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What I saw in the mirror was me, but not me. I now had long brown wavy hair with blond highlights or it looked like that, but they where strips of blond hair. I was now 5'7 my fighter had grown to fit into one of a molder like how my mom use to have. My check bones where a little higher and my eyes where ice dark green, I turn and looked at my uncle he looked at me like he was seeing a new me which he was.

"OH shit I was hoping that I could keep this from you longer Hermione." he said as he walked to me

"You have you mother eyes." at the moment he said my mother I feel a little better.

"look in the mirror again." he said and I did my eyes had gotten lighter

"what the hell is going on here?!!" I asked\yelled at him

"Will Hermione first off I am not muggle nor was your mother we both where purebloods, but I am a squib your mother and father meet here at my club about 18 years ago, it was the grand opening and both muggles and whizzed where welcome. They both know each other from Hogwarts, but never talk to each other since they where in diffident houses, she would always say that they where too different.

Will anyways that night they both talk for the first time, your father was about a year or 2 older then her. They fell in love after she was out of school they got married. A year later they got a divorce. Your mother had found your father cheating on her and after that she found out that she was going to have you and she just couldn't tell your father, so she had you and raised you as on her own. She then got remarried and had Ceres, but before she died she wrote you a letter for you just incased she did not get to be with us for you 16 birthday. Here I was waiting to give it to you for a long time." he went into his room and came back and gave me the letter I went to see on the sofa as I read it

TO My dearest Hermione

If you are reading this then you must be 16 and am not there. Your uncle must have told you some of what had happen, but he has not told you who your father is. Will In the end of this latter it said who he was if you want just say "revle to me the truth" and tap your wand on the letter and it will show up.

Now I know that once you see the name you may want to meet him or hate him for leave me and you, but do not hate even thought I have grown to hate him myself, but you are not ME. and even thought I hate him, I also love him I know its sounds stupid, but still he was and is my first and only love. And that why I writing this letter. You have the right to know why we are no longer together.

You see I found him with another witch and I could not and would never stand for that. I was so angry at him I forgot to cut his……never mind your still too young to know. but am such you get the pitcher.

I left that same night and went to the potters where I stayed until I found out that I was going to have you. James and Lily where so happy for me that we almost let it slip to the whizzing world. They helped me so much that I could never forget it.

After you where born, I moved in with ED who was living in the muggle world. I would always visit Potter's. since they where your godparents and I was Harry's godmother. You and Harry use to play together all the time it was always hard to get you both abort we would leave with both you and Harry crying in our arms. It was always so much fun when we would be together. James and Ed would say that you and Harry would fall in love once you where old enough and me and Lily would just shake our heads. It was all nonsuccess. To us. This was until they die. You would cry when ever you say a pitcher of them and then point to Harry. I could tell you wanted to see him, but couldn't and it broke my hart.

Will years later I meet your stepfather and he asked me to marry him and I agreed it was not just for me, but for you. You needed a father fighter in your life. I do hope he is still with you…

And if you where just wondering your father is a pureblood like me and you look a lot like him and yet you have my beauty that will show once your older... Wait you are old I bet you are the most beautiful girl that anyone has ever seen and I wish I could see you right now. In this letter there is a necklace that will protect you no matter what. This is the only thing I kept from your father I want it to protect you please wear it all the time and do not take it off. Will I better go I hope you are not to mad at me, I love you with all of my hart you and your sister.

Love ,

Aya M Aidle

Looked at the letter I couldn't believe my father would do that!! How could he do that to my mother!! Chet on her. Why do men always do that! Just like my last boyfriend I found him cheating on me. He was sleeping with that little whole! My poor mother I know what she when thought….that it am going to see who my father is so I cant find him and Tell that him for what he did to my mother!! I will never forgive him. NEVER

I finished the letter and looked in it. the necklace that was inside, it was a sowed and had a snack was rapped around it, it had a red rube in it as a eye and on the hander of the sowed there was another red ruby. I look it over and smiled on the back where the letter

A & L

It must be their incurs. I put it on not rely caring that I was now crying. My uncle put an arm around me

"Do you want to know who your father is?" he asked me

"yes I do but only so I can yell at him" I said as I took out my wand and taped the letter as I said "revle to me the truth" and there it was the name of my father. I was shocked for a moment and they stood up.

"You know he was my father and you never told me!!" I yelled at him and he looked down.

"Hermione please I couldn't tell you, your mother made me promise not to tell you until you get this letter. " he said as yelled at him he tried tohug me but I step back and ran out.

Ed pov

I watch as Hermione ran out she was crying and it broke my heart to see her like this, the man she hated most in the world turn out to be her father. I remember she talking about him a few times when she back from Hogwarts on her 2nd year. And I could believe that she had meet her father with out knowing it, and when he called a mudblood I wanted to go to his home and bit him. She was as pure as any pureblood maybe even purer since she never grow up with him she could exacted others that where different from her. I went to get Ceres and she work up sleepy of cause.

"What going on?" she asked

"come on we have to go find your sister. She left mad from home." I said as she right always stood up.

"Where is sissy?' she asked she looked so worried.

"Come on lets go." she said as she took her jacket.

"we are not going to look for her outside come here and follow me. " I told her as we went to the fireplace and I took of hand full of foo powered that I would hit in a vas. We both moved in and I called out "MALFOY manner" and with a flash we where there.

Lucius pov

I cant believe that girl looked just like Aya, her eyes where hers I know it, but that cant be Aya could not have kids. Dame it why after almost 17 she comes up in my life again she was always the only women that I could love and not seeing that girl makes me think that she lives there with a family…

"Lucies come to bed." my wife said but I did not I stayed in the living room looking at the fire.

"am going to bed father," Draco said as he head out but before he could get out of the room some one came out of the fire place it was none other then Ed Aya older brother with a young girl that looked like she was 10 or 11.

"Ed what are you doing here?" I asked

"I think its about time you stand up and take the ropes." he said as he looked at me

"what are you talking about?" I asked but before he could answer the girl stared to yell at him


"Cere claim down, and Lucius 16 year ago today after Aya left you she had a daughter." Ed looked at me in the eyes I could see hate in them "your Daughter," those two little words where all I need to hear to make me happy that would mean that Aya had my heir and that if he is telling me this then Aya will come back to me…. Yes life will be good….