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"How could you do this to me!" a young witch yelled at Lucius Malfoy.

"Aya, please don't go its not what you think." he said trying to stop his wife from leaving, but it seemed not even he could stop her.

"Oh no Lucius, I saw you make love with that, that whole!" she yelled and she took a hold of her luggage.

"Please you need to understand, since you can't have kids my father told me to go have one it was only until I would have an heir. Please don't do this." he begged and for the first time in his life Lucius was on his knees begging Aya not to Leave him.

"You still do as your father tells you to do? Then… you are not the man that I want to be with. I will have my lawyer come for you to sign the papers for our divorce and don't worry I don't want anything from you." and with that she vanished never to be seen from Lucius or of the whizzing world again….

16 years later

"Hermione come down here now!!" her uncle called to her.

"Coming" she yelled back. She put on her sandals and walked down the stairs. As she entered the kitchen she saw that a police offer was there as well. Her uncle looked mad as he looked up at her.

"Thank you for telling me, I will deal with my nice now. Don't worry this will not happen again." and the officer nodded

"That girl needs a good wiping from her old man, that will line her up." he said as he left

"Yeah will to bad I don't have one you lazy ass cop!" she yelled after him, he just shook his head as he left.

"Hermione why did you do it?" he asked.

"Sorry Uncle Ed but that guy deserved it! He was messing with my friends and me!" she yelled at him

"Don't yell Hermione. What do you think you mother would say if she saw you now?" he asked.

"Dose it matter? She gone and that's that!" she said as she sat in a chair.

"Hermione please don't do this for me or you mother do it for Ceres she looks up to you and if she sees you like this she will start-" Hermione cut him off before he could say anything else.

"She won't be like me I would make sure of that unlike me she has you as a father figure and me as a mother figure and I won't let her go through anything that I'm going through. Just don't tell her ok." Hermione said her uncle nodded.

"Hermione try to stay out of trouble. Now go on and wake up your little sister."

Hermione did as she was told. She went to the room that was next to hers. She opened the door to see her little sister who looked just like her all but the hair. She had straighter hair unlike her. And she had just turned 11. Her little sister was the only thing that kept her out of any real trouble. Without her she would be in jail or worse she would be dead.

"Wake up Ceres it time to wake up, " she said and Ceres did, her younger sister was a vary light sleeper when it came to Hermione. If her uncle tried to wake her up she would just stay sleeping but if Hermione just said her name she would wake up as fast as you could spell Mississippi.

"What is it Hermione?" she asked as she woke up.

"Time to wake up sleepy head, come on lets go eat." Hermione said as she headed out. Her sister changed and went out so meet her older sister.

"So sissy what do you want for your birthday?" she asked as they walked down the stairs.

"Same as last year go out and eat, and then just come back here and hang out with you guys noting new and noting old, its just us again." she said as they went to eat.

Around 5 Hermione put on a pair of black pants that where a little tight on her and you could see how she had grown in the years. She then wrapped herself with long bandages so by the time she was done and tied it, it looked like she was warring a tube top. She then put on her long jacket with her gang name on it. Which was "red dragon" there were also 2 red dragons on the side of her sleeves and two others on the back. She took her pack of smokes which, there was only 5 left, she put them in her pocket and picked up her wooden sowed. She walked out.

"I be back early today!! ' she yelled out as she walked out of the small house.

Around 11:40 pm Hermione's pov (point of view)

I'm out with my friends jut as I always am. We walked around town making fights, running from cops, and more but now we're at a ally and we're just sitting there like we mostly did. Each of my friends have almost the same story as me, their father left them or died, some of their fathers hit and rap them, others just drink and don't care about them since their mothers walked out on them or the other way around.

Me.. Well I never had a real father my mom got really married when I was 3 and for 2 years I had a father that loved me very much but then my mother was going to have Ceres, the day she had her they called my stepfather… he never made it to meet Ceres either did my mother, she died an hour after giving birth. The last thing she said to me was to take care of Ceres and I did I took care of her with the help of my Uncle Ed who she listened to and loved very much. But me well I can't love anyone like a father since I've never had one for very long. My uncle doesn't even act one for me. He's more of a big brother to me but never a dad…. As I grew I started to make friends that later become my family. At age 9 I stared to smoke.. I also got into fights a lot. When I was 10 I would stay out of the house days and nights in a row, but my sister always did as she was told and I warned her that if I ever see her becoming like me I would leave home for good. It seemed to work since she's nothing like me. When I leaned that I was going to Hogwarts I deiced that I would act different there I would be the best student and be the top of the class.. It was easily enough to fool them all. No one knows about the real me. None of them know the things that I've been going though since I was young, and that's ok they will never know I will make sure of that.

"What time it is?" I asked them.

"It's 11:45." one of them said.

"I'm going I have to get home early I promised my kid sister." I said.

"k, bye we're coming over tomorrow for you party." Amy said. I nodded and left with a cigarette in my mouth. It took at lest 15 minutes to get out of the ally. It was one of those really long and dark ones. As I was about to get to the end I felt something go though my body. I just ignored it. As I was about to turn the coroner I bumped into someone I fell on my butt, and oh I was pissed.

"HEY WATCH WHERE YOUR GOING AM WALKING HERE!!" I yelled at whoever I bumped into. I looked up to see none other then the Malfoy's.

I glared at them as I stood up.

"Just my luck to run in to YOU!" I said as I dusted myself off.

"Aya?.." Lucius whispered, I just shook my head, and walked thought them.

"MOVE it, I'm late." I said. Not caring what they thought since I was a little drunk,. I turned another coroner, and I knew they where still watching me. But then I was out of there. Once home, I saw that all the lights where off. I opened the door hoping not to make any nose… but once I close the door the lights came on.

"Where have you.." my uncle shouted.

"Look I'm sorry I'm not that late like am usually am." I said, as I put my hand in my hair and just noticed it was longer then it was just 20 minute ago… I looked at it and it was wavy now I ran to the bathroom and looked at myself. I couldn't help but yell.