The 'superior' life form.

The most 'intelligent' organism.

So superior and intelligent, in fact, that the vast majority of their race are hell-bent on their own destruction.

And they don't even know it.

Destroying their atmosphere.

Polluting their water.

Depleting their resources.

Killing each other.

Killing themselves.

Their creative stupidity is astounding and seemingly unending.

The very air they breath isn't as healthy as it once was.

Something must be done."

That was the last journal entry of Allen Finch before the start of his gradual and strategic rise to power. To put it simple, the world went down the tubes. It was illegal to swim at some beaches because of the diseases the polluted waters produce. Coal, gas, oil, and other fossil fuels were a rare find… if you found them at all. Ozone got bad enough that if more than ten minutes was spent outside on a summer day, your risk of skin cancer would increase by fifty percent. Murder rates stayed about the same because of the threat presented by simply being outside but people grew spoiled by their new technologies and would get angrier and angrier when they did not get their way. Due to that, the percent of the adult population that was married dropped below four, people preferring to not have to "help someone else through life", many resorting to other things which I will not delve into in these writings. All their surgeries, all their steroids, all their laziness, all their now legal drugs, destroying the very bodies their sick souls resided in.

Allen finch believed it to be painfully obvious that they were not going to fix themselves and would certainly not allow anyone else to do it for them. They enjoyed it. To Allen, this was deeply disturbing. So, he founded T.A.T.

T.A.T. stood for: Technology Advancement Today. And it did exactly what it sounds like. They made all manner of new scientific discoveries that revolutionized the human way of life.

Allen's father was rich… and dieing. Allen, being the eldest child and only son, got the bulk of the inheritance. That, combined with his own success, meant that T.A.T. had plenty money available. On its first day in existence, Allen's company researched, located, contacted, bribed and eventually hired all the smartest scientists, engineers, electronics experts, and etc from all around the world. Their purpose known to the public was "to make life easier and more interesting".

But Allen's motives stayed secret.