Love of Flowers

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Pairing: main TezukaFuji, SanadaYukimura, Atobe/?(you'll have 2 wait n see) a lot more pairings in future chapters…

Summary: AU-Tezuka, Sanada, and Atobe all work together, they are twenty-four years old and highly successful. They will meet their loved ones through flowers well a flower shop to be more precise, where two beautiful young men (Fuji and Yukimura) work in…will there love conquer all….YAOI (main Perfect Pair and Alpha Pair, and a lot of side pairings)

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"Sir, you have a call waiting for you in line two."

"I'm busy at the moment." Was the stern reply.

"Yes sir I know but it is your mother, Ayana-san; she said it's extremely urgent."

"Put her through." Tezuka sighed knowing fully well that his mother's call was in the least urgent. 'She probably wants to see if I'm still alive', he thought. Being buried with workload for the past few months made him forgetful of many things; he shouldn't have waited four months to reply to his mothers calls, but he was no child he was already twenty-four years old and highly capable of standing on his own. Never the less, Tezuka knew fully well that if his mother said it was urgent it most likely was in her own way. He reached for the phone already aware of the long conversation ahead.

"Hello okasan."

"Kunimitsu, I was worried something happened to you, I haven't heard form you for months you've had us all worried. I didn't raise my son so that he couldn't so much as give a minute of his life to call at least once a week." Ayana said in a concern voice.

"Hn, gomennasia."

Ayana sighed she knew how busy her son was but his lack of interest in his family affairs worried her often.

"Well I know how busy you are, but I hope you will visit us next week it's a special day after all."

"Hai, I will." Tezuka glanced at his calendar he hated to admit that he had forgotten his parents anniversary, and only realized it when he saw the date circled. He knew that if he said he had forgotten his mother would just continue lecturing him. "I know it's a special day for you and otosan, I will make it on time, don't worry." He added.

"Well that's great to hear we will be waiting for your arrival on Saturday than, remember Kunimitsu that is four days from now." She laughed softly. "Take care, my son."

Tezuka placed the phone back on the receiver and glanced at his watch, the board meeting was about to start, he felt it was wise to arrive early. Atobe never was keen of others arriving late other than himself. 'That's the benefit of being president of a large hotel-chain, and your father being the owner of it all.' He thought to himself.


Tezuka noticed he was too early when he saw no one at the meeting hall, he decided to sit down at a table and wait. Moments later others began to arrive, a few people he did not seem to recognize. He felt someone tap his shoulder, he glanced up and was pleased in knowing that it was someone he was familiar with.

"Sanada, it's good to see you again."

"Aah, likewise." The tall dark-haired man replied, taking a seat next to Tezuka.

Tezuka had met Sanada at a meeting three years ago when they were both newcomers to the company. Since then he's been fond of the man. They were both men of few words. He learned that they both weren't in favor of meaningless conversations, and tended on ending such conversations quickly. He soon learned that sharing such a trait earned them both the nickname, the stoic pair. Although he wasn't fond of the name he was in no place to judge others opinions of him; his mother always told him that humans were entitled to their own opinion be it good or bad.

"How are you holding up with the new position?" Sanada asked.

"It's going well, although being a general manager is quite different from being a branch manager."

"Aah, I heard Atobe insisted in you being transferred here, he can be such a persistent ma-

"Sanada Genichiro, I hope you of all people aren't talking ill of me." Atobe cut into the conversation, entering the meeting hall with both grace and an air of authority, taing a seat next to Sanada.

"Atobe, so you decided to arrive early to your own meeting, that's a first." Tezuka couldn't help but smirk at the comment knowing how truthful it was.

"Sanada I hope, I don't have to remind you that I am the president of this company, and such comments can get you out of your vice-president seat."

"Yes, Atobe I know you've been saying so for the past three years." Sanada replied with an amused voice.

Atobe glared at Sanada cursing the day he allowed such a man to enter his company, but he couldn't deny that he was of value to the company, and the fact that his father forbade him from firing Sanada just added more to his annoyance. He decided to ignore Sanada for the rest of the day although this might prove impossible. Instead he turned to face his great friend Tezuka.

