Emma's prov

I was no longer in the room with my family, I was being carried by Henry King to were I was not sure.

Bella's shield was taken away when you moved out of view of her or the house.

I knew Haley would be able to find me now I just hoped it would be soon I hated being with this man.

Rosalie's Prov

I was seeing my husband's past all of it I wanted Haley to show him mine.

Right when she go to when I found him it stopped. I looked up at Emmett before Haley could explain Emma's head snapped up toward the door.

I followed her gaze and saw Henry King. And Emma screamed "GO AWAY HENRY KING YOU ARE NOT WANTED HERE!!!"

He laughed and said "not with out you so I can get what I deserve from the most powerful vampires in the world."

Emma laughed and said "you think you can beat 11 of us?"

He smiled "no but I can do this." he ran at Emma the next second he had Emma and was gone.

"Emma!!" Adam yelled Haley yelled at Emmett to get her a map I turned and ran got a map and thrust it at Haley. "here" I wasn't going to lose my sister again not If I could help it.

Haley closed her eyes and said Emma's full name. her eyes glazed over and her hand was moving across the map to Italy.

Adam said "I'm going after her I'll call when I get to Italy"

"I'm going with you" I yelled. "us two" Emmett, Bella, and Edward.

"alright what but we leave now." we took off and got on a plane to Italy.

when we got there I called Alice she told us to go to the Valturi.

When we got that far we went to the valturi and the palace that held the powerful vampires.

When we got there and burst open the doors and saw that Emma was being held by one guard named Alec and struggling to get free

"let my little sister go you creep!!' I yelled

" Rose, Adam help me please." Emma yelled "let go off me you creep!" he let go to the surprise of us and Emma but she still ran as fast as she could to Adam and me.

"ahh Edward have you come to join our guard?" Aro the head asked.

"no we came to get Emma Back" Bella spat back at Aro

Emma was now between Adam and me Henry king next to Aro.

"hey do I still get what you said I would?" Henry said

"why of course you do. Jane come her please." Aro said I smiled that would be a fitting end to him.

Emma's Prov

I was shocked when a girl who looked no more than 7 walked in with a smile on her face Bella's shield was up almost in an instant.

As Jane began her torment on Henry Adam pulled on my arm I turned to follow him along with the others who had come to rescue me, Emmett, Rosalie, Adam, Bella, and Edward.

When we got on the plane to go home Rose asked me what it was Henry wanted.

"he wanted to be apart of the guard but needed a mate, do he came for me stupid moronic creep." I muttered the last part.

I'm Emma Lily Hale Masen Cullen and I am now free to live my life with friends and family and the love of my eternity Adam Albert Masen Cullen.