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The eleventh Doctor shuffled around the TARDIS, humming a tune.

All of a sudden, the TARDIS shook, lights flashing off and on alarmingly. The cloister bell rang.

And, once again, the Doctor bumped into the Doctor.


"'Scuse me,"

They looked at each other in unison.

"What?!" said the tenth Doctor.

The eleventh raised an eyebrow.


"Oh, I forgot I used to say that!"

With a smile, the eleventh Doctor unmerged the TARDISes.

"How did you do that so quick?" the tenth Doctor asked.

"Well, in about 20 or so minutes you'll figure it out, install the new feature, and test it out with our 2nd self, and be done in time for tea."

"Okay," said the tenth Doctor as he scratched his head.

He looked around the TARDIS. There were no visible walls, only auroras of light around the edges. They seemed to be underwater, but the gentle curves of the new style of console gave away the new TARDIS interior.

"I see you've changed the desktop theme again. Vista. Very light, under watery, but you do know it still has most of the bugsā€¦"

The eleventh Doctor smiled. "Tell me about it," he chuckled.

The tenth began to fade in mid-sentence, but the eleventh Doctor flipped a switch to bring him back.

"You know, I've already said this to my fifth self, but its changed. I'm old, tired. Different. I've seen the universe, done horrible things. I miss the old days. You see, YOU were my Doctor. You always will be the Doctor. The shoes, the hair, the geek chic. The glasses, and the suit. The brown one, not the blue one. Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking." They both smiled for a moment, reminiscing.

Eleven sighed, "I'll always be very proud to be the Tenth Doctor."

The tenth Doctor regarded his successor proudly as he continued.

"You were my Doctor, Doctor. And, more importantly, you were theirs."

By theirs, I mean OURS!

David Tennant is, and will always be, MY Doctor. I know he will always be many people's Doctor, and I can't believe he is leaving. I hope Matt Smith does a great job, and I will be there watching him take over. *FANGIRL SQUEE*

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