from the bed and landed on the floor with a large smile on its face. Ash and Dawn heard a thump and looked over to the bed. The blue haired coordinator smiled and moved away knowing what was in store for Ash.

"Pika pi!" the electric rodent squealed. In a yellow blur it tackled its trainer into a hug and rubbed its red cheeks against its trainer's cheek. Ash laughed.

"Pikachu, it's good to see you too," Ash said to his best friend. The ebony haired trainer smiled at his Pokemon. "Pikachu, I'm sorry. Will you forgive me for what I did to you?" The yellow Pokemon pulled back its head and started tapping its chin jokingly. "Pikachu?" The electric type Pokemon nodded its head before giving its trainer another hug. "Thank you, Pikachu." Before he knew it, he was struck with a devastating Thunderbolt attack. Pikachu jumped into Dawn's arms and laughed at its trainer charred body. Ash opened his mouth releasing a puff of black smoke. Dawn chuckled a bit before helping her boyfriend up. "I guess that means we're even, right buddy?" Pikachu nodded its head with a wide, cheeky grin showing its pearly whites.

"Now, since that is over. How about we get to bed?" Dawn suggested to the two. "Ash, you have a big battle tomorrow so you'll need all the rest you can get." Pikachu jumped out of Dawn's arms and walked out the door, kicking the door shut. It wanted its best friend and his girlfriend to have some time alone. Both trainers sweatdropped. The auburn eyed trainer snapped out of his thoughts and nodded his head. Ash began to take off his clothing by first taking his white tie off, and then unbuttoning his black dress shirt revealing his tone chest. "What are you doing!?" Dawn nearly screamed out, a crimson hue appeared across her cheeks at seeing Ash's muscular body.

"I sleep in my boxers," Ash answered. He continued undressing until he was only left in his white boxers. "Now, how about you?" He grinned when he saw Dawn start to fidget with the hem of her skirt. He thought it was really adorable.

"I-I think I'm fine with what I'm wearing," Dawn said, nervously. Ash walked slowly towards his girlfriend and crossed his arms, looking at her as if he was in deep thought. Millions of dirty thoughts began to appear in the blue haired coordinator's mind. 'Does he want to do that now!? I don't think I'm ready? He just came back. I do want to do it, but not now,' she thought. Dawn waited for whatever what Ash was going to do, but what surprised her was that he just smiled. She smiled back awkwardly.

"Alright." That was Ash's quick answer before he clicked off the light and went into his soft, warm bed. Dawn just stood there in the same spot in shock for a few seconds to process what just happened. She turned to face the bed.

"That's it?"

"Dawn, I'm not going to force you to do anything you don't want to do." Ash patted the side of his bed. "Now, let's get to sleep." Dawn smiled back, knowing that she was probably the luckiest girl in the world to have a boyfriend like Ash. Confidence surged through her entire body as she stripped off her skimpy outfit which was her original clothing she wore when she started on her journey, but of course with a few modifications that made it more stylish. "Dawn?" Ash questioned as he tried to see her through the darkness. His breath hitched when he saw his lover walked into the moonlight that shined from his window. She was wearing a lacy pink bra that accentuated her breasts and a matching pink thong that barely covered her privates. "Uh…Dawn?"

"This doesn't mean we're going to do it, Ash," Dawn answered, knowing her boyfriend's question already. "It just means that I'm really comfortable." Ash nodded his head as he watched his lover jump onto his bed and went under the covers. Ash followed Dawn's lead and went into the covers as well. The ebony haired trainer wrapped his arms around his beloved's thin waist and pulled her closer to his body. Dawn put up no resistance and snuggled her head into her boyfriend's chest.

"Dawn, I love you," Ash whispered as he gave a soft kiss on top of Dawn's head.

"I love you, too, Ash," Dawn whispered back and kissed Ash's chest. Both closed their eyes and fell into a deep slumber, glad that everything was alright.

The bright sunrays hit the couple's eyes, waking them up from their slumber. Dawn sat up, stretched her arms, and looked towards her beloved. Ash was sitting up and yawning, while rubbing his tired eyes. He gasped as he felt a pair of arms snake around his neck. Ash opened his auburn eyes to see his girlfriend was hugging him rather tightly. "D-Da-Dawn, can't br-breathe," Ash manage to say. Dawn eased back her embrace and pulled her head back to gaze in those auburn eyes she loves so much.

"I just wanted to see if it wasn't a dream," the blue haired coordinator said with a smile on her face. "When you were gone, I always dreamed that you were here with me." Ash smiled softly at his lover and wrapped his arms around her thin waist into a loving embrace.

"No need to worry, Dawn," Ash replied, assuring her this was no dream. He was here, and will always be here for her no matter what. "This is no dream." She buried her head into the crook of his neck. Ash felt a faint smile against his skin. He smiled softly and patted her back causing her to pull back from her hug. Dawn looked at Ash inquisitively. "How about we go get some breakfast?" She nodded her head and left the bed, revealing herself in her undergarments. Ash's breath hitched as he gazed at Dawn's luscious figure, well, mostly her exposed buttocks. A crimson blush ran across the boy's cheeks as his entire body grew incredibly warm. Dawn turned around, wondering why Ash hasn't arisen from the bed. She giggled as she saw the expression on her boyfriend's face.

"Like what you see?" she teased. Ash nodded his head vigorously with a slight drool slipping from the side of his mouth. "Well, you can't have it yet." The ebony haired trainer gasped before puffing his cheek and crossing his arms. Dawn sighed, but couldn't help thinking how adorable Ash looked right now. She smiled. "How about this, if you win your battle against Jimmy today, we'll have some private time. Just you and me," she whispered, seductively. Ash groaned, and smacked his forehead.

"Alright, I guess I have no choice." Ash moved to the side of his bed and set his feet onto the carpeted floor. He rose to his feet and stretched, while releasing a long and loud yawn. He smacked his lip before looking towards his girlfriend. It looked like she was mesmerized by something. Ash followed her eyes and found out that she was ogling him. He smirked. "Like what you see?" Dawn snapped out her dazed look and gasped. "I bet now, you're wishing you didn't make that agreement. Maybe I should just lose on purpose to piss you off." He grinned.

"Ash Ketchum! You better not lose on purpose!" she screamed. Ash put up his arms defensively with a nervous smile plastered on his handsome face.

"Alright, sheesh, I was just kidding." Dawn merely pouted before putting on her clothing. She was finished and looked towards Ash who was just finishing putting on his white tie. "Are you ready?" he asked. The blue haired coordinator shook her head.

"How about you go down and eat some breakfast, while I finish up with combing my hair." Ash nodded his head and proceeded with exiting his room. He went down the steps and was shocked by a powerful aroma. It smelled so good! Ash rushed down the stairs and entered the kitchen to see all his friends sitting down at his large dining table with scrumptious looking food in front of them. Jimmy and Marina were bickering about something. May was yelling at Max for taking her pancake. Koyomi and Gary were discussing about Pokemon. The three champions were eating quietly, enjoying this family-like presence. Zoey, Nando, Kenny, and Lisa were just eating. Ash smiled softy at the heart warming picture.

"Good morning, Ash!" Brock cheered. Everybody stopped what they were doing and stared at the auburn eyed trainer. "I made a lot of food for all of us. So, you better loosen up your belt!" The ebony haired trainer chuckled. "I bet you missed my homemade food!" Ash nodded his head. He was about run to the table and eat all the delicious food Brock cooked until he forgot something. "What's wrong, Ash?" Brock asked.

