Summary: It tells the tale of heartbroken Isabella Swan, taking off right where Edward left her in New Moon. Unbeknowst to the Cullens, she was a very powerful witch. Now, she is beginning her seventh and final year of learning at Hogwarts. You all know of Harry Potter, the Boy who Lived. But what if the prophecy told of 3: brave and selfless Harry Potter, the dark and devious less than human Lord Voldemort, as well as the courageous and powerful Isabella Swan. It is up to the 17 year old twosome to overpower and defeat the Dark Lord. But they couldn't do it without friends....And at the Start of Term feast, who should show up, but the Cullens? After a happy reunion, the year goes on…

But, what few know, is that Isabella Swan's parents are infamous: Death Eaters. Guess who. I truth, Isabella Swan is Isabella Lestrange, daughter of Bellatrix and Rodolphus Lestrange. Her parentage was hidden from the Wizarding World, who all thought she was a simple Muggle-born. As the war continues, Bella struggles with this fact and the fact that her enemy is her family.

But, as in all wars, life goes on.

Some things never change.
Teenagers flirt and fight and fall in love...
Quidditch season is approaching... Classes are never straight forward, especially in the seventh and final year.

Change is approaching...and not all of it good:
Casualties and deaths are inevitably at every turn.... Loyalties are tested...

History shall be revealed....
And dark and dangerous things approach our hero and heroine, for instance,
Everyday, every hour, in fact, Dark forces are attempting to penetrate Hogwarts.
And so it is up to Harry, Bella, Edward, the Cullens, and their friends to defeat Lord Voldemort and save the magical world.
So its the home front that takes the stage in my (hopefully) riveting and multilayered seventh installment in J.K. Rowling's bestselling series.

One thing is certain:
No matter what they do, neither Hogwarts nor the magical world will ever be the same again.

Chapter 1

Bella's POV

I was sitting at my House table, with my friends. It was my seventh year.

This year was bound to be better, mostly because that horrible 'Professor' Umbridge from my fifth year was gone! It was like a miracle! If the students and professors had our way, that toad-like menace would be a squashed toad on the highway. Oh well, she's gone and out of our hair. Now, she's in the Aurors' hands...for using the Cruciatus Curse to interrogate an innocent (well, not all the time--I can be devious when I want to be--but innocent of what she'd suspected me off) then fifth year student--me. Bloody toad's a psycho...

But anyways.

Many of my classmates were whispering about me, still wondering the reasons behind my disappearance mid-last year.

Professor McGonagall walked up to the front, and set the Sorting Hat down on the stool. It quickly sang it's highly unusual and original song about the founders, and we all cheered when it ended.

At that, the sorting began. It brought back memories from six years ago.

Blimey. Was it really that long ago? Time sure flies when you're fighting a war…

Last year, I'd been ahead of my class, able to do magic that most 7th years couldn't do, and I was in my sixth year, then.

I swear it wasn't my fault what had happened...

Bloody Death Eaters had to invade the school and try to kill me! They thought they had, too, for a while, as I'd narrowly dodged a Killing Curse from my 'mother' by falling from the Astronomy tower...that had hurt... Because of that, I was no longer safe at Hogwarts. I had missed part of last year for my mission, too. Dumbledore had allowed me to go on a mission to a small town in Washington, in the States. I went to Forks, Washington. Only to return with a shattered heart, crushed beyond any possible repair.

I remember the day that I returned…

~ Flashback: ~

I returned a week before final exams, at about five thirty in the afternoon, after classes.

I'd returned using a temporary, not-so-legal Floo connection that I'd set up myself. "Hogwarts!" I shouted as I stepped into the emerald green fire.

It deposited me onto the floor of Professor McGonagall's office. Oops. I was trying for Dumbledore's office, but…it was Hogwarts anyways…and at least it was a member of the Order of the Phoenix's office.

Professor McGonagall had apparently been grading papers. She jumped when she heard the Floo connection and my grunt when I landed on my butt.

She spun around to see the cause.
"Isabella Swan!" she half-gasped, half-scolded, shocked, clutching her chest. "What are you doing here?"

I smiled slightly. "Coming home. It's not a bad time, I hope?"

She chuckled a bit. Professor McGonagall was my favorite professor—as well as my Head of House. She was like a grandmother to me, the grandmother I never had. She was strict, but kind and fair. Because I was probably the best Transfiguration student in any of her classes—save Hermione, of course—she was less… severe towards me. Plus, I was in the Order of the Phoenix...well, not officially...yet.

"I suppose I should have expected you to do something like this." She muttered, chuckling.

"Like what?" I asked, confused.

"Like illegal."

"Well, I can't Apparate yet…and you honestly didn't expect me to sit on a plane for hours. With my luck, the plane wouldn't have made it a mile. And I couldn't be seen while flying."

She shook her head, smiling still. "It is okay, although I suggest you remove the Floo connection before the Ministry detects it." After I complied, she said, "I suggest you get cleaned up for dinner. Right now, everyone should be in the Great Hall, so you can go up to the Dormitory and change. The password is Godric."

At that, she stood, gave me a small hug, then left. I could tell she was relieved that I had returned safely. I followed suit, heading to the Gryffindor Common Room. I saw no one, thankfully. Not a professor, a ghost, Peeves, a pet, or even someone in a portrait.

