Title: Lookin' So Cute In Baby Blue

Author: TuesdayNightHardcoreQueen

Pairings: JamiexOC

Summary: Jamie teases Chris for lookin' a little too 'pretty' in his new ring gear.

"What the hell?" Jamie exclaimed. She stood in the door way of Chris' locker room as she experianced a slightly disturbing sight.

"What? I like it." Chris said, happily.

His girlfriend made a weird face at his ring attire. First, it was the sparkles, which Jamie didn't mind. Then it was the black trunks which ultimately disturbed her and now it was baby blue trunks. No, not navy blue, or royal blue, but baby blue. A color that should be illegal for men to wear. "Um, yeah, don't you think it's a little...flambouyent for you to be wearing?"

"Flambouyent?" Chris repeated. "How?"

"You're CHRIS JERICHO." she stated. "You're supposed to be badass, but baby, I'm sorry...but right now, you look like a bitchass."

"Why, because it's light blue?" he questioned her, grinning.

"Exactly! That's not what men wear!"

"Would you rather me wear PINK instead?"

"...Oh hell no."

"Exactly. I win."