"I can't," Ash said to the breeder and all his friends. "I have to announce to Sasado City that I'm back, and then I have to prepare for the battle against Jimmy.

"Hell yeah!" Jimmy yelled.

"Well, here then," Brock said as he threw a breakfast burrito towards Ash. The auburn eyed trainer caught it and drooled at the delectable looking food. "It has everything that you need to have a good breakfast. It'll sure to stuff you up."

"Thanks, Brock," Ash responded. "Pikachu, you coming, buddy." The electric type Pokemon was sitting in the center of table, stuffing its mouth with ketchup. It smiled revealing its red stained teeth. Pikachu wiped the ketchup from its teeth and ran onto its trainer's shoulder.


"Alright, we'll be going!" At that, Ash gobbled down the breakfast burrito in an instant. Everybody sweatdropped. Ash still has an insatiable appetite after all these years. The ebony haired trainer grabbed the black cloak hanging on the hook near the door and put it on. Everybody looked at him with puzzled expressions. "So, everybody knows that I'm really King." Everybody nodded their heads and watched as their friend ran out the door. Suddenly, the door opened again. "Oh, yeah, watch the television. I'm sure to be on it! And Koyomi, take the ship when I'm done talking to the people of Sasado City." The silver eyed girl nodded her head. Ash smiled and slammed the door shut again. Everybody heard faint screeching tires signaling that Ash has left for sure. Suddenly, they heard footsteps coming from the staircases.

"Alright, I'm here, Ash!" Dawn looked around and was surprised that he wasn't here. "Where is Ash?"

"He left to announce to the people of Sasado City that King is back," May answered.

"Oh, man," Dawn sighed. "I was hoping that we could have a big breakfast together."

"No need to worry, Dawn," Brock said to the young coordinator. "Ash was well fed before he left and we'll have a large feast tonight after the big battle." Dawn nodded her head and walked to the dining table. "Hurry up and grab your food, so we can go to the living room. Ash is going to be on the television." At that, the blue haired grabbed as much food on the table as she could possibly can and set them on her plate. Everybody rose to their feet and ran to the living room with plates of food in hand.

The auburn eyed trainer ran to his sleek, black car and entered it. "Pikachu, you better buckle up, it's going to be a bumpy ride," Ash told his faithful Pokemon. Pikachu grabbed the seatbelt and strapped it on. It gave Ash a thumb up. The ebony haired trainer strapped on his seatbelt and started the ignition. "Ready!" The yellow Pokemon nodded its head. "Go!" Ash stepped on the pedal and sped out of his driveway, making a loud screeching noise. The black car raced down the path to Sasado City leaving a trail of dust behind it.

"Pika pi!" the electric rodent yelled as it was being shook uncontrollably. It looked towards its trainer.

"Glad we buckled up, right buddy?" The yellow Pokemon nodded its head as the car reached the hard road to the city. "Just a little longer." After a few minutes they arrived to city and drove to the city square. A lot of people followed the car, not because it was speeding, but because it belonged to their King. Ash left his car with Pikachu on his shoulder and climbed up to the highest step that led to a large monument of himself for his honor. Soon, people began to gather around the statue gazing at their beloved King.

"King!!! King!!! King!!!" the crowd shouted.

"You're back!" a person yelled. News people swarmed the front and filmed Sasado City's savior and hero.

"This is Shonda of Kanto Now!" the woman reporter announced. "We are live in the city of Sasado. Just minutes ago, this city's hero has come back from a mysterious disappearance. What news does he have? Why has he returned now? Look now, he is about to talk!" Everybody in the audience quieted down and prepared to listen to their savior.

"People of Sasado City! Your beloved King has returned!" The crowd roared in excitement. "I bet you're wondering where I have left! I can only tell you that I went to further my skills as a trainer!" The crowd began to settle down a little. "But now that I'm back, I will give a gift! A gift of entertainment and surprise!" The crowd erupted into chants of 'King.' "Today, I will give you a match! A battle! And there I shall reveal my identity!" The crowd gasped and whispered. "Now, Jimmy, if you're listening to me! Your battle begins when you arrive at the Battle Arena!" The crowd cheered when King began to walk down the steps. The people made a path for him so he could go to his car. They bowed when Ash entered his car and drove off to the Battle Arena. In a few minutes he made it there and walked to the trainer's room. He could hear his name being cheered by people of the millions as they began to enter the stadium in excitement.

"Are you ready, Pikachu?" Ash asked his best friend. Pikachu merely put up its fists, made invisible punches, and nodded its head. Suddenly, the door opened revealing all his friends. "Hey, everybody!"

"Hey, Ash!" Dawn squealed, while throwing herself at her boyfriend into a hug. Ash chuckled a bit before pulling down his hood.

"Hey, Dawn." He pulled her away and looked at his challenger. "Are you ready, Jimmy?" The hoody wearing nodded his head.

"Yep, as long as I have my girlfriend, Marina cheering me on, I'm sure to win!"

"Jimmy, be careful. Ash is someone not to be taken lightly. His skills as a Pokemon trainer far surpasses anybody I've seen," Lance warned the hyperactive trainer.

"Don't worry, I will. My Pokemon and I have trained for this entire moment. We will be facing one the strongest trainer in the world." Jimmy stared at his opponent with determination in his eyes. "Prepare to lose, Ash!"

"You're not going to beat my Ashy!" Dawn yelled at the cap wearing trainer. At this, Marina stood in front of her boyfriend and glared at the blue haired coordinator.

"I don't think so," the light blue haired coordinator began. "Jimmy is going to wipe the floor with him." Both girls began to give each other death glares, defending their boyfriends. Ash and Jimmy merely sighed, while the other sweatdropped. Suddenly, the pink haired ten years old step forward to Ash, ignoring the two girls. Ash crouched down, knowing that the little girl wanted to say something.

"How could you choose a girlfriend like that?" Lisa asked. The pink haired girl was informed of Dawn's relationship with Ash on the ride over here. After a long and tiring argument, Lisa gave up, knowing that Dawn truly loved Ash and she knew it was impossible for to take Ash's heart when it was already taken. Ash smiled and ruffled the young girl's hair.

"Because she makes me happy and I love her," Ash answered, simply. "Someday, I know you'll find somebody like that for you." Lisa merely rolled her eyes.

"Anyways, good luck with you match, Ash." The ebony haired trainer nodded his head as the pink haired girl stepped back into the group.

"Alright, girls, that's enough," Ash said. "Jimmy and I have to get ready, so you all have to leave." Both girls groaned before stepping into the group. "Koyomi, can you please take them all to the VIP box." The glasses wearing blonde nodded her head and told them all to follow her, leaving only Ash and Jimmy by themselves. "Jimmy, I wish you the best of luck." Ash pulled out his hand.

"You too," Jimmy replied, grabbing Ash's hand and shaking it.

"I'll be heading to my room now." The auburn eye trainer looked at Pikachu. "Come on, buddy." The yellow Pokemon nodded its head and hopped onto its trainer's shoulder. They both left the room and entered their personal room. "Here we are, Pikachu." Both stared at the capsule that was going to lead them to one of their toughest battle yet. Ash stepped into the capsule. The capsule closed and shot up into the air. The ebony haired trainer pulled the black hood over his head once again and awaited his destination. A few seconds later the capsule made it to top. He stepped out, seeing Jimmy had already arrived to the top. Ash smirked behind his hood. "Jimmy, I hope you're ready." Ash looked to his right and saw his group of friends off in the sidelines, the best seats in the entire stadium. Dawn waved her hand to her beloved, Ash returned it.

