Shadows of Time and Death

Chapter Six

The Doctor groaned as he felt his shoulder throb in pain after ramming it into the thick wooden door that separated him from his companion, he looked around ignoring the pain in his shoulder for now. He searched for anything that would get that door open and rescue his friend.

Fruitless in his search in the immediate area, he opened the cupboard usually hidden by the door and found to his surprise the fire fighting equipment for the apartment or the floor they were on. It didn't really matter to him right now, all that mattered was that Donna was in danger and he needed to rescue her.

Picking up the heavy axe, he grunted a little in feeling the heavy weight before swinging it up to rest on his shoulder. "Donna get away from the door!!" He yelled before swinging the axe blade down, watching it bite into the wood leaving splinters either side as he pulled back and swung again.

Screaming and crashing was heard from the other side of the door, as the Doctor lined up another swing with the heavy axe. He was almost swung backwards in his rush to rescue his friend, hearing the monster on the other side of the door roar loudly.

"Come on!!" He yelled and swung the axe down heavily, and was successful in pulling away a large chunk of the door away.

Looking through the gap, he ducked down quickly as the sword swung around and smashed its way through the damaged door. It wedged in the hole the Doctor was able to make, leaving the monster unable to free his own weapon.

He was stuck to what to do now, he wanted to pull at the sword but he knew if he did that then the giant monster on the other side would pull and cut into his hands. He wanted to continue to chop at the door, to rescue his companion, his friend from the same monster but knew couldn't without risking freeing the sword.

"Donna! Answer me!" The Doctor called, pacing a little in trying to see a better angle through the hole in the door.

"Doctor! You better be getting out here soon! Donna called and screamed as she dodged another attack, it sounded like something in the hall had been thrown at her but the Time Lord couldn't tell what.

"Come on, think! Think!" The Doctor muttered to himself, hitting the back of his head and looked around the room.

"That's it! Hang on!" He called and hoped that his plan would work.

Donna yanked at the door next to her, praying that it would open and save her from the giant monster in front of her.

"That's it! Hang on!" The Doctor yelled, and went quiet in the room near to her.

The giant sword hung out of the hole The Doctor and this monster had made together.

"Whatever you're doing! Do it fast spaceman!" Donna called back and ran past the monster, ducking down below his big head.

All the red-head could call it was a giant pyramid, a giant pyramid for a head with a thin body wearing a filthy apron. The giant sword, currently buried in the door that trapped The Doctor in the apartment, did belong to him originally.

She guessed that it was what caused the giant cuts through the stairs they saw previously and the long gashes in the apartment hallways, from where the monster had tried to swing it around in a chance to get her.

Donna strained her ears in trying to hear any noise coming from her travelling companion, but nothing could be heard about her heartbeat thudding heavily in her ears. She dodged around the monster again, almost crashing into part of his sword seeing that it was almost knocked loose from her careless actions.

"Well that would have been wizard if that came free!" She muttered to herself and looked around for some sort of weapon, even to defend herself with.

The Pyramid Head groaned and lashed out, making Donna scream and fall back. Her hands found the holes in the floor and instantly feel around in the darkness for something, anything to use as a weapon.

A plank of wood came free in the scrabble, with several nails still attached. Taking a deep breath, she swung it at the monster daring herself to get closer and closer with each swing.

Her arms shook when it made contact with the metallic pyramid of the monster's head, she stood back and swung in low swings aiming for the body not wanting to smash her only weapon.

"Well ouch" She muttered and screamed as she jumped back from the monster's reach, as it lunged violently towards her.

"Where are you spaceman!!" Donna called, swinging her improvised weapon at the Pyramid Head monster.

The Doctor groaned and kicked the locked window, the hard glass panes just shook violently and left his foot throbbing painfully. "Well ouch" He muttered, unknowingly echoing his travelling companion.

He pushed aside the throbbing pangs in his foot, knowing that soon his body would have healed them before looking for another way into the building. He had the strangest brainwave that he could crawl along the fire escapes along the outside of the windows to try and find another way into a room and rescue his companion, but he was finding this a challenge.

Especially as his hands were busy keeping grasp of the rails of the fire escapes, and had found a small penlight to use to see by while this darkness spell continued.

The Doctor kept thinking what was causing these hell scenes in the darkness, why everything turned to this raw and harsh reality and yet in the light, it was just abandoned. He had a nagging feeling in the back of his head that he should know the answer and yet it was just out of reach to him and that bugged the Time Lord.

He cursed and swung over to the next fire escape, he had to give himself some credit that the skills of swinging between a dozen sets of balconies and fire escapes had improved while trying to get back into the block of apartments.

