Title: Remembrance
Author: Simply Kelp
Game: OoT
Pairing: none
Rating: pg
Summary: In that one word, history was condemned to remember. Alternate Ending to OoT
Disclaimer: Contrary to popular belief, I do not own the Zelda franchise.
A/N: I wrote this a long time ago. It's unconnected, but can- if you squint a bit- be seen as a prologue of sorts for my fic, Subterfuge, which I will be posting soon.


The Hero of Time. It was a nice title, really. Judging from people's actions, one would think that the illustrious Hero was royalty. Link certainly didn't feel like royalty, nor did he feel deserving of the honours that accompanied said title.

After Ganondorf was defeated, Zelda told Link that she needed to send him back to his childhood. They needed to erase all the damage that the world had gone through. "You must do this, so the world will not know pain as terrible as was endured these seven long years," she had told Link. It is not good to know pain as complete as Gannondorf created.

Link had disagreed. "Without knowledge of wrong," he had told her, "history is destined to repeat itself. It may not be Gannondorf next time, but it will happen once the past is forgotten."

She frowned. It seemed she found Link's statement to be highly illogical. "Do you wish to stay an adult?" she asked. As if the reiterate her point, Zelda added, "Do you wish to condemn the world to endure suffering when it may be avoided?" When phrased that way, she seemed sure he would abandon his purpose.

"Yes." One simple word, and Zelda heeded it- she had to. In that one word, history was condemned to remember.