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Pansy woke up in the dark. Tonks was holding her, and there was still a bit of pain in her leg. She turned to say something, but Tonks put a finger to her lips.

The older witch wrote on the wall in glowing blue letters. Death Eaters watching the hall behind us. Don't talk.

How many?

At least three. You-Know-Who killed Harry. There's still a battle going on, but we have to get around these guys if we want to help fight. Or escape.

Pansy's stomach fell as she read those words. The savior of the Wizarding world was dead. But apparently all was not lost. Where are we?

Still in the doorway by the courtyard. The rocks are blocking us in, but I guess the Death Eaters know that too, because they haven't opened the door. As soon as they leave, we can go in.

What's that? I hear yelling. Pansy tightened her grip on Tonks as the ground quaked. A few of the rocks fell into the small space. They didn't have to wait long to find out what was happening.

"Giants!" one of the Death Eaters yelled. "Let's go!"

"We're not supposed to abandon our post!"

"If the giants are retreating that can only mean one thing. Let's get out of here before they find us."

"He's dead," Tonks whispered happily. "But how? I thought…"

The ground quaked again and Pansy struggled to her feet. "Come on, let's go find out." She pushed the door open slightly and, seeing a clear hallway, walked out. She could hear loud yelling from a long way off, but their part of the castle was silent. Her head throbbed and she closed her eyes for a second.

"Are you okay?" Tonks asked.

"My head's still hurting."

"Well, getting clobbered with stones will to that to you…."

"Let's just find a way out of here. I'm feeling dizzy." She led them through the dungeons, figuring that the area closest to Slytherin would, ironically, provide the safest passage since no one would be there. As they made their way into the main hall, her vision swam and she went weak at the knees.

"Easy!" Tonks said, catching her.

"Tonks! You're alright!" a voice said.

Pansy tried to concentrate, but her vision was going blurry again. She heard Tonks say something about the hospital wing, but that was the last thing she registered before fading into unconsciousness.

Waking up this time around was much more pleasant. There was light outside, she was lying comfortably in a warm bed, and the searing pain in her head and leg was gone. Pansy sat up slowly, feeling the bandage on her right temple. Looking down, she saw that her leg was completely healed. She was curtained in, but she could hear voices talking around her. She smiled when Tonks came in a second later. "Hey."


"What happened?" Pansy asked, unable to remember anything except their dark hiding space from the battle.

"Apparently, Harry came back from the dead and killed Voldemort," Tonks said, as if this was just a run of the mill day in her book.


"I know. But that's what happened according to everyone."

"Did you find Remus?" Pansy asked, knowing how worried Tonks had been about her friend.

Tonks looked down as she sat on Pansy's bed. "He…he didn't make it."

"I'm sorry," Pansy said quietly.

Tonks nodded. "Molly Weasley killed Bellatrix."

"No way…"

"She did," Tonks said with a smile. "She's still signing autographs. Madame Pomphrey said you've got to stay here for a few more days, so I brought your things over."

"How long have I been out?"

"A couple of days. We were really worried at first, but you kept coming out of it. I have to go meet Kingsley," Tonks said, standing up. "I'll come back in about an hour. Here's your journal."

Pansy took it and leaned up to kiss Tonks. "Hurry back."

"I will."

Pansy's footsteps echoed through the quiet corridors of Hogwarts. Everyone except the people in the hospital had left by now. She quickly made her way to the owlry, wrapping her jacket around her, even though it was bright out. She still wasn't in perfect shape, and the long spell of being hurt, and then sick, had thrown her body completely out of whack. It was probably 80 degrees outside, factoring in the wind, but she was freezing. She shouldn't have been out at all, but she couldn't stand Pomphrey any longer. She'd slipped out when the nurse was otherwise occupied. Once inside the owlry, she whistled for one of the larger birds. The envelope she had was about thirty sheets of parchment thick, and she didn't trust the small owls. "Here you go," she said, giving it a treat. She tied the letter onto its leg and watched it soar out of one of the windows. Shivering a little, she decided to head back to the hospital wing.

"How about this one?" Tonks said, handing the magazine to Pansy.