The Doctor tried his luck with his sonic screwdriver, cursing and keeping a tight hold of the torch between his teeth to guide him and almost cheered when he heard a lock click somewhere close by. He quickly replaced the sonic back in his pocket before trying to lift the window, sliding it up allowing him into the apartment block.

Giving himself no time to celebrate, he ran straight to the door, taking the torch out of his mouth and tried the lock on the apartment door and was surprised when he burst straight out into the hallway.

"Oh" He said with a surprised grin looking at his surroundings.

"Where the hell have you been!" Donna cried in surprise and swung the plank low, hitting the monster's body.
"Time and place later!" The Doctor said, grabbing the red head's shoulders and forced her into the apartment he had just burst out of, closing the door and with a very quick reaction, pulled his sonic out to lock the door.

"You know the drill! Come on" He ordered his companion and together they barricaded the door, grabbing anything and everything that wasn't nailed down to hold the monster at bay until he got fed up like the last time.

Their breath shuddered as they fought to keep themselves quiet, neither one knew why as they knew the monster knew they were inside this room as they leaned up against their improvised barricade. They listened to the monster's heavy feet shuffle along the corridor, and watched the door shudder violently as it punched the door in a attempt to get through.

Then as suddenly as it started, it stopped and walked away. Straining their ears, The Doctor and Donna could hear a low grinding as the sword was pulled free and before the Pyramid Head started to walk back towards them, the air filled with the loud sound of the air siren.

She had decided that she hated clowns, with a very strong passion. With their tooth filled large grins, the bloody red make up plastered on their faces shone in the bright fair lights. as they walked towards her, until only a hour ago Harriott never used a gun in her life but after discovering a shotgun in a stand nearby, she had no choice but to use it with painful consequences.

Harriott discovered that asides her terrible aim, the gun would lash back with each blast causing her arms and chest to ache terribly. The aim did not matter too much as the clowns were always so close to her when she managed to fire, that there was no way someone would miss hitting them.

Shifting the shotgun so it was pressed into her side then up onto her shoulder, she was able to shoot better and more accurate before starting to run in seeing the far exit promising escape from this mad fair that had suddenly started to attack her when the air siren had filled the air.

The darkness had fled with light returning, but with it, so did the clowns with their spooky, evil glares as they chased after her. Their laughs filled the air along with the echoes of the shotgun blasts, Harriott wondered how much longer she could keep it up with the limited ammunition she had managed to scrabble together from various stores.

It's like the town is helping me fight these monsters, but why? She thought to herself as she continued to run, the shotgun being supported by both of her arms which ached terribly from the blasts she had fired.

Screaming and diving under the arms of one of the large clowns, his clothes white but splattered in red from what Harriott hoped wasn't blood, nearly crashing into the exit barriers. She spun around, closing her eyes and fired the shotgun before turning around and scrabbled through the exit barriers ignoring as they creaked loudly as they slowly turned.

As soon as she was free from the turnpikes of the exit, the clowns had mysterious vanished into the mists of the town.

Looking behind her, she quickly fell to her knees gasping in the cold misty air into her burning lungs. The shotgun slipped from her hands as she looked back at the now deserted funfair, where before had been clowns and bright lights.

Her arms shook from where she had fired the shotgun, realising exactly how heavy the gun was or how it had backlashed with each blast. She remembered the clowns were thrown back by the impact of the shot, along with herself like two positively charged magnets.

Harriott shook her head clear, picking up the shotgun before standing up herself. She looked around and sighed, she couldn't make out much as she started to walk away from the fair letting the shotgun swing at her side as she walked.

Looking around, she saw signs of people that once lived here but like the rest of the town it felt to her that they had abandoned it in a great hurry, like something terrible had happened.

Harriott shuddered at the thoughts that filled her mind, in wondering what could have happened here to cause such destruction or chaos to what looked like once a beautiful place to live.

Moving the shotgun up to rest in both hands, she continued to look around and stopped at the abandoned stores for anything that she could use or for clues to her missing lover.

The light came back slowly for them, filling the room to allow the travellers to wearily move back up onto their feet. They looked around the room to see where they had ended up amongst the chaos of trying to doge past the terrifying monster they had just encountered.

Donna winced and was forced to drop a cup, feeling a sharp pain on her hand. The cup bounced on the counter with its crashing sounds echoing around the small kitchen.

"Donna?" The Doctor called from his place in the main room of the hotel, he poked his head around and frowned. "Let me see" He said softly moving forward and looked over the small cut on the red head's hand.

"Just probably a splinter from that plank of wood I used to defend myself... it's nothing" Donna replied, watching as The Doctor examined the cut himself humming to himself as he did so.

