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A/N-Though this is not the first story I've written on here, it's the first one I've written for Gossip Girl. This will be a series of oneshots, based on a one word prompt, of different moments between Chuck and Blair, each oneshot having several moments based on the prompt. It started out as a slight joke, but grew into this whole idea. I have a bunch of really good and fun ideas for this, so hopefully people like it! If anyone has any one word prompts that they would like to see used here, please feel free to suggest them! I should probably mention that these might be slightly AU. Special thanks to Meg for editing this!! Feedback is greatly appreciated!



Somehow, Blair Waldorf was always finding herself under Chuck Bass.

It wasn't as if it was a conscience decision. She couldn't help that her body wasn't agreeing with her brain at all.

Sometimes alcohol was involved, but the majority of the time she was totally sober, just like at the moment. She was totally and completely sober and yet there she was, under Chuck Bass.

That made it so much worse.

She wished that she had some alcohol in her system. Then she would have an excuse as to why she gave in to him.

The night had been going perfectly. It was a party thrown by her mother, so of course it was a lavish night. Blair had been standing around with Serena, enjoying the atmosphere.

Then Chuck came over to her and the whole night went to hell.

Well. That was a bit of an argument she would have to have with herself later, when she wasn't lying underneath him, pinned by his body to her bed.

She blamed Serena for this.

She had left Blair alone, because Lily needed to talk to her about something that was apparently more important than keeping Blair away from Chuck.

They had been going back and forth for months now. It hadn't escalated to anything more than him teasing her, whispering in her ear, trying to kiss her.

Why tonight had to be any different she would never know.

He had started his usual whispering in her ear and her skin had started to flush at what he wanted to do with her. She had tried to command her body to stop.

That certainly hadn't worked.

When he had started kissing her neck, she had lost all control. It had been months since she had been with anyone, even longer since she had been with him.

So she turned around and let him kiss her.

It hadn't taken long before both of them realized they needed to leave the party. They managed to sneak away without anyone noticing.

That was how she found herself under Chuck Bass.

She closed her eyes as he trailed kisses all along her body. She couldn't deny that she had missed the feel of his lips on her hot skin. She loved the feel of his hands all over her body and she could tell by his reaction that he was thinking the same thing.

So, it was a rash decision, deciding to sleep with Chuck again. And it was certainly going to open up a load of issues again.

But really, being under Chuck Bass wasn't so bad.


Serena was scarred for life.

Absolutely, totally scarred.

She had just been going into Chuck's room to ask him a question. She hadn't been able to get a hold of Blair and she needed to know if what she had just read on Gossip Girl was true.

She got her answer when she walked into Chuck's room.

She shuddered at the thought of what she had just had to see. Those images were seared into her brain. It was going to take therapy—lots and lots of therapy—to get the image out of her head.


She turned to see Erik walking towards her. She hoped that he wasn't headed into Chuck's room because seriously, her little brother didn't need to be exposed to that.

"Is Chuck in there?" Erik had his hand poised on the door, ready to open it. Serena was about to yell at him to stop but the door opened from the inside before she could say anything.

Blair walked out of the room first, her face flushed red with embarrassment—at least that was what Serena was telling herself. Chuck followed after, glaring at Serena.

"Thanks for that, sis," he hissed. "Really, don't you have something better to do than watch us?"

Serena shuddered. "Ugh, Chuck, just go away." She turned attention to Blair. "Really, B? You really want to do this?"

Blair shrugged, a smile dancing on her lips. "Yes, what you saw in there was—"

"Something I never needed to see," Serena groaned.

"—us expressing that we are finally going to give being a real couple a chance." She grabbed Chuck's hand. "Now, if you'll excuse us, we have some unfinished business to take care of."

"At her house, as there are no interruptions there," Chuck added.

The blissful couple walked away happily, whispering to one another as they did. Erik looked at his sister, curious to know what they were talking about.

"What just happened?"

"I just wanted to see if what Gossip Girl was saying was true, that Chuck and Blair are a couple now. And I…I saw Blair under Chuck." She closed her eyes, not like that helped as the image was even clearer with her eyes shut.

Erik was trying not to laugh. Really, it was funny in his perspective.

Especially considering he had intended on going in Chuck's room. Better Serena seeing that than him.

"My best friend and…Chuck," she stated. "They're together. Really together."

"Well, at least you've learned one thing from this," Erik commented.

"What could that possibly be? Aside from the fact that I never want to see Chuck naked again."

"At least you learned you should always knock before going into Chuck's room, unless you want to see that again."


This was ridiculous and she knew it.

Somehow, though, she couldn't help herself from continuing on.

Blair took another hesitant step inside of the room. She looked around to just assure herself that there was no one in the room.

Only after that did she decide that it was safe to continue inside.

It was weird being in this room without Chuck. Sure, she had been in here more times than she could count but was never alone for more than ten minutes.

She carefully placed her purse down before starting on the reason she was there in the first place.

She looked around the room, unsure where to start. It was a problem that Chuck was an incredibly careful person, so there would no evidence against him.

That just meant she was really going to have to dig.

She realized that searching her boyfriend's—or ex-boyfriend's—room was bordering on obsessive, but this was something that she needed to do.

She needed to know if he cheated on her. Okay, so it wasn't really cheating on her, considering they had been apart for the past two weeks. She needed to know though.

Because if he had cheated on her, she wasn't going to take him back.

