My Hands

AN: I just heard this song preview of David Archuleta's new song "My Hands" and I wanted to write a fan fic to Troyella. Anyways enjoy and review. Also check out the song!

Troy dropped his stuff by the door and dropped himself on the bed. He was tired from basketball practice. Coach Bolton aka his dad made the team run 2 miles and then do conditioning. They had to do this cause Troy was late to practice. And because they're a "team" they had to do it together.

There was a particular good reason for Troy to be late but if he told his dad he would of got the team in more trouble. You see he was spending time with his secret girlfriend of 5 months Gabriella Montez. I know what you're thinking. School Nerd with School Primo boy?

Well it's true but Troy hasn't been confident enough to tell everyone that they were together. He was afraid that it would ruin their relationship if everyone knew. Especially the cheer captain Sierra Smith who had a huge crush on Troy since Junior High.

So they kept it a secret. But one thing Troy didn't know was that Gabriella was getting sick and tired of sneaking around. She wanted the relationship out but she didn't know how to tell Troy.

Troy was about to fall asleep when his phone vibrated. He groaned and took it out. He looked at the picture and it was Gabriella. He smiled and answered it. "Miss me?" He asked her. She giggled. "Not really. I just wanted to talk to you." "Oh okay I guess since you didn't miss me I won't call you anymore." "No, no Troy. You know I missed you." "I know. So what's up babe?"

Gabriella took a breath and thought to herself. "Gabi this is it. Time to tell Troy that you want it out or you don't want it at all." "Gabi?" Troy asked bringing her out of her thoughts. "Oh right sorry. I kind of just dosed off. Um…listen Troy I want to talk about…" Her mom, Maria, cut off Gabriella.

"Gabi! Come down stairs!" Gabriella put her phone down. "Okay mom! In a minute!" She went back to her phone. "Troy I have to go. My mom wants me. I'll talk to you tomorrow okay?" "Yeah sure. I'll see you tomorrow." "Alright bye." "Bye." They hung up and Gabriella walks downstairs.

The End…of Chapter 1

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