"King!!! King!!! King!!!" the crowd cheered. Ash suddenly raised his arms, silencing the audience.

"People of Sasado City, I am glad that you were here to make it!" The crowd roared in excitement, stomping their feet causing the entire stadium to shake in anticipation. "I would like to introduce you to the challenger, Jimmy!" The crowd cheered loudly, while some booed. Sweat beginning dripping from Jimmy's face. He was nervous. He had never been in a stadium this big. He closed his eyes until he heard a familiar voice.

"Jimmy, you can do it!" Jimmy looked to the left and saw Marina cheering her heart for him. That restored his confidence causing the boy to smile. He took a deep breath in, and then breathed out. He was ready, ready to win.

"Now, for what you all been waiting for, my identity!" The crowd cheered excitedly, their anticipation building up. "People behold the face of your beloved King!" Ash grabbed cloak by the shoulder and threw it off, revealing himself to the crowd for the first time. Everybody in the arena looked into the large four screened television above, showing King's true face to the world. "The name is Ash Ketchum! Remember it!" The crowd went wild, cheering loudly causing the entire stadium to shake. Girls everywhere had heart shaped eyes, love stricken by the sheer gorgeousness of their King. Ash looked to Dawn, seeing that she had a large anime vein popping on her forehead. His friends tried to calm the young girl down, but it was barely helping. Ash sweatdropped. Dawn, sure can be jealous.

"Ash!!! Ash!!! Ash!!!" the crowd shouted causing the ebony haired trainer to snap out of his thoughts.

"Okay, people of Sasado City, ready for a battle!" The crowds echoed throughout the stadium, deafening all other sounds, only the chants of 'Ash' could be heard. "Jimmy, the terms for this battle is a six on six, no substitution, no time limit, and first person to win four battles is declared the victor! Do you understand!?" Jimmy merely nodded his head, acknowledging the rules of this battle. Ash reached a pokeball from his pocket. "I'll go first. Now, decimate, Scizor!" Ash threw the red and white spherical object causing to it to release a burst of light. The light hit the ground and formed into a red figure with pincers and on its back were butterfly-like wings.

"Scizor!" the pincer Pokemon shouted its name.

"It's your time to shine, Scyther!" Jimmy yelled as he threw his pokeball. The pokeball released a flash of light that hit the ground. The light settled revealing a green Pokemon with large blades for arms and on its back were two skinny wings.

"Scyther!" the mantis Pokemon shouted its name.

"Well, would you look at that," Ash said. "It's the battle of the evolutions. Let's see which is stronger." Ash looked to his opponent. "You may have the first attack."

"As you wish." Jimmy looked towards Scyther. "Now, Slash!" The green Pokemon suddenly vanished completely, surprising everybody. Jimmy smirked. "No Pokemon can match the speed of my Scyther!" Ash swiped his arm.

"We'll see about that," the ebony haired trainer responded. "Scizor, try to sense your opponent." The bug/steel type Pokemon closed its eyes, trying to listen to the surroundings. Suddenly, the red Pokemon flashed opened its eyes quickly. "Double Team!" Scyther appeared in front of Scizor and made a downward slash, but was surprised to see that its attack went right through its opponent.

"What!?" Jimmy yelled.

"Now, Crush Claw!" Ash ordered. Scizor appeared in front of the shocked Scyther. It was too stun to move. The pincer Pokemon brought its right claw back. The claw began to shine with an intense light before it was swung forward into the jaw of the green Pokemon. Scyther screamed its name in pain as it was flung into the air, then into ground making a loud thud noise.

"Scyther!" Jimmy looked at his Pokemon with concern shown in his eyes. He let out deep sigh of relief as he saw his Pokemon rose to its feet. "Good job! Retaliate with Fury Cutter!" The mantis Pokemon lunged forward and began to make violent slashes towards the pincer Pokemon.

"Dodge," the ebony haired trainer commanded, calmly. Scizor began to move in rhythm, dodging every single attack with ease. Beads of sweat dropped from the side of Scyther's face because of the continuous swings of his blade. "Now, counter with Vice Grip!" Scizor timed the next attack and dodged the wild swing; it took the chance and launched its pincer around its opponent's neck tightly. The green Pokemon grunted in pain as its breath was literally being choked away. "Flash Cannon." The pincer Pokemon raised its left claw and set against Scyther's chest. A bright light began glowing inside the red Pokemon's claw causing Jimmy to gasp.

"Double Team!" the hoody wearing trainer desperately ordered. Suddenly, the Scyther in Scizor's hold vanished, surprising it. "Slash!" Suddenly, many images of Scyther appeared with their blades shining with an intense light. Scizor's eyes widened. It was completely surrounded.

"You have to better than that!" Ash called out. "You use Double Team, too!" Scizor nodded its head and yelled out its name. Images after images of Scizor began to swarm the field until it equaled the amount of Scyther. "All out war! Crush Claw!" Suddenly, every Scizor red claws began to shine extremely bright. In an instant, the field was filled with multiple battles of the two Pokemon. Loud clinging noises were heard as steel met one another in a head on collision. Flashes of light sprung around everywhere until there were only two figures left. One Scizor and one Scyther, both Pokemon panting heavily. "Now, Flash Cannon!" The pincer Pokemon raised its right pincer. It emitted a powerful, silver beam towards Scyther. The attack came near to Scyther, but it went completely through it. "Another false image!" Ash turned his eyes to Jimmy who had a grin on his face. He pointed up. "From above!" Scyther's blades began to glow green.

"Scyther, use a flurry of Fury Cutter!" Jimmy commanded. Scyther came down and released violent slashes at Scizor. The pincer Pokemon grunted in pain each time one of the attacks landed. "Keep it up!" Scyther continued its onslaught. Ash gritted his teeth. He knew he was losing. "Now, one more time!" Scyther brought back its right blade and slashed forward against the pincer Pokemon's chest causing it to slide back across the ground on its leg. Scyther fell down to one knee and began to breathe heavily. Scratches adorned its body.

"Scizor, you can't give up now!" Ash shouted. "We cannot lose!" Scizor rose to its feet slowly with blurred vision. It was tired, but it didn't want to fail its trainer. "Great job! I knew I could count on you!" Jimmy and Scyther stared at its opponent in complete shock. They thought that it would be over, but they were wrong. Jimmy gritted his teeth in frustration. He knew now, that the rumors about Ash were true. His Pokemon are incredibly strong and dedicated, willing to do anything for victory.

"I'm surprised, Ash," Jimmy said to his opponent. "I thought that this would have been it for Scizor. Being consecutively hit by Fury Cutter attack and still standing is quite the achievement. As you know for each Fury Cutter that hits its opponent the damages increases as long it makes contact with the other Pokemon." Ash chuckled.

"Scizor is a powerful Pokemon. I trained it to be one of my strongest Pokemon." Ash looked to his Pokemon. It was breathing heavily, but still looked determined to still fight. "Being part steel helps it from being hurt by bug Pokemon, but other than that. Its willpower makes it continue to fight. Right, Scizor!" The pincer Pokemon nodded its head. "Now, Hyper Beam!" Scizor raised its left pincer up and summoned an orange orb within it. The orange sphere emitted an orange beam towards Scyther.

"Dodge!" the hoody wearing trainer commanded. Scyther spread its wings and jumped into the air, successfully dodging the powerful attack. "Now, Razor Wind!" Scyther began to swing its powerful blades making them emit boomerang shaped energy attacks towards Scizor. The bug/steel type Pokemon screamed in pain as it was hit by the barrage. It fell down to one of its knees, using its claws to defend itself from the devastating attacks.

