Shadows of Time and Death

A Halloween Special Tale

Chapter One - What is that strange noise?

It was just another, could you call it normal in the TARDIS?, well it was another day in the Time Lord's ship travelling through the time vortex while inside its vast size was the Doctor himself and his latest companion, Donna Noble.

Breakfast had finished just a short while ago, and now the Doctor could be found working away in the Control Room.

He was pacing around the central column as it pulsed the steady green glow but not everything was right with the wonderful ship. The Doctor was running a hand through his hair, making it spike up and muttering to himself as he worked above and below the controls.

"I don't get it, it shouldn't be flashing yet it is... there that button, it's flashing and if it was built to flash then why is it there?" The Doctor mumbled to himself, his glasses on as he looked between the button in question and the screen in front of him before running around the controls, adjusting them then returned to the screen and the flashing button.

"Have you tried pushing the button?" Donna asked from where she watched close by, a cup of tea in her hand. She had just finished her breakfast and now watched the Time Lord working on his TARDIS until a button distracted him.

"But I don't get it Donna, that button has never flashed! Never, and yet there it is! Flashing" Doctor replied, pointing at the button and looked at the screen covered in spirals and other weird symbols that never made any sense to the red head companion.

"But maybe she's trying to tell you something, to push the button and see what happens" Donna suggested and sipped her tea, waiting to see what the Doctor would do now.

The Doctor looked around at his controls again, walking around them this time instead of running. He took his glasses off and chewed at the end of them in a thoughtful tone muttering to himself, feeling the ship pulse around him as he did so.

"Well better hang onto something then, I don't know what will happen" The Doctor spoke up eventually and pressed down on the button.

A loud siren filled the air, but no siren that Donna had heard the TARDIS do before and by the way the Doctor was reacting, he never heard that sort of alarm come from his beloved ship before.

Donna listened as it whined down then back up again, like a constant drone. She frowned in thinking she heard it before but couldn't put her finger on it as it faded away and was replaced by a loud static.

"Doctor, what is that?" She asked, as the static filled the control room.

"It's a message, trying to get through the TARDIS's shields but I'm having a hard time trying to lock on to it.... oh here we go!" The Doctor replied, hitting a panel with the rubber mallet.

"..... to me, please..... find me at.....ill. I'm waiting...." A broken voice came through the static, the Doctor frowned at the screen and worked around trying to fix the source of the signal.

He pulled out his stethoscope, pressing it against the screen before adjusting a few of the controls with either his foot or free hand. The TARDIS shook as she flew through the time vortex while Donna continued to hold herself up with one of the support columns, her mind battling to remember why she had heard that sound before.

The Doctor cheered and the TARDIS landed with a mighty bump, "Well now, shall we go out there and see who sent us the mysterious call?" He asked, getting up onto his feet quickly helping Donna back onto her own before bouncing off to the door.

He was getting his coat on and waited for his friend to catch him up, "Are you sure it's safe out there Doctor? That sound, that siren, it didn't sound right" Donna replied as she joined him.

"Nothing we can't face together Donna, you know that right?" The Doctor asked with a grin, offering his hand wiggling his fingers a little.

Donna smiled a little and nodded, "Oh alright spaceman, let's see what's out there" She replied taking his hand and let him pull her outside into the unknown.