"Zeevahh…" Tony murmured, rolling over in the covers of his bed. He was completely content. He had found that one spot in the bed, the one that he never wanted to move from. He wanted super powers, like Superman, and he wanted to be able to turn off his alarm clock from blaring. It was almost 0500, he could tell. Ziva would be up and awake, getting ready to go for her morning jog. It was only normal for him to get up and go with her, besides, he was partly awake anyways. He heard Ziva's distinct moan as she turned towards, him, flinging an arm over his back, snuggling against his chest. He smiled. Now this was where he wanted to be for the rest of the night. He never wanted to leave this position. He wrapped an arm around her bare back, feeling her beautiful skin. He slyly moved his hand down her back…

"Squeeze my ass and you are dead, Tony." She muttered in her sleep before turning in the covers unhappily.

"How do you know me so well?" He complained, moving his hand up so that it was resting on her back just like before.

"I have been married to you for two years, Tony. I have known you for more. I know you Tony…all of you. Even that little patch of hair on your butt that you missed while you were shaving."

Tony was about to protest when a loud beeping of the alarm went off. Ziva groaned, not wanting to leave her position at the moment.

"Time to run." She murmured.

She started to move, but Tony kept his hand wrapped tightly around her slim waist, "What?" She asked.

"We…had a busy night last night," He grinned, "I think we can afford to skip the running today."

She sighed before smiling back, "Or we can do something else…" She said before lowering her mouth down against his, sliding back to her position next to him, searching around for his hand before intertwining fingers with his and climbing on top of him….

The elevator doors opened and Gibbs strolled into the bullpen, coffee in hand as he noticed that two of his agents weren't there. He checked his watch and realized it was almost 0800. 30 minutes late, "McGee, where the hell are DiNozzo and David?"

"Uh…late." McGee said.

Gibbs just stared at him with his famous 'Gibbs stare'.

"Call them. Both. I have to go and see the director."


"Yeah, that'd be him, McGee. Call DiNozzo, call David. Get them in here ASAP."

"On it boss!" McGee said, picking up the phone as Gibbs started up the stairs.

Ziva and Tony rolled around in bed, the covers in a ball on the floor, the pillows threatening to fall off, the bed becoming darker with sweat. They alternated with Tony being on top and Ziva being on top, but continued to keep their lips attached to the others, hungrily wanting more, as if the had millions of years of sexual tension for the other bottled up inside of them. Just as Ziva rolled over to be on top, she stopped, her Mossad senses kicking in as she sat up, alert. He swung on leg over him and then got off, walking over to Tony's pants, the ones that he had carelessly discarded onto the floor the other night. Tony sat up, obviously annoyed that someone, or something, or whatever had interrupted the greatest sex he had ever had in his life. She pulled out his cell phone and turned around, showing him the caller ID, "McGee. He's at work." Ziva commented, and Tony held out his hands. Ziva tossed it to him before she glanced at the clock.

"Shit. It's 0800, Tony!" Ziva said, and then realized that she was covered in…well sweat and Tony. Gibbs would surely recognize the scent, he did, in fact, have four wives. Tony's eyes went wide as he picked up the phone.

"What do you want, McFreak?"

"Tony, where are you? Gibbs is freaking out about it. Ziva's not here either. You wanna call her?"

"Sure. I'll be there as soon as I can." Tony said, and then closed the phone. He turned to Ziva, who was hurrying around the room before rushing into the bathroom. He caught her by the waist and she fell back against him.

"Tony, I need to take a shower."

"I know," Tony said, moving his hands up to cup her breasts in his hands, massaging them, "Wanna take a shower together?" She smiled before grabbing on his hand and pulling it off of her breast before pulling him into the bathroom with her.

"MCGEE!" Gibbs yelled, storming into the bullpen, "Where the hell are my two agents?"

"Uh…I…I don't know, boss. I called Tony an hour ago and he said he'd be right here."

"Damn it, McGee, they better get here soon!"


"Call up Abby, we've got a problem."

"With Tony and Ziva?"

"No, with the FBI."

"Tony! I swear, if you ever do that again, I will shoot you!" Ziva yelled as Tony sped into the Navy Yard, pulling into a parking space and cutting the engine to his Mustang.

"Okay, Mrs. DiNozzo, I'll ask next time we have sex if you really want to."

"Tony, we were already late as it is. There may have been a murder, and you decided to sit on your ass."

"There wasn't, and to be honest, I was sitting on your ass,"

She rolled her eyes, "How do you know?" She asked, and there was a long pause before his response, "You do not." She said, starting to get out of the car when Tony grabbed her hand. She rolled her eyes but didn't turn around, "No, Tony, I will not have sex with you in the car."

She felt her hand slowly being let go, and when it was finally returned, she felt something missing. She turned back around, staring into the car as Tony dangled her wedding ring in front of her, "Forgot to take this off." He said, slipping his off and handing it to her. She opened up her backpack and placed it in as Tony did the same with hers. Their good luck charms. They both started towards the elevator, trying to look as if they were just partners, and not married. They had been doing it for two years, they were professionals. They had nothing to worry about. That was, until they entered the squad room and the whole bullpen was taped off. Tony and Ziva stopped in horror as FBI agents swarmed the squad room, taping off everything and searching through Tony's, Ziva's, and McGee's desks, "You sure we're in the right building, Ziva?" Tony whispered and Ziva nodded her head.

"Tony, we are so dead."