"Damn it!" Ash shouted. "You have to push through it!" Scizor shouted its name as it rose to it feet. "Now, Flash Cannon and Hyper Beam!" Jimmy gasped. The red Pokemon raised both of its pincers in the air and put them both close together. An orange orb began to form in the left pincer, while a silver orb formed in the right. "Fire!" Scizor flinched back a little as it released its duo of powerful beam attacks. Both attacks began to blend together forming one large, powerful, orange, and silver beam towards the green Pokemon. Scyther's eyes widened in shock.

"Scyther, fight back with Guillotine!" the hoody wearing trainer ordered. Scyther roared its name as it raised its right blade directly above itself. The entire blade shined intensely as all the power began to converge into it. Scyther glided forward and brought its blade forward, slicing through Scizor's attack easily. Ash and Scizor's eyes widened in shock and surprise. Scyther screamed its name as it neared its target. Scizor gasped as Scyther went right through it in a green blur.

"Scizor?" Ash looked forward to his Pokemon as it began to walk small steps forward. Suddenly, it fell to both of its knees and finally onto its stomach with swirls for eyes. The crowd was dead silent. Nobody had ever defeated one of Ash's Pokemon. The ebony haired trainer looked at his fallen Pokemon in shock. Jimmy was also in a state of shock. He actually won one battle against probably the strongest trainer in the entire world.

"Yeah, way to go, Jimmy!" Marina cheered. Soon after, the crowd followed and erupted into cheers for the cap wearing trainer. They have never seen a person do that. They were proud to be part of that history, witnessing one loss of their beloved savior. Ash sighed.

"Return, Scizor." In a flash of red light, Scizor returned back into his pokeball. Ash stared at it softly. "You deserve a nice rest." Ash looked to his opponent as he pocketed his pokeball and grabbed another. "Well done, Jimmy. You should be proud of yourself." Jimmy snapped out of his trance and began to jump up and down.

"Yeah, we won!" Jimmy yelled. Scyther turned to his trainer. Jimmy gave a thumb up to it. "You rock, you rule!" Scyther smiled. "Now, return for a well deserved rest." In a read flash of red light, Scyther returned back into its pokeball. Jimmy pocked Scyther's pokeball and grabbed another. "Go, Sunflora!" Jimmy yelled as he threw its pokeball. The red and white spherical object released a blinding light that hit the ground. The light settled revealing a green, plant-like animal with a blossomed bud for a head.

"Sunflora!" the sun Pokemon cheered its name.

"Hey, Jimmy," Ash called out. "How about we change this battlefield? I think it's getting dull." Jimmy cocked his eyebrow.

"Okay." The ebony haired trainer smiled and snapped his finger. Suddenly, the entire ground shook, surprising the audience and all his friends. In a burst of light the green floor morphed into a rock hard ground with various boulders and mini mountains scattered across the field.

"You see this is the most high-tech Pokemon arena in the entire world. The field makes a physical hologram you can touch. Everything feels real." Ash looked at the entire field. "Now, doesn't this look like a place for our final battle!?" Jimmy merely smirked and gave Ash a thumb up. "Now, let's begin. Destroy, Tyranitar!" Ash threw his pokeball causing a flash of light to shoot out of it. The light landed onto the rocky surface, settling into a large green Pokemon with spikes protruding from its back. It had a blue stomach with many black holes around its body.

"Tyranitar!" the armor Pokemon roared.

"Sunflora, Razor Leaf!" The sun Pokemon nodded its head and brought back its leaf-like arms back. It threw them forward releasing two spinning leaves towards the rock/dark type Pokemon with great velocity.

"Sandstorm!" the auburn eyed trainer commanded. Tyranitar roared its name and summoned a large whirlwind composed of sand around its body. The Razor Leaf attack neared the armor Pokemon, but was caught in the Sandstorm attack. "Now, send them back!" Tyranitar roared its name once again causing the Sandstorm attack to blow harder, blowing the Razor Leaf attack towards the sun Pokemon. Jimmy and Sunflora gasped.

"Dodge!" the hoody wearing trainer ordered. Sunflora tucked into a ball and rolled to the left, dodging the Razor Leaf attack successfully. The sun Pokemon rose back to its feet, but was surprised to see a large shadow casting over its body. It looked up to see its opponent with a smirk on its face. "What!?"

"Focus Punch!" Ash ordered. Tyranitar brought its fist back and launched it forward. The armor Pokemon's right fist shined bright before it punched the sun Pokemon right in the jaw launching it into a large boulder. Sunflora grunted its pain as its back made contact with hard builder. It fell forward, leaving an imprint of its body on the boulder behind it. "Follow up with Hyper Beam!" Tyranitar opened its mouth as orange particles began form into sphere inside of its mouth. The armor Pokemon roared its name and released a powerful, orange beam from the orange orb towards Sunflora.

"Substitute!" Jimmy called out. The Hyper Beam attack neared its target and in a large explosion the attack landed creating a blanket of dust that covered the entire field. The crowd roared in excitement. The dust settled, to Ash and Tyranitar's surprise, Sunflora was nowhere to be found. "Now, Razor Leaf!" Ash and his Pokemon's eyes widened as they looked above to see the sun Pokemon with large smile on its face. It brought back its leaf-like arms and launched them forward releasing a barrage of leaves at the armor Pokemon's back. Tyranitar grunted in pain as it tried to withstand the pain that was coming from above. Ash gritted his teeth.

"Sandstorm!" the auburn eyed trainer commanded. The armor Pokemon pushed through the pain and whipped up a large Sandstorm, blowing all the leaves away, catching the sun Pokemon by surprise. Tyranitar didn't notice that a small brown seed fell into one of the various black holes in its body that Sunflora released from its leaf-like arms. Sunflora grunted in pain as it was caught in the large sand tornado, flailing around like a leave being blown by the wind.

"Sunflora!" the cap wearing trainer yelled.

"Now, direct it and slam it!" Ash shouted. Tyranitar pushed its arms forward causing the Sandstorm to leave its body and making it shoot forward into boulders. Sunflora screamed its name in pain as it was being constantly thrown at the large pillars of rock. "Now, finish it!" The armor Pokemon lifted its arms up causing the Sandstorm attack to fly straight into the air. "Go!" Tyranitar pulled its arms down, controlling the sandstorm to slam right into the rocky surface. A large explosion occurred creating a large dust cloud that covered the entire field. Both arms raised their arms to shield themselves from the large explosion.

"Sunflora!" Jimmy yelled as he put his arms down. He frantically looked for his Pokemon as the dust settle down. He looked to his opponent who had a confident smirk on his face.

"It's over, Jimmy," Ash said. "It was inevi-" Ash's eyes widened in shock as he looked onto the broken field. Sunflora stood up with its head up high with beads of sweats dropping from its face. Scratches and bruises adorned its body. It panted heavily, while still staring at its opponent. "Impossible!" Tyranitar was speechless as it gazed at its small opponent. It couldn't believe that it withstood one of its most powerful attacks. The armor Pokemon narrowed its gaze and growled softly.

"Sunflora, are you okay?" Jimmy asked his tired Pokemon. It nodded its head slowly as it went into its battle stance.

"I'll end it here!" the ebony haired trainer shouted. "Now, Earthquake!" Tyranitar roared its name and slammed down its right foot down causing large rocks to protrude from the ground. The pillars or rocks began spiking towards the sun Pokemon causing Jimmy to gasp.

