Disclaimer: Let's hear it for a lack of Navi!

AN: This is set in the TP timeline, right up near the end. At the final battle in fact, so spoilers abound. Hm, just remember, practice your basic game play skills diligently. They'll save your life, and more!

How could this be? Link would have laughed had the situation not been so deadly serious. Here he and Midna were, standing in the throne room of Hyrule Castle at the culmination of their quest, facing down the Dark Lord Ganondorf. Their lives, their deaths, everything their kingdoms and worlds were; it all hung in a delicate and precarious balance. A balance that could easily be shattered by even the slightest misjudgment, a half-second of hesitation. There was not a thing in either realm of light or dark that would be unaffected by the outcome of this battle. But despite the importance of victory, Link wasn't using any of the deadly sword techniques he learned over the course of his journey.

No. This, the final battle, was being fought not as a heroic swordsman with the blade of evil's bane, but as a farm boy in a wolf's body doing what he did best: Goat wrangling. Link could hardly believe it.

The first time Ganondorf came barreling out of his portals, charging at them as a giant tusked beast, Link couldn't help but feel an inexplicable pang of familiarity. Why did he know this? Link had no idea and no explanation for why he reacted the way he did, digging his paws in to brace for impact then anchoring himself to help keep Midna from faltering as she grabbed Ganon by the face and tossed him on his side. It was almost instinctual. The second time Ganon charged them, just a scant few minutes later, Link felt like kicking himself. Goat wrangling, of all things!

Here they were, locked in mortal combat in a battle to decide the fate and future of everything. The hot, foul breath of Ganondorf's bestial form was blowing Link's fur into disarray and splattering him with saliva. That gigantic maw only inches away and more than close enough to bite off Link's muzzle should Midna lose her grip. What's worse, the evil warlock's tusks, poised only a hair's breadth from her face, threatened to force Midna to do just that. And all the heroes had going for them was determination and goat wrangling.

Yet, though they were armed only with the ancient practice of seizing a rampaging animal by the head and throwing it to the ground, Link and Midna were winning. Link could hardly believe it.

AN: Seriously, in that segment of the final battle with Ganondorf, everything rests on your ability to grab him like an Ordon Goat and flip him on his side to make him vulnerable. Goat wrangling wasn't just an annoying side-event, it's the key to saving the world!