And she really wanted him back. As much as she hated to admit it, she missed Chuck and just wanted him to hold her again.

It was slightly frightening that she was having those thoughts about a boy, considering they were both only 18 but they were there and she couldn't push them away. And really, he wasn't her idle guy, though this really didn't make much of a difference.

She turned her attention back to the task at hand. She just needed proof to either prove his innocence or guilt and then she would be out of there.

Of course, Chuck Bass was not one to leave any evidence just lying around. He was quite the master at hiding things from people. He had become a master in the last 18 years.

Still, she started the search, determined to find—or not find—something. She searched high and low, even doing something as disgusting as poking her head under his bed, which was, apparently, the one place that was never cared for, due to the random objects accumulating under there. She would never understand how there could be all of this mess when there was a maid.

Unless, of course, this was where Chuck was hiding something.

She was now toying with the idea of sticking her head even further in. As disgusting as it was, there could be something there that would tell her if she should take him back.

She didn't really have much of a choice when she heard the door creak open slowly, followed by Chuck's voice.

Giving a small squeak, she panicked. What was she supposed to do? Him finding her in his room while they were broken up was under no circumstances acceptable.

There was no escaping now.

She did the only thing that she could think of. She quickly wriggled on her stomach to get under his bed completely.

"No, Nathaniel. I don't know what…"

She heard his voice trail off and wondered if maybe she wasn't hidden enough. She curled up in a ball, trying to not think of what possible diseases her clothes were now carrying.

"I'm going to have to call you back."

She tried to silence her breathing, but that turned out to be impossible. She inched her way over to be more in the middle.

While doing that, her hand caught on something. She picked it up, squinting in the narrow light that was spilling to figure out what it was.

After only a few seconds of staring at it, she realized what it was.

It was a pair of underwear.

Girl's underwear.

If she wasn't supposed to be in his room at that moment, she would have started screaming at him about this.

She had her proof because that underwear definitely wasn't hers. She had way more class than those skanks who obviously left their underwear with Chuck.

Or maybe he kept it as some sort of trophy.

Whatever reason it was, she didn't really care. She had found proof, something she hadn't wanted. She hadn't wanted to find anything that would incriminate him.

She had forgotten where she was until she felt the bed sink down slightly above her. Looking up she realized that Chuck had just lain down on the bed.

She was under Chuck at the moment. This had to be one of the more creative times she had been under him.

She listened to him breath quietly, still trying to mask her own. She was waiting for him to start steadily breathing, so she knew that he was asleep and she could make a run for it.

She thought she would have been able to get away with it all. She heard his breathing steady slightly and knew that he was going to be slipping off to sleep soon. She could make her escape soon enough.

That was until she sneezed.

She tried to cover it up, but there was no mistaking it. She had just blown her cover. This was going to be interesting to explain.

"Blair…I know you're under there."

She carefully rolled out, staring up at Chuck, who had a wide smirk on his face. She was ready to wipe the smirk off of his face. He shouldn't be giving her that look.

"You missed me that much, huh? You just wanted more. Next time, if you want to surprise me, don't leave your purse out in the open."

She gave him a look of disgust. "I came looking to see if you were worthy of taking back."

"Am I?"

She held up the underwear with one finger. "Obviously not."

Instead of wiping the smirk off of his face like she wanted to, it just grew larger. He even let out a small chuckle at the sight of it.

This was not the reaction she was expecting.

"What is so funny about me finding this? You cheated on me and this is just the proof."

He shook his head, still laughing. "Blair, those are yours."

She looked at him incredulously. Those were in no way hers.

"Liar. I would never leave here without something that important! I have more class than your whores do Chuck," she hissed, glaring.

"Oh but you have."

"I have not."

"The day Serena walked in on us. You were so embarrassed and wanted to go back to your house so quickly, you forgot to put them back on when we left. Don't you remember how much you enjoyed telling me that on the way to your house?"

She thought for a minute, a blush rising to her cheeks. She had done that. She had blocked it out of her mind, because it was so un-Blair like to do that and she just wanted to forget it had ever happened. It wasn't her fault that she was caught in the heat of the moment.

Chuck did that to her more times than she would ever admit.

Now she was just embarrassed. She was caught hiding in his room, accusing him of cheating with her evidence being underwear that belonged to her.

This was not going her way at all.

"So, Blair, you were in my room to see if I've been sleeping with anyone since we've been apart?" he questioned, taking a step towards her.

She didn't respond. This was too embarrassing to answer.

He leaned forward, his face inches away from her ear. She could feel his hot breath on her face.

"Because you know, I didn't do anything. I've been plotting of ways to get you back in my bed…but none of them were quite as creative as yours."

She could hear the smirk in his voice and wanted to slap him, aside from the fact that he had now started trailing kisses along her neck. It was hard to want to slap him when he was doing things like that.

His lips found hers and she found herself giving in. She couldn't stop herself from letting him sweep her off her feet—literally, as he lifted her up and laid her across his bed.

"It's much better being on top of the bed than underneath it, isn't it?" he muttered into her ear.

She would have glared at him if he hadn't started kissing her again. She had wanted to talk to him about everything, about why they had broken up in the first place.

She knew they would discuss it eventually. It would come up when the time was right. She would make sure of it.

But for now, she was just going to lose herself in him. Because after hiding under his bed, this was what she deserved.