"Get out of there!" Jimmy yelled with desperation dripping from his voice. Sunflora tried to move, but it was too late. The Earthquake attack hit it right in the chest causing it to be flung into the air. Sunflora screamed its name in pain as it began to plummet towards the ground, but still it had the fierce look of determination that it could still win and fight.

"Still want to fight, huh!?" Ash yelled to Sunflora. "So be it! Hyper Beam!" Tyranitar raised its head and opened its mouth. An orange orb began to form in its mouth. The armor Pokemon roared its name causing a large, orange beam to erupt from the orange sphere towards the falling sun Pokemon. The attack landed creating a thunderous boom that echoed throughout the stadium. A ball of smoke formed in the air as Jimmy's eyes widened, seeing his Pokemon fall from it, hitting the ground hard.

"Sunflora!" Jimmy yelled. The sun Pokemon rose to its feet again in defiance surprising Ash and Tyranitar. The ebony haired trainer growled. "Sunflora?"

"Just stay down!" Ash turned to face his Pokemon. "Let's finish it! Tyranitar, use Sandstorm on your body!" the ebony haired trainer commanded. Sand began to fly around the armor Pokemon almost orbiting it. The Sandstorm became fiercer and stronger as it lifted Tyranitar off the ground. "Now, Giga Impact!" the ebony haired trainer ordered. A purple veil began to form around the armor Pokemon. Yellow spirals added onto the purple veil giving it more power. "Go!" Tyranitar was about to glide towards its opponent until it felt something tingling inside its body. Suddenly, green vines began to spring out of the black holes around its body and began wrapping around its body. The armor Pokemon roared its name in pain as the attack began to drain its energy. "Tyranitar! Leech Seed! When!?"

"I see Sunflora, you planned it all out," Jimmy said. The sun Pokemon nodded its head. "Good job, now, we'll finish it. Sunny Day!" Sunflora shouted its name as it released a bright orb composed of light into the sky. Ash's eyes widened in fear, knowing what was coming next. "Solar Beam!" Light began to gather into Sunflora's face causing its face to glow white. "Fire!" The sun Pokemon released a white beam towards Tyranitar causing the green Pokemon to scream its name in pain as the attack landed. A large explosion occurred and smoke covered the rocky field. The smoke dissipated revealing Tyranitar on its back with swirls for eyes.

"No way…" Ash muttered. "Two in a row…" Ash growled as he brought his pokeball forward. "Return." In a flash of red light the armor Pokemon returned back into its pokeball. Ash looked at it softly. "Good job. Have a nice rest." He looked up to his opponent. "Incredible, Jimmy. I didn't think you would have won this match."

"Yeah, we did it!" Jimmy cheered. The crowd erupted into cheers, chanting 'Jimmy.' Sunflora turned around and gave its trainer a smile. "You rock, you rule!" The hoody wearing trainer gave his Pokemon a thumb up. "Now, return for a nice rest." Jimmy pulled on its pokeball and returned it. He pocketed the pokeball and grabbed another. He threw the pokeball causing a flash of light to shoot out. "Go, Raichu!" The light settle revealing a large tan Pokemon with yellow cheeks and a yellow lightning symbol on the tip of its long tail.

"Raichu!" the mouse Pokemon shouted its name.

"Way to go, Jimmy!" Marina screamed which caught her boyfriend's attention. He looked over to the sidelines to see her smiling and waving. Jimmy merely winked and gave her a thumb up. He turned back and stared at his opponent, waiting for the next battle with excitement flowing in his veins.

"Ash! You better not lose!" Dawn yelled at her boyfriend. "Or else!" The auburn eyed trainer sweatdropped as he looked to his girlfriend who had her arm up, shaking her fist. Ash waved and turned to face the hoody wearing trainer.

"Jimmy!" Ash yelled, getting the attention of the cap wearing trainer. "This is where the battle gets interesting." Ash pulled out a pokeball and threw it onto the field. "Engage, Lucario!" A light shot out of the pokeball revealing a blue Pokemon that resembled a fox. It had black paws with two spikes coming from the top of its palm. Its blue ear perked up, listening to its surrounding. There was a black stripe that went across its eyes making it look like a bandit. On the back of its head were tentacle-like things. It looked clearly at its opponent with its red eyes.

"What is your wish, your majesty?" the aura Pokemon asked.

"Will you fight beside me?" Ash asked his loyal Pokemon. It nodded its head.

"Yes, your majesty!" At that, the aura Pokemon went into its battle stance and glared at its opponent. Sweat began dripping from the side of Jimmy's face. This was the Pokemon that beat his strongest Pokemon, Typhlosion before. Jimmy gulped. "Lucario, Aura Sphere." The aura Pokemon brought both of its arms and back and launched a blue sphere towards Raichu.

"Raichu, Thunderbolt!" Jimmy commanded. The mouse Pokemon released an orange thunder body from its body towards the aura sphere. Both attacks collided, but the Aura Sphere attack managed to push through it and hit Raichu. The electric type Pokemon screamed its name as it flew back in front of its trainer's feet. It grunted in pain as it rose to its feet. "Are you okay?" Raichu nodded its head and glared at its opponent. "We have to go with all we have! Okay!" Raichu shouted its name in agreement. "Volt Tackle!" Raichu went on all fours and began sprinting towards Lucario as a yellow veil of electricity surrounded its body.

"Lucario, Force Palm on the ground, now!" the ebony haired trainer ordered. Lucario followed direction and set its right paw onto the ground. It grunted as it released a powerful blast into the ground causing the ground to shake and crack. Rocks were flung into the air. Raichu stopped in its track, trying to dodge the rocks that were falling from the air. "Close Combat!" As the last rock fell, Lucario stormed the field until it was right in front of the mouse Pokemon. Jimmy and Raichu gasped. Lucario laying an onslaught of punches on the mouse Pokemon. Raichu grunted in pain after each blow.

"Raichu!" Jimmy yelled with eyes wide open.

"Now!" Ash shouted. Lucario brought its right foot back and kicked it forward into the face of Raichu causing it fly through three boulders until finally hitting a fourth boulder. Raichu rose to its feet will hundreds of scratches scattered all over his body. It was already panting heavily. "Aura Sphere!" Lucario raise his right paw and formed a blue orb. It shot it forward towards the mouse Pokemon. Raichu screamed in pain as the attack landed making a large explosion. Smoke covered the field, as it settled it revealed a tired Raichu barely standing up.

"How can this be?" Jimmy asked himself. "I never landed an attack yet. Is the power between them that large?" Jimmy growled. "Raichu, Full power Volt Tackle!" The mouse Pokemon went on all fours again and began to sprint forward at great speeds. It refused to lose without damaging its opponent.

"Lucario, wait until the time is right," Ash told the aura Pokemon.

"Yes, your majesty." Lucario rested its arms to side, awaiting Raichu.

"Go!" Jimmy yelled. Raichu picked up speed causing the ground beneath it to crack. It yelled its name as it neared its opponent.

"Now, Force Palm!" Ash commanded. When Raichu was a few inches away from Lucario, the aura Pokemon managed to uppercut the mouse Pokemon and released the stored energy. Raichu flew into the air, grunting in pain. "Bone Rush." Lucario raised its arms frontward and connected its paws together. It spread its paws apart creating a long, blue staff composed of only aura. Lucario took to the air until it was above Raichu. The mouse Pokemon eyes widened as Lucario brought its aura staff back and swung it at it. Raichu spat out its name in pain as it was continuously hit. Both Pokemon neared the bottom as Lucario brought its staff for one final attack.