"Tezuka I heard your parents are celebrating their anniversary on Saturday, isn't that great.

If Tezuka was surprised at Atobe's comment he hid it well instead he was curious in as to how Atobe heard of the news, but knowing Atobe the way he did he probably didn't want to know how. "How do you know about the anniversary?" he asked anyway.

"Tsk, tsk Tezuka of course I know. But if you must know how, Ayana-san told me herself, over our phone conversation, I call her once a month to catch up on things. It's always a joy hearing from her. In fact she told me how she saw mother at the shopping district just the other day, and how they spend the rest of the afternoon shopping together, of course you already know this, ne?"

Tezuka glared at Atobe. 'Of course he knew' he thought.

"Well that's enough about our private affairs, I heard our very own Sanada, yes the stoic Sanada, has himself a hot date Friday night, ne Sanada." Atobe said making it seem as more than a statement then a question. He smirked when he saw Sanada flinch. 'This is what I love about my job' he thought to himself.

"How do you know about that, actually don't tell me I know your ways, but if you must now yes I do have a date. Now we all know thanks." Sanada said with much less enjoyment than Atobe was showing.

"Well of course you're thanking me, I just thought this was the biggest news we've heard all year." Atobe smirked then turned to face Tezuka. "Now Tezuka I know how busy you've been, so I'm pretty sure you didn't have much time to pick out a present for your mother, I took the liberty of getting one for you, of course it will be from you, all you have to do is pick it up from the flower shop near by; I already placed the order, no need to thank me. I'm sure Sanada will love to take you there since he's so fond of the place, ne Sanada?"

Tezuka noticed the faint blush in Sanada's face but decided to ignore it. Whatever caused Sanada to blush must have been amusing to Atobe since he couldn't seem to suppress his laughter. He wasn't sure he should take Atobe's offer. But it was true that he forgot all about buying his mother a present and decided that flowers were better than anything he would have bought her either way. "Arigatou Atobe."

"Aah…well you can both go now before they close the shop."

"What about the meeting?" Sanada asked.

"Oh yes, the meeting well don't worry about that you can both pay me back later." Atobe smirked and exited the room laughing.

"Che, he calls himself a dignified man." Sanada glared at Atobe's direction knowing he wasn't there to see. "Well might as well take this opportunity to go, come on Tezuka." Sanada said in a commanding voice.



"Fuji, Atobe-san just called saying someone will be coming to pick up the order he placed, in a few minutes." A young man with light blue hair said in a soft voice.

"Well it's a good thing he himself isn't coming; my day has been great so far I don't want such an arrogant man to ruin it." A young man with honey brown hair said from the counter in the flower shop.

"Don't say that Fuji, he can be nice when he wants to." Yukimura assured.

"Hai, Hai, you say that about everyone, Yukimura." Fuji sighed sensing that he was about to enter an argument with Yukimura something he always tried to avoid knowing that although the ever smiling Yukimura is nice at times, he can also show his sadistic side when least expected. He couldn't help but wondered if his own sadistic side rubbed off to Yukimura. He decided to change the topic. "So tell me about this guy you're going on a date with on Friday night. I thought you weren't planning on dating anytime soon, anyway." Fuji asked with his ever pleasant smile on his face.

"Yes I did say that but I've known him for a few months now, and I know he's different, I can tell." Yukimura said with a faint shade of pink visible on his face.

Fuji sighed he's heard this one too many times. But decided to keep his comments to himself he hasn't met the guy but he already knew he would hurt Yukimura like the rest of the guys did. He has had his own share of pain and didn't want to see his best-friend go through another heartbreak. He was cut off from his thoughts when two men in suits, both stoic looking, entered the shop. Customers came to their shop everyday but he couldn't help but stare at them, the air around them seemed refined especially that of the bespectacled young man. He found himself staring at the man more than he should and was quite startled when said man stared back.

'Something is definitely different about him.' Fuji thought.

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