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The thunder rumbled as he lay on the couch, his hand tapping a pattern of quarter notes on the coffee table as a result of boredom. The mindless junk that's on the television doesn't interest him, nor does the thought of alcohol. He sighs, sitting up and looking about the room. Nothing in the apartment seemed to jump out and scream "ENTERTAINMENT!"

And yet, there was something unsettling in the air; something that caused him to be so uneasy that he couldn't sit still. He glanced at the clock, noting that it read about quarter past ten. Something surfaced in his mind, reminding him that the people around him were all going about their lives like normal people while he secluded himself to the confines of his apartment night after night.

Standing he limped about the living room, running a hand through his hair while trying to quell the feeling of dread that was spreading from his stomach to his chest and throat. He wanted nothing more that to be able to pinpoint what was causing it, but he couldn't. All he knew was that he needed to be somewhere that wasn't his lair.

Grabbing his coat and keys he left the dwelling, locking the door before stumbling down the front steps to his motorbike. Somewhere in his mind he recalled something about a date and a club. His mind told him to go annoy her. His heart screamed at him to hurry.


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