"Raichu, Protect!" Jimmy ordered. Suddenly, a green orb surrounded the mouse Pokemon canceling the final attack. Lucario's eyes widened. "Now, Thunderbolt!" The green sphere vanished and Raichu let out a shocking attack from its body. Lucario pulled back its head, avoiding the attack. Raichu gasped. The aura Pokemon set both of its feet onto the mouse Pokemon's stomach, using it as a jumping board and made it high into the air. The force of the push caused Raichu to smack into the ground hard. "Raichu, are you alright?" The mouse Pokemon struggled to get up, but it couldn't. It looked up to the air to Lucario charging something in between its paws.

"Max power Aura Sphere!" the ebony haired trainer commanded. Suddenly, the small aura sphere grew to the size of the giant size stone pokeball.

"Be gone!" Lucario shouted as it threw the large Aura Sphere. Jimmy and Raichu's eyes widened as the attack came to them. Jimmy gritted its teeth.

"Protect!" he shouted. Raichu closed its eyes and try to summon the green defensive attack, but it failed. It opened its eyes in surprise. Raichu looked up to see the large attack was a few inches away. "Thunder!" Raichu released the electric attack, but didn't do anything. It was only swallowed by the Aura Sphere attack. In a bright flash of light the attack landed creating a thunderous boom. The light settled down revealing Raichu on its back, charred with swirls for eyes. "Raichu!" Jimmy yelled. Lucario landed on its feet and walked towards its trainer. Ash patted his Pokemon on his shoulder.

"Good job, Lucario," Ash congratulated.

"I live to serve," the aura Pokemon said. Ash smiled softly at his Pokemon and patted its head. Pikachu smiled at its Pokemon friend.

"Pika!" Lucario smiled and nodded its head.

"You deserve a nice rest, return." In a flash of red light, Lucario returned back into its pokeball. Ash pocketed it and grabbed another. He looked at it and smiled. "It's your turn, now." The ebony haired trainer looked towards his opponent. Jimmy just returned his Pokemon with a sad smile on his face. Jimmy put the pokeball away and grabbed another. "Are you ready, Jimmy?" The cap wearing trainer nodded its head. "Command the skies, Charizard!" Ash released the pokeball from his hand. The red and white spherical object shot out a light to the ground. The light settled revealing a large orange Pokemon. It had a long tail with black flame tip. It spread its large powerful wings and roared.

"Charizard!" the flame Pokemon roared its name.

"Go, Pidgeot!" Jimmy called out as he threw his pokeball. The pokeball released a light and when it settled it revealed a rather large bird. It had beautiful brown feather. It skinny feet had razor sharp claws. On the top of its head, it had some sort of long flowing hair.

"Pidgeot!" the bird Pokemon chirped its name.

"Take flight!" both trainers shouted in unison. Both Pokemon widened their wings and took to the air, each glaring at each other.

"Charizard, Flamethrower!" Ash commanded. The flame Pokemon took in a deep breath and opened its mouth, releasing a stream of black fire towards Pidgeot.

"Whirlwind!" Jimmy ordered. Pidgeot chirped and brought its wings forward and flapped them, extinguishing the black flames. "Follow up with Aerial Ace!" The bird Pokemon merely flew high into the air and spun around, surrounding itself with a bright light. It used the air currents to speed towards Charizard at an incredible rate.

"Stop it!" the ebony haired trainer called out to his Pokemon. Charizard floated in place until the attack was near. Charizard raised its claws and grabbed Pidgeot's wings, surprising it. "Now, Flamethrower!" The flame Pokemon inhaled a large breath, and then opened its mouth, spitting out intense, hot black flames at the bird Pokemon. Pidgeot chirped in pain as the black Flamethrower attack pushed into a large pillar of rock. The falling debris from the pillar rock dropped on Pidgeot causing it to grunt in pain as it plummeted to the ground. A loud thud was heard as the body of the bird Pokemon hit the floor hard.

"Pidgeot!" Jimmy screamed. "Are you okay!? Please get up!" The bird Pokemon rose to its feet, pushing of the debris off its body. It flapped its wing and took to the air once again with sweat dripping from its face. The feathers on its chest were black, charred by the devastating fire attack. "Pidgeot, Gust!" The bird Pokemon brought its wings forward and flapped them creating a large tornado headed towards the flame Pokemon.

"Dodge!" Ash commanded. Charizard followed orders and flew higher into the air, dodging the fierce wind attack. "Now, Steel Wing!" Charizard roared its name as it dived downward at the bird Pokemon. Charizard's wings shined with an intense light as came closer and closer to its target.

"Double Team!" Jimmy desperately called out. Pidgeot chirped its name as it released false images everywhere in the air. Charizard's eyes widened as its attack went right through its opponent. "Now, Aerial Ace!" The all the images of Pidgeot vanished without a trace as the real one appeared above the flame Pokemon. Ash's eyes widened in shock. Pidgeot spun around and dived forward with an intense light surrounding its body. Charizard turned its head around, but it was too late, Pidgeot hit causing it groan in pain as began plummet to the ground with great velocity. A thunderous boom reverberated in the entire arena as large cloud of dust whipped up, covering the battle field.

"Charizard!" Ash yelled. The auburn eyed trainer sighed in relief as it saw a black stream of flame came out of cloud of dust. The dust settled revealing a scratched up and extremely angry Charizard. The bent its knees and launched forward into the air creating a large crack in the ground by the force of the push. Pidgeot's eyes widened as Charizard was right in front of it in an instant. Ash smirked. "Seismic Toss!" Charizard grabbed the bird Pokemon around the waist and flew into the air, catching Pidgeot by surprise. The flame Pokemon began to spin around in circle until it a steep dive towards the ground. The bird Pokemon could only grunt in pain as the speed was too much for it.

"Pidgeot!" the cap wearing trainer shouted with wide eyes, scared for his Pokemon. Charizard sped up until he neared the ground. It released the bird Pokemon into the ground making a thunderous booming noise that echoed in the entire stadium. Charizard pulled up and flew back into the air, waiting to see if the battle was over. Clouds of dust were left in the wake of the devastating fighting attack. The dust settled revealing the bird Pokemon barely standing up, breathing heavily as it looked into the air and its opponent. "Can you still fight on?" Jimmy asked his Pokemon with care in his voice. The bird Pokemon merely chirped.

"Very admirable," Ash commented. "A normal Pokemon would have given up by now because when it comes to the air. My Charizard can't be beaten." Charizard then began to roar its name striking fear in the heart of everybody in the stadium. Ash raised his hand into the air. "It's time to finish it. Charizard, set the world ablaze, Blast Burn!" Charizard raised its head into the air and roared its name loudly. Suddenly, black flames seeped from the flame Pokemon's mouth forming into a large black fireball the two times the size of Lucario's powerful Aura Sphere. Jimmy and Pidgeot gasped at the sight of the beautiful ball of black flames. "Incinerate everything in your path, fire!" Ash screamed as he dropped his hand. Charizard whipped its head forward and released the black fireball towards Pidgeot. The Blast Burn attack being to large hit several rock pillars causing them to melt by the sheer intensity of the heat. Jimmy gritted his teeth.

"Pidgeot, you know what to do!" the hoody wearing trainer shouted. Pidgeot snapped out of its mesmerized look and covered itself with its large and powerful wings. The bird Pokemon began to shine brightly as the Blast Burn attack neared it. A large and violent explosion shook the stadium due to the raw power of the Blast Burn attack. People began to fan themselves as the heat of attack raised the temperature of the entire arena. The smoke dissipated, to Ash and Charizard's surprise, Pidgeot was missing.