Pansy looked at the apartment pictures and the floor plan before shaking her head. They'd been at this all morning. Since Pansy had earned herself another two days on bed rest with her little owlry run, Tonks had been occupying their time by getting her opinion on apartment choices. "It's too small."

"There's only two of us, and it's not like you need your own room anymore," Tonks countered.

"Tonks, that's smaller than what we were living in right off," Pansy said, flipping through the magazine. "What about that one?"

"How about I just buy us a house? Would that work?" Tonks asked sarcastically as she looked at the four-page spread for one apartment.

"It would actually."

"We're not all filthy rich," Tonks said laughing.

"Shut up. Your trust fund is bigger than mine."

"True. You win this time."

Pansy laughed and got out of bed. As she stretched she noticed Tonks looking at her. "What?"

"If Madam Pomphrey comes in, you're never going to leave this hospital."

"I'm fine," Pansy said, continuing her stretches. She walked around her little section of the room once before returning to bed. "There. Just needed a little exercise. Happy?"

"Sure. How about this one?" Tonks gave her the magazine again.

Pansy was about to concede to the apartment choice, when Madam Pomphrey opened the curtain.

"Your parents are here to see you."

"My parents?" Pansy asked. She sat up, knowing she didn't look too well, even though she felt better. She smoothed her hair down and sat up a little straighter.

"You want me to leave?" Tonks asked.

"No, stay with me. Please." She smiled as her parents when they came in. "Mom, Dad. I didn't know you were coming."

"It was your father's decision," Maxine said.

"We received your owl," Xerxes said. "If the intent was to make us feel sympathy—"

"It wasn't," Pansy said softly, but firmly. "I wanted you to know what happened, and that I made it through it."

"Yes, well, as I said, we read the journal entries you sent. We've decided that we will allow you to come home. Under some conditions, of course."

"And those are?"

"First, you must renounce your association with the Death Eaters, publicly."

"Think I've already done that, seeing as I was working for the resistance."

"Well people need to know that. We want you to make a statement."

"No one knows, or cares about me. I don't think that's necessary."

"We do," Xerxes said harshly. "We don't want your foolhardy actions tarnishing the family name. The second condition is that you work under me at the Ministry, so I can keep an eye on you. The third…" he broke off, throwing a glance at Tonks. "Whatever…phase you're in, consider it over. You are not allowed to associate with Miss Tonks any longer. It's nothing personal," he added, addressing Tonks now. "It's just that we're from a different circle, and Pansy shouldn't be seen to fraternize."

"Tonks saved my life, Dad," Pansy said, not believing her ears.

"And we're grateful, but still—"

"Spare me," Tonks said. "You'd be welcoming her back with open arms instead of a contract if you actually gave a damn. And, just so you know, I'm a direct descendant of the Black family, through my mother's side. My Wizarding ancestry goes back farther than yours does, Parkinson, so nose down."

"I'm not going to stop seeing Tonks," Pansy said. "The other two things, fine, but not that. I won't stop seeing her."

"Then we have no choice but to let you go," Maxine said. "And you can forget about your inheritance."

"Nice try," Tonks said. "She's had the money in her possession for over a year now. When she turned 18, she could've renewed the joint account, allowing you access, but she didn't. She couldn't have, since she was in hiding. You can't touch the money in her vault."

Maxine reeled back in shock. "How do you know about all of this?"

"When I got her from Azkaban, I made sure all of her possessions were safe," Tonks said, glaring at the woman.

Pansy's heart leapt at the older witch's words. It wasn't really about the money, she was just happy that Tonks had cared enough to look into those types of things.

"If you insist on being obstinate, and refusing our generous offer, we want nothing more to do with you," Xerxes said. "We'll leave you to your bed rest."

Pansy just stared as they left. "I didn't think it would feel like this," she mumbled.

"What do you mean?" Tonks asked, holding her.

"I just…I don't know. I didn't quite expect that."

Tonks turned slightly so she could look at her. "You won't regret your decision. I promise."

Pansy nodded and hugged the older witch. "I know."


No, don't leave me to die here

Help me survive here, alone.

Don't surrender


Put me to sleep evil angel.

Open your wings evil angel.

Fly over me evil angel.

Why can't I breathe, evil angel?

~Breaking Benjamin