Emma Prov

Rosalie and I went to see her friend Vera and her new baby Henry I am 15 Rosalie is 18. I loved my sister she was my best friend. It was getting late and Rosalie told me to go home, I always listened to her so I left. I saw Royce King the man who was going to marry my sister on my way home.

"Hi there Emma Hale how are you and where's your sister on this lovely night"

He didn't sound like himself though I could have cared less I hated him he was taking my sister from me.

"She's Visiting a friend" I said not wanting to tell him she was at Vera's

"Thank you but who is she visiting?"

I smiled "I'm not on the freedom to tell you my mother wouldn't like it"

He glared at me and I left I went home told my parents that Rose would be back soon. I went to the stables to my horse she was a black mare with a whit stripe on her muzzle and white socks or feet.

I named her Ivy just 'cause I loved the name. I saddled her and went for a ride. I was deep in the woods when I saw ten men coming at me on grabbed my horses reins another me. I was going to scream when Royce came into my view I wanted to scream louder but they held my mouth shut.

I started to kick it didn't work they tied my feet together and my hands and picked me up. It was dark now I went with them I had no choice.

When we stopped I saw Rosalie I started to throw a fit again so that she might heat me she did she turned she saw Royce and his friends and me al tied up.

"Emma! Let her go Royce!!"

"Why we've been waiting for you dear"

As he Said this he pulled off her hat she screamed in the pain I bit the man holding me the others were too distracted with screaming sister so I was able to hide.

When they left I was able to go to Rose.

"Rose, Rose pleas talk to me" I pleaded

"go home Em please tell mom and dad please"

"no Rose I won't leave you"

"go Emma Run Royce will come for you Please Go!"

I reluctantly got up and went to my horse got on and rod I rode all night and all day till I was so tired and Ivy stopped I tied her up and sat against a tree and slept. I did it this for many days until I was so hungry that I could no longer travel.

It was Four months to the day when I last saw Rosalie my sister she was dying when I saw her last.

Rosalie's Prov

I was so happy we were finally back at a school it was 150 years after I transformed.

I was to be a senior at Forks High School along with my twin Jasper and Emmett who was really my husband.

Alice, Edward, Bella Adam were posing as Juniors. The Family's were weird but this is how they were: Edward, Alice, Emmett and Adam were the Cullen's Bella Jasper and I are the Hale's.

We rode to school in Edward's Volvo I wanted to take my Bmw but they wouldn't let me. I stepped out of the Volvo and froze I recognized a scent I hadn't smelled in years. The smell came from the office.