"What!? Impossible! Nothing could have avoided that attack!" Ash looked to Jimmy who had a grin on his face. "What happened!?" Ash called out for an explanation.

"My Pidgeot is special," Jimmy began. "It's the only one that can use Teleport." Ash's eyes widened at the mere word of the attack. The ebony haired trainer looked to the air to see Pidgeot flapping its elegant wings above Charizard.

"Brave Bird!" Jimmy ordered. Pidgeot screeched its name and began to dive down. Its body began to be enveloped into red flames until they were extinguished into a bright blue veil. "Go!

"Charizard, fight back with Flare Blitz!" Ash commanded. Black flames began to engulf the flame Pokemon as it flew upward to meet Pidgeot. Both Pokemon let out their names as they neared each other. Both attacks collided causing a massive explosion in the air creating shockwave that hit the entire arena. The ground shook causing the two trainers to flinch. Suddenly, out of the smoke above, Pidgeot fell from the sky and landed on its back with swirls for eyes.

"Pidgeot!" Jimmy shouted. Charizard flapped its wings causing the smoked to vanish. It landed neared its trainers with scratches all over its body. Charizard had a tired expression with sweat dropping from its long neck and face. "Charizard, excellent job. Return for a good rest." The flame Pokemon smiled before returning back into its pokeball in a red flash of light.

"Pidgeot, thanks for the awesome job," Jimmy told his Pokemon as he returned it back to its pokeball. He pocketed it and took out another pokeball. He stared down the field to Ash. "We're not done yet!" The crowd cheered for Jimmy, proud that he was giving up. Marina also cheered, knowing that her boyfriend could still win.

"It's tied up, now!" Ash yelled across the battle field. "I will give a spectacle! I have only used this Pokemon once! Now face the wrath of my strongest Pokemon!" The crowd sat in silent. They have never seen this so called Pokemon. They knew that this was going to be a once in a lifetime experience. Ash threw his pokeball. "I call forth your power!" The red and white spherical object released a flash of light, it hit the ground forming a figure. Jimmy's eyes widened at the sight of the majestic Pokemon. Wind blew around the Pokemon as it opened its scarlet eyes. It had blue and white color scheme and had two white streamer-like tails. On its back was a purple cape that flowed in the air like an aurora. On its head was a hexagon-shaped crown. The crowd and all of Ash's friends 'oohed' and 'awed' over the legendary Pokemon.

"Suicune!" the aurora Pokemon howled its name.

"Just because you have a legendary Pokemon doesn't mean that it isn't over!" Jimmy yelled. "Come on out, Roserade!" Jimmy released the red and white spherical object from his hand. The pokeball shot out a light that hit the ground and when it settled it revealed a mid-size Pokemon with a white flower for head. For its right hand was a red bouquet and for its left hand it was a blue bouquet.

"Roserade!" the bouquet Pokemon shouted its name.

"You may begin," Ash said, confidently. Jimmy merely growled at the arrogance of his opponent. He was so sure of himself that he was going to win. This just made Jimmy's determination to win even bigger than it was last time.

"Roserade, Petal Dance!" Jimmy commanded. The bouquet Pokemon nodded its head and threw its arms forward and released a flurry of beautiful pink petals towards the aurora Pokemon at high speed. Suicune merely stood there, not wavered by the attack. The Petal Dance came in contact with the legendary Pokemon, but it didn't do anything. Jimmy and Roserade's eyes widened as their gaping mouths let out surprised gasps.

"Now," Ash said. Suicune raised its head up and howled its name as the Petal Dance broke apart. Pink petals littered the ground as the aurora Pokemon stomped on one of them. Jimmy growled.

"Sunny Day!" the cap wearing trainer ordered. Roserade screamed its name as it raised its arms into the air and shot out a bright ball of light that illuminated the entire stadium. "Now, Weather Ball!" The bouquet Pokemon jumped into the air and brought its arms forward forming a mid-size fireball. Roserade released its attack, but once again, Suicune merely stood still against the attack. The attack connected causing a great explosion that echoed in everybody's ears. Clouds of smoke covered the field, hiding any trace of the aurora Pokemon. As the smoke settled, Jimmy was surprised to see Suicune standing calmly as if nothing took place. There were no scratches on it nor did it have any signs of exhaustion. "Impossible!"

"Our turn," the ebony haired trainer stated. "Suicune, Hydro Cannon." Suicune jumped into the air and landed onto a rock platform. Roserade landed on its feet and looked above to see that the aurora Pokemon had the high grounds. The legendary Pokemon opened its mouth as liquid from the air began to be sucked into Suicune's mouth. "Fire!" Suicune whipped its head forward and released a torrent of water from its mouth, aimed directly at the bouquet Pokemon.

"Dodge!" Jimmy called out. Roserade dived to side, avoiding the deadly attack. It was surprised to see that the attack continued; the water attack began moving towards it still. "You have to run!" The bouquet Pokemon rose to its feet and began sprint down the field, trying to avoid the powerful Hydro Cannon attack. Suicune merely moved its head in the direction of Roserade as the water attack shattered any boulder that it hit. Roserade looked over its shoulder as the devastating water attack neared it. It let out a scream of pain as it was hit across the back, pushing it into a large boulder that collapsed on it.

"Give up, now, Jimmy." The hoody wearing trainer ignored the advice and scanned the debris to see if his Pokemon was alright. A small boulder was pushed off, revealing a scratched up Roserade with beads of sweats dropping from its face. "Look at your Pokemon. It can barely stand up." Jimmy bit the bottom of his lip. He knew that Ash was right, but he couldn't accept that he was going to lose three in row.

"Never! Right Roserade!" The bouquet nodded its head. It too, didn't want to be defeated. "Now, Solar Beam!" Due to the Sunny Day still in effect, Roserade was able to absorb a large amount of sunlight half the time. Roserade's bouquet hands began to shine white with power as it aimed its arms at Suicune. Suddenly, an intense beam of light crushed through rocks around it towards the aurora Pokemon.

"Dodge," Ash ordered, calmly. In an instant, Suicune vanished from its spot, dodging the powerful grass attack. Roserade gasped as it sensed something above. Its eyes widened as it came face to face with Suicune. "Ice Fang!" Suicune opened its mouth revealing bright blue fangs, frost dripping from the tip. The aurora Pokemon chomped onto Roserade's shoulder causing it to scream in agony. Its shouts were silenced as the ice crept all over its body, freezing it into a block of ice.

"Roserade!" the hoody wearing trainer called out.

"Finish it off with Aurora Beam!" the auburn eyed trainer commanded. Suicune used the frozen Roserade as a springboard and jumped into the air. The aurora Pokemon did a back flip, while charging the powerful attack within its mouth. Bright lights began to shine behind its fangs as it opened it up. Suicune howled its name as a rainbow colored beam emitted from its mouth towards its frozen opponent. A loud crashing noised shook the very core of the builder as the attack impacted with the block of ice. The ice immediately shattered causing the bouquet Pokemon to slide across the ground in front of its trainer's feet with swirls for eyes. The crowd roared in excitement after seeing such a great battle.

"Return." Jimmy frowned as he looked at the pokeball of his fallen Pokemon. "You did well. Have a nice long rest." The hoody wearing trainer pocketed the pokeball and grabbed his final one. He knew he had to make it count. He could at least have a tie. Jimmy stared at his opponent who was currently petting his Pokemon.

