Daughter of Shannara

A dark castle rose above the horizon in the Northland at the very center of the Skull Kingdom. Deep inside the castle the Warlock Lord paced. Back and forth he walked, his formless feet making no noise and leaving no trace. All around the room various evil creatures crouched, all whimpering except the Skull Bearers.

I am very displeased. It was reported that all of the line of Shannara were destroyed! Brona, the Warlock Lord, growled. All who were gathered in the room cringed. Brona glared at them despising their weaknesses. A silence passed as he waited impatiently for an answer. Finally, one the Skull Bearers began to speak.

All of the elven Shannara descendents were indeed killed, Master.

I have discovered that the meddling Druid Allanon has located another descendant. It is a son who is half elf, and being raised by distant relatives. He was well hidden but we must not make that mistake again. Brona's anger filled the room but his voice was cold and steady.

No master, never again. They promised bowing and groveling. Brona smiled in cruel satisfaction.

To prevent your failure I took it upon myself to search for any other descendants. He said.

So kind, master. You are such a kind master. The creatures murmured.

Allanon is a fool. So caught up in his search for a son to wield the Sword he overlooked another possibility. I have located the only other living descendant. A daughter of Shannara! Brona ignored his servants, and smiled in satisfaction. If he could capture her she could be used as a pawn, or perhaps… Shaking the distracting thoughts from his head he spoke again. Find me the Daughter of Shannara! Her name is Rhiannon.

Yes, master. We hear and we obey! They cringed, and spread their wings took off. Each had the same thoughts in their mind. To successfully complete their mission, and to get away from the horrible yet wonderful thing that was their master.

Far away, tucked in the fringes of a forest sat a small cottage. It had a stone front, but was mostly constructed off large thick logs. It had an open porch and a small wooden door that was open to let the fresh air in. Warm scents drifted out the few windows on the cottage, and the overall look of the place was welcoming and homey. Inside there were some sparse but useful furnishings along with three bedrooms, one for the mistress of the house, one for her daughter, and one for the occasional guest. In the kitchen, the two residents of the house were hard at work baking bread, and preparing for the mother planned to go to town.

The mother was shorter than average height and had brown hair that was tied back in a bun. She wore a brown dress, with no decoration, and a white apron. The girl had long light blonde hair that was braided and tied back with a pink ribbon. Her dress was knee light and brown like her mother's but hers had pink ribbons threaded in the sleeves. The tips of her ears were slightly pointed which suggested that she was at least part elven but she lacked the distinctive slanted brows of most elves.

They hurried about speaking gaily to each other neither guessing what the day would bring. Just as the daughter pulled a fresh loaf of bread from the fire, someone called from the door. The mother hurried off to greet the visitor. Seconds later she returned ushering in a black cloaked man. The girl turned to greet the man, and watched in horror as the man morphed into a hideous being, all hunched and evil.

It struck out at the mother, and threw the woman across the room where she hit the wall and lay still. The girl watched the blood begin to pool, and turned back to the creature to scared to scream or cry.

I have come for you Rhiannon. The creature hissed, and the sunlight glinted off the skull shaped pendant that it wore around its neck. Finally, the girl began to scream.

Hazelcloud: If anyone hasn't guessed this is set during the Sword of Shannara, but I am not sure if I am going to tie the two together. Feel free to review and let me know what you thought of this chapter!