Destroying a Line

Rhiannon shivered, and stood with her eyes downcast trying not to look at the frightening figure before her. After the Skull Bearer had taken her and left her in the castle, the Warlock Lord had appeared. He was terrifying, all ghostly and cold. The black robes he wore hid his face, and of that she was glad. She did not think that she could handle the sight of his face for it was sure to be dark and scary.

Rhiannon, Rhiannon…It seems that you're worthless Druid protector failed. Brona hissed.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Rhiannon struggled to make her voice work. It was freaky because the Warlock Lord didn't seem to actually speak out loud.

You are a descendant of the legendary elfish king Jerle Shannara. Your father was an elf by the name of Edmund Shannara; your mother was a human by the name of Awena Rever. Am I correct? Brona's voice seemed dangerously low.

"Yes," Rhiannon whispered. It scared her that this 'thing' could name her ancestors. He seemed to know more about her than she did.

A certain meddling Druid by the name of Allanon is the self-proclaimed protector it seems of all and everything Shannara, but he has failed to protect you. I have you completely in my power. You are helpless. I could destroy you in an instant if I so chose. Brona continued.

"Please don't!" Rhiannon begged pitifully. Brona let out a laugh.

Why should I spare you? You and your kind give me no end of trouble.

Across the plain, the above mentioned Druid was staring out at the land or so it seemed to any who observed him. Truthfully, he was using his innate powers to check on the other Shannara, Rhiannon. His usually grim face grew pale. He watched as Rhiannon began to cry, as Brona taunted her. She was to Brona nothing more than a mouse is to a cat. By capturing her, he hoped to draw Allanon out from hiding.

Allanon sighed. He had not forgotten her. Merely he had hoped that by leaving her alone Brona would overlook her, and that she would be spared. Now it seemed that Rhiannon was destined to be his greatest failure.

He watched transfixed as Brona slew the girl mercilessly, and as her blood began to pool on the floor. Brona looked up and said.

You have failed Allanon, and you will fail in your current quest.

Allanon looked back to his group. Shea was sleeping soundly, as was everyone else. He felt his heart sink, for now Shea truly was the last of the line of Shannara. A tear ran down his cheek, Rhiannon was truly his greatest failure.

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