AVATAR: THE FIRST BENDER (This is the story of the era before the Avatar, when people had no problems and the 4 nations had not yet been made. Kids from all over the world however are changed on one night by a Comet passing through the sky and the planet is thrown into chaos and the destiny of the world is changed forever. There are assassins, threatening gangs, new deadly spirits, creepy creatures, cross cultural romances, and an epic adventure that destined Aang's journey long before it began.)


Book 1: AIR



The world was new. There were many colonies scattered around the world, with many people in them governed by the spirits around them. Back then, the spirits took forms in the real world regularly. The only spirits to have officially assumed physical form were Tui and La, the Ocean and Moon spirits. Yet none had seen them since no one would dare go into the frigid northern tundra. No one but Mizu. Mizu was a girl of sixteen who lived in the tundra, inside of an igloo near the oasis where the spirits lived, the only place unaffected but the chilling winds of death. "Good morning spirits." She said, bowing low to them as she did every morning. "I am off to hunt for food now, please bless my hunt." And they did as they did every morning, though they knew that this was to be the beginning of a new life.

Kan Benda lived atop the Patola mountain range in the south. He lived there with his five friends, Aer, Long-hin, Bakiko, Jip, and Ran- fo. The six had left home so they could be alone from their parents and the rules that their villages imposed on them. "You look troubled, Kan." Aer said as she approached Kan. He was sitting on a ledge, staring out towards the rising sun.

"It's nothing, Aer." Kan replied. " I've just been thinking."

"You've been thinking for a while now. Why not give your brain a rest. I think you've used it too much." Aer sat down next to him as she laughed. Kan smirked and put his arm around her.

"Don't you ever wonder why?"

"Why what? Be specific."

"Why we exist?"

Aer glared at him for a moment. "I don't mean to act like a mother, but you need to get a better outlook if that's what you've been thinking about." Aer sat up and gave a somewhat worried look at him.

"I mean, there are the spirits and everything, but why were we made? Everyday I get up and feel…"

"Hungry?" Aer tried to finish. "You're not the only one that feels that way."

"No." Kan retorted. "But I do feel hungry too." His stomach growled in response. "No. Every morning I wake up and I feel this energy inside of me. Like a little flame. It feels great and filling but I don't know what it means." He grabbed his chest and looked down. He could feel it giving off energy. He could feel everything around him giving off energy.

"You done with the drama yet?" Aer said as she looked at him sympathetically. "Come on. I've got a nice breakfast planned." She hopped up and held out her hand for Kan. He took it and jumped to his feet.

"Did you finally find some meat?"

"Honestly, you and your meat." Aer said as she dropped his hand and rolled her eyes. " For someone so sensitive, you sure don't give a second thought to an animal's feelings."

"Well, would it hurt to have a winged lemur once and a while." Kan sniveled at Aer.

"Have a peach instead." Aer said as she plucked one out of her coat and handed it to Kan. This was the start of a new world.

To the East lay a large continent, overflowing with life. Kizu lived here with his family for many decades. They owned a small farm and a plot of land near the western coast of the continent. This morning he was tending the fields as the sun rose higher into the changing sky. "Kizu, time for lunch." His mother called to him.

"Coming mother." Kizu replied. He set his hoe down in the dirt and walked back to his house. As he walked, he noticed a strange disturbance in the western field. "What's going on there?" he mused to himself.

"Kizu, lunch!" his mother called one last time.

"One second, mom. Just gotta take care of something." He walked towards the reeds that were being jostled about. He pushed his way through the reeds and snuck up on the creature. It was a small, bewildered creature that looked like a cross between a dog, a mole, and anteater. It was odd that the beast had no actual eyes. "Aren't you a weird little fella." Kizu bent down to the creature and it lashed out with its tongue.

The tongue sliced at his skin and a sense of paralysis spread through his arm and down his right side. He felt it start to strengthen but it was too weak to overtake his whole body. He lay on the ground, unable to move his right side or either of his legs. The animal began to pace back and forth as if trying to make sense of what it had just accomplished. "Nasty little squirt!" Kizu remarked at it, trying to take a well aimed swing at the little monster. It was hit in the head, which forced it to issue a small whine like a defenseless baby. It pawed at its nose and tucked its tail between his legs. Kizu made to get up, but was not able to do more than get himself onto his good side. His arm muscles quivered as he struggled to support his upper body weight on one arm as the creature cringed in subtle defeat.

"Mom!" Kizu shouted out for help from the house near-by, still awaiting one more diner. "Gagh!" he called out to his brother who should have been coming in from the opposite fields by now. He was not heard. He fell to the ground, his muscles contracting from the strain. He turned to the creature which now decided to avoid Kizu's gaze and silently pad off through the reeds. "I should have at least gotten something to eat first." Kizu mused to his empty, growling mass of stomach. And as he suffered from paralysis, the world began to turn, welcoming its destiny at the start of a new era.

Mizu sat in wait on the polar ice caps. She saw some fish darting past but was more interested in bigger game. "Please, just one leopard seal." Mizu begged the spirits. And her prayer was answered. A large seal floated past on its stomach, unaware of the predator hiding behind the ice. "Thank you." Mizu lept out and killed her dinner. She dragged the corpse to her canoe and picked up her paddle, rowing back to the mainland.

"I should divide this up to save food for the later days." Mizu mused to herself as she began thinking ahead to the long weeks of winter ahead. "If I can eat only 1/5 of it now, I can save the other fifths for later, until the seals become more populous during winter. But, If there are more tomorrow than I can eat ½ of this seal tonight and have a feast the rest of the week." She put down her paddle and looked at the tasty meal tied behind her. She titled her head to get a better look at the meaty underbelly. All that food enticing her. She shook her head with a sigh. "No. Best to just go with the flow and save food like you have been."

She picked up her paddle again and turned to the icy waters. She gasped when she noticed the current ahead. Without knowing it, she had drifted into a fast moving current, throwing her towards a large shelf of ice. She dug her paddle into the surf and threw her arms into trying to steer clear of the dangerous bergs. She was thrown further into the maze of blocks and began to use her paddle to push herself away from on coming ice instead of paddling. She was finally spun around where two currents met, loosing her grip on the paddle.

"Crap!" she cried as she made to grab the paddle before it was lost to the sea. She failed. "Spirits, hear me! Save me. Spare me and my life is in debt to you!" They did not hear her cries for assistance. None but two koi fish swimming in a small pool of water. The ice seemed to part and give way to her canoe. "Thank you!" Mizu covered her head in praise and was silent.

Fate was less kind however. Two loose bergs slipped from the pack and drove into the back of Mizu's canoe, crushing it and slicing open her catch. She turned in horror to see the chilly water creeping into her canoe, pulling her into the icy depths. The canoe did not fully sink, however. He meal was borne on the waves and carried back out to see, leaving a trail of blood in the water. Mizu sat shivering in the small remnants of her canoe, not yet fully submerged, the icy water covering her entire body.

"Spirits, please help me! Please." Mizu cried. She would not dare leave the canoe for fear of faster hypothermia or worse, predators. Night was coming and she sat shivering, trying to hold back tears that would surly freeze her. Tui and La were helpless here. Fate had taken its course. Today had been destined to change the world and ring in a new era. All of these teens were gifted in many ways and would shape how the world was made, down to the last city. This was the start of a new everything.