Until the Fat Lady, of course. "Godric," I said quietly. She started when she saw me, but allowed me to enter, while still gaping.

Not a soul was in there.

I went up to the dormitory I shared with Hermione and Ginny. My stuff was still there. My bed was made. My things were all strangely dust free, but in the exact spots as I'd left them. Apparently my two friends knew I'd come back. I smiled at the thought. They knew me too well. I grabbed a uniform and changed.

I removed the old sweatshirt and jeans. I put on a clean, plain white collared shirt, then a sleeveless black jumper (A/N: a sweater for my fellow Americans, most of whom might not know what that is...Anyways...), followed by my red and gold striped necktie, which I tucked beneath the jumper. Then, I put on the dark trousers. I could wear a knee length, dark, pleated skirt, but I didn't normally. Knee-high black socks and plain black shoes went onto my feet. Lastly, I donned the open front black robe, which had the Gryffindor House crest sewn upon it.

I now wore my Gryffindor uniform that I'd missed so much.

At that, I brushed the dust and ashes off of my head and face, which was caused by the Floo network, and headed to the Great Hall.

Unfortunately, everyone was already in there, and the huge doors were closed.

Great, I thought wryly. I get to make a grand entrance. Great. So much for going in unnoticed.

Steeling myself, I pushed the tall doors open. Every head in the entire hall—whether student, professor, ghost, or portrait—turned to stare at me. Many gasped, stunned. Whispers filled the silence as I sat at my normal spot, between Hermione and Ginny. Only a few people in the entire hall seemed unhappy by my arrival. And it didn't surprise me at all. Malfoy ground his teeth. Snape's scowl became more pronounced. He absolutely hated Harry and me, more so than any other students.

McGonagall smiled slightly. Flitwick and Sprout smiled widely. They were not true members of the Order, but they were supporters and very loyal allies. They were also very kind teachers. Hagrid was grinning, too. Trelawney seemed a bit happier—mainly because one of her two favorite subjects had returned. Madam Pomfrey smiled a bit. She was a kind, caring woman, although strict when it came to someone's health. Madam Hooch brightened. She favored Quidditch players—like me. The librarian, Madam Pince, neither seemed happier or more displeased. She didn't care much for students, but she knew how much Hermione and I loved to read. Lastly, Dumbledore was smiling too, happy that I'd returned safely.

And my friends were delighted that I'd returned.

During the meal, they told me of rumors of my disappearance.

"The Daily Prophet was going crazy when they got wind of your disappearance. Made it sound like You-Know-Who killed you." Ginny said, laughing.

"Oh, please." I chuckled. "He'll have to try a lot harder than what I've seen in the last months. I haven't even seen a Death Eater in months."

"That's kind of pathetic," laughed Ron. "They can't even find you."

"And the sad thing is, I never even had a disguise." I told them.

They and I shared a laugh. It helped me get Ed—them off my mind.

It felt good to be home.

~End Flashback~

That was where I met the Cullens. When Edward left me, I abandoned the mission and came home. Dumbledore wanted me to befriend them, to convince them to come and help protect Hogwarts from the Death Eaters. I had failed, terribly.

Thankfully, my mission had been confidential, so none knew of my failure. Well, only the adults in the Order of the Phoenix knew. Mad-Eye had been in a foul mood, being trapped and impersonated by Barty Crouch Jr. the year before last...

I'd been wondering why he'd been acting oddly then.

Anyways, he—Moody—had been a little disappointed at me and my failure, but he got over it. Either way, I was still ashamed of it.

Did I mention I was the youngest—and only school aged—member of the Order of the Phoenix? No? Oh well.

But, I stood tall. I had a commitment to the Order, and that was more important than my personal life. I had a job to do; I couldn't let myself crawl under a rock to grieve for my broken heart.

I returned my attention to the front, just as the last new student went to the Ravenclaw table. Dumbledore stood to address the school. He had a smile on his face—for him, the beginning of a new school year was always reason to celebrate.

Always the optimist, that one.

"Welcome, all! Welcome to another year at Hogwarts! Before we feast, I would like to remind you, students, of a few of the rules. All the items on the Banned Items List are indeed, banned," he looked to my friends and I with a twinkle in his eyes, as if expecting trouble from us. But, we didn't get into trouble. Trouble got into us.

"And as always, the Forbidden Forest is banned to all students, unless you wish to suffer from a dire and painful death. Also, this year, there are a few changes in a couple of our classes. Professor Snape has taken the position of Defense Against the Dark Arts professor."

The immense room was filled with murmurs. Apparently he'd only taught the first term of D.A.D.A. last year and quit it for 'personal matters' according to the gossip.

Dumbledore opened his mouth to continue, but he paused, his gaze on the door in the back, when suddenly, the doors open, and seven dreadfully beautiful, familiar people walk in and up the main isle, towards the front.

My secret is blown! The hole in my chest had been torn open, and is throbbing like never before.

My secret is blown, their secret might soon be exposed, and my world is just about destroyed.

(Okay, well…it already was about to…You know what I mean.)

My last citadel of peace is rubble, and they have found me.

Two words:

Oh. Shit.