"Awesome job, Suicune," Ash praised his Pokemon. "You deserve a nice rest. Return." In a flash of red light, the aurora Pokemon returned back into its pokeball for a job well down. Ash looked to his shoulder, smiling at his yellow Pokemon. "Well, Pikachu, this is the last battle. Can you wrap it up?"

"Pika!" the electric type Pokemon shouted as it jumped off its trainer's shoulder onto the battle field.

"It's your turn," Jimmy yelled as he threw his pokeball. "Burst, Typhlosion!" The red and white spherical orb released a flash of light that hit the ground. The light settled revealing a large Pokemon with a dark blue back with red spots on it. It had a yellowish body that refracted the light giving it a sheen look. It roared its name as a fire mane ignited on the back of its neck.

"Typhlosion!" the volcano Pokemon roared its name.

"Jimmy, no matter the outcome of the battle, know that I will still love you!" Marina yelled to her lover. Jimmy smiled to his girlfriend lovingly and gave a thumb up before gluing his eyes back to the battle field.

"Ash, same with me. I love you with all my heart and I'll be rooting for you, no matter what!" Dawn blew her beloved an air kiss which Ash caught. He smiled and nodded his head and turned his gaze back to the battle field.

"Pikachu, how about we start with a bang! Thunderbolt!" Ash ordered. Yellow sparks began to crackly violently around Pikachu's cheeks. Pikachu shouted its name as it released yellow lighting from its body towards the volcano Pokemon.

"Typhlosion, Flamethrower!" Jimmy commanded. Typhlosion inhaled a large breath that expanded its stomach. It whipped its head forward and spat out a stream of hot fire towards the Thunderbolt attack. Both attacks collided creating a large explosion in mid-air. Smoke seeped from the explosion covering a portion of the battle field.

"Pikachu, watch carefully," Ash warned his Pokemon. Pikachu nodded its head as it went on all fours with its ears perked up.

"Flame Wheel!" In a blaze of glory, Typhlosion came running out of black smoke curled in a ball. Suddenly, flames surrounded its body turning it into a wheel of fire. Pikachu's eyes widened at the speed of the attack. It couldn't do anything as it was struck across the chest, knocking it into a boulder. "Again!" Typhlosion turned around and began racing towards the fallen Pokemon again.

"Pikachu, dodge!" Ash called out. Pikachu rose up to its feet quickly and gritted its teeth as it jumped into the air as it dodged the Flame Wheel attack. Typhlosion stopped its attack and looked into the air. "Thunderbolt!" Pikachu shouted its name as it released the powerful electric attack from its body. The volcano Pokemon grunted in pain as it was zapped by the powerful Thunderbolt attack. "Now, follow up with Iron Tail!" Pikachu dived downward and spun its tail as it shined white.

"Typhlosion, fight back with Focus Punch!" The volcano Pokemon shook off the attack and brought its right fist back. It began to shine white as it launched it towards the Iron Tail attack. Shockwave shot out every as both came in contact of each other. "Come on, more power!" Typhlosion gritted its teeth as it pushed its fist forward hitting the electric type Pokemon in the jaw causing it to be flung into the air.

"Pikachu!" Ash yelled.

"Now, Flamethrower!" Jimmy commanded. Typhlosion took in a huge breath and blew out an intense stream of flame towards Pikachu. The mouse Pokemon screamed its name in pain as it fell to the ground with a charred back. "Flame Wheel!" The volcano Pokemon tucked itself into a ball and began to race forward at Pikachu as a spinning fireball.

"Pikachu, you have to get up!" the ebony haired trainer shouted. Pikachu hearing the desperation in its trainer's voice rose up to its feet. "Dodge with Quick Attack!" Pikachu went onto all four and began to streak to the right with a trail of light behind it. Typhlosion turned towards Pikachu following it with a trail of flames behind it. Ash growled. "Thunderbolt!" Pikachu jumped into the air and spun around releasing a devastating electric attack from its body, hitting Typhlosion. The volcano Pokemon was knocked out of its attack, being launched through several boulders.

"Typhlosion!" Jimmy yelled. The volcano Pokemon coughed in pain as it rose to its feet slowly with scratch mark adoring every inch of his body. "Can you still battle?" Typhlosion nodded its head as it stared down the yellow Pokemon, landing on its small feet with a tired expression. "Let's finish this battle! Blast Burn!" Ash and Pikachu gasped. Typhlosion roared its name as it brought its head upward. A large fireball began to form above it which brought the temperature up considerably. Though not as powerful as Charizard's Blast Burn. It could still hold its own. "Fire!" Typhlosion whipped its head forward releasing the powerful fire attack towards Pikachu. Ash gritted his teeth.

"Pikachu, Quick Attack!" Ash ordered. Everybody in the arena gasped. What could Ash be thinking? The yellow Pokemon went onto all four and stormed down the field with a trail of light behind it.

"I don't know what you're thinking, but it's not going to work!" Jimmy yelled. Pikachu neared the large fireball attack, but then it jumped and spin above it. "What!?" The electric type Pokemon grunted its pain as some of its body was singed by the attack. Pikachu landed behind the fireball and began sprinting forward to the surprised Typhlosion. A large explosion came behind Pikachu as it brought up its speed up.

"Full power Volt Tackle!" Ash commanded while pumping out his fist. A yellow veil of electricity began to surround Pikachu as it ran forward.

"Typhlosion, max power, Flare Blitz!" Jimmy ordered. The volcano Pokemon went on all four and began sprinting towards Pikachu. Suddenly, flames began to engulf its body in a fiery blaze. Both attack collided with each other creating a blinding light that covered the entire field. Everybody shielded their eyes from the intense light. The light died down revealing Pikachu standing above Typhlosion. The volcano Pokemon's eyes were replaced with swirls. The rocky field began to glow and dissipated back to a regular flat, green field. The crowd roared with cheers. Jimmy fell down to his knees and returned his Pokemon for a well deserved rest.

"Yeah, we did it, Pikachu!" Ash yelled as he ran to his best friend. Pikachu laughed with glee as it was picked up by its trainer. Ash gave his Pokemon a big hug causing it to squeal contently. Ash looked forward and saw his opponent's hand.

"Good job, Ash. You deserved it." Ash smiled and shook the trainer's hand. "But next time I'm going to win." The crowd cheered loudly after seeing the most exciting battle ever and the good sportsmanship.

"Ashy!" The ebony haired trainer turned his head and was tackled into a hug. Ash recovering from the surprised hug looked to see his girlfriend with a wide smile on her face. "I knew could do it." Dawn cupped the sides of Ash's face and planted a chaste kiss on his lip causing the boy to blush. "Look at all your friends." Ash turned his head to see all his friends running towards him with smiles on their faces. Ash turned to face his beloved. Suddenly, a mischievous grin appeared on Ash's handsome face. "What?"

"This." Ash picked up Dawn bridal style with a devilish smile on his face. "Remember that agreement we had if I won this battle." Dawn blushed. "Well, I'm going to make good with that agreement." Her blush deepened. Before she knew it, Ash began sprinting to the exit, not hearing his friends calling for him.

"Ash! Where are you going!?" all his friends shouted.

Ash merely chuckled and looked to his girlfriend's face. Her reaction was absolutely priceless. He smiled lovingly to her. She smiled back. Ash looked forward to the end of the exit that shined ever so brightly with a radiant light to a bright and happy future. He was finally glad, glad that he was able to get his happy ending.


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