"Well it looks clean enough but let's sort this out first before anything else..." He said and looked up at his companion, seeing that she was lost in her thoughts or shock from what had just happened to them.

Donna leaned against the counter, unable to get the vivid image of the giant pyramid head monster out of her head. She barely flinched when she felt someone touch her hand shortly before she was shaken out of her thoughts.

"Hey, stay with me yeah? We'll get through this together. You'll see" The Doctor said having bent down slightly to look into his companion's eyes.

Donna forced herself to smile and nodded, "Y-yeah, it will be fine" She replied, her voice soft before getting a little stronger.

"There then, there we go... let's get your hand cleaned up" The Doctor said and looked around the kitchen, finding a untouched first aid kit to patch up his friend's hand.

"Are you OK?" Donna asked as she flinched but kept her hand still for the time traveller as he cleaned up the small cut as best as he could then wrapped bandages around it to keep it clean.

"I ache a little but probably overdid it in getting to you, I'll be fine though" The Doctor muttered as he focused on the task at hand.

Donna nodded and sighed, "Where next? We tried searching the room but found nothing there" She asked, wondering what this town was going to do to them next.

The Doctor finished up and was about to speak when the quiet apartment filled with a loud static, this caused them to frown and look around for the sound. "It's the Television!" He said stepping into the lounge and found it had switched itself on.

"Well now..." He muttered as he looked at the Television, the light casting shadows slightly before he pulled his sonic screwdriver out to see if he could get any readings to why it had suddenly switched itself on.

But unlike hundreds of times before, it failed to respond to the Time Lord's directions causing him to frown and brought it up to his ear to listen to the mechanics.

"What's wrong with you? You were working just a short while ago" He muttered as he fiddled around with it before sighing and stuffed it back into his suit jacket pocket.

"Maybe its batteries" Donna suggested with a shrug, looking at the Television a little wary.

"It can't be, only performed maintenance on it the other night and it was working perfectly" The Doctor replied, rubbing the back of his neck and sat down on the armchair staring at the Television. "So why would this suddenly start working?"

Donna looked around and walked behind the Television, "It isn't plugged in" She said, moving her hand down the cable and found the power cable following it until she reached the plug.

The Doctor stared at the screen wondering what to do now, he kept staring at the screen and frowned when he thought he saw something. "Donna, is there any wires of any kind attached to the wall somewhere?" He asked, getting his glasses out and put them on.

Donna frowned and shook her head as she carefully navigated around behind the Television, so not to trip up on the carpet or the cables that were covering the floor under her feet. "I can't see any... there's no sign of anything been done to the walls either" She said and stepped around to look at the screen, resting on the back of the armchair The Doctor was sat in.

The Doctor had leaned forward to listen to the static noise coming from the Television.

"Doctor?" Donna asked softly, looking between the Time Lord and the Television. She tried to hear if there was anything in the room before walking around, trying to be careful not to make too much noise as she looked around the room waiting for him to come out of his thoughts.

Doctor groaned and took his glasses off before jumping up onto his feet, "Come on Donna, let's get out of here!" He said and walked over to the door, starting to take the barricade apart to clear the door.

Donna blinked, a little surprised by this turn around but assisted him as best as she could to clear the door then stepped warily out into the hallway. She was surprised to find it was still run down but none of the state it was in during the nightmare time when she had to fight against the giant pyramid headed monster.

She looked back at The Doctor, who shrugged and got his torch out and began to lead the way out of the hotel. He kept testing all the doors but found them locked except the stairwell going up but not down.

"If they think we're going up, then they've got another thing coming" Donna muttered earning a smile from the traveller.

"I have to agree with you there Donna, we're high enough as it is" The Doctor replied remembering how high up they were after his adventurous climbing of the many fire escapes to reunite with his friend, "We need to find a way down.. oh" He said and stopped in front of a lift.

"Is it working? I don't want to risk it unless we have to" Donna said and gave the call button a press, it lit up and the sounds of engines creaked into life.

They both stepped back and looked up at the lights above the lift, watching it rise up until it stopped on the sixth floor. "So sixth floor... well that's a long way from the second floor where we started" The Doctor said as the lift arrived with a ping, and the doors opened to reveal a clean looking elevator car.

"See? Looks safe and sound, so come on" He said and stepped inside, he turned around and offered his hand to Donna but had to quickly pull it back as the doors quickly shut and started its decent.

"Doctor!!" Donna called and looked around before watching the lights above the lift but that soon disappeared, she could still hear the engines of the lift but couldn't tell where it was going to stop.

She had been separated from the Time Lord once again.