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"Not again Tsuna," Reborn sighed.

Tsuna looked up at Reborn with her big brown eyes, tears threatening to overflow. "I didn't mean to! I was trying my best!"

Reborn just sighed again. Sometimes he wondered why he didn't fire her. This was a hostess bar for god's sake! How was he suppose to make money off of someone who was so clumsy? But he could answer that question himself. She had an untapped amount of potential. He'd seen it for himself on a few occasions. No matter how many drinks she spilled on the customers, no matter how bad she sang, one look at the customer with those large teary eyes and they forgave her for everything. They never asked for her again, but they never took out their anger with her clumsiness out on the club, which was why she was still here. It also helped that she had petite, attractive body with long brown hair that looked unbelievably good messy. Her personality was the clincher to the overall picture. She was kind, caring, and a good listener.

But that wasn't good enough anymore.

"Tsuna, you know that I've forgiven you many times for disrupting the customers' entertainment, but this is one too many. He was one of the higher class customers we almost never have. I'm sorry, but...you're fired," Reborn told her with regret in his voice.

Tsuna's tears finally spilled over. "Please Reborn, give me one more chance! I..I don't have anywhere else to go! If I can't keep this job, I'll be kicked out onto the streets!" Tsuna begged.

"...Tell you what. I'll give you one more chance, but only one. I'm going to give you a challenge. If you can make Him take you out on a paid date or make him a regular patron of this place, you can keep your job," Reborn smirked at Tsuna. From the first day Hibari had walked into his club, he'd wanted to make him a regular patron, but no matter what girl he sent his way, she wasn't good enough for him. Reborn was sure that if anyone could make Hibari a regular patron, it would be his no-good Tsuna.

"I'll do it! Thank you so much! But, who do I have to make my regular?" Tsuna asked with slight fear after seeing a familiar glint in the eyes of her boss that always meant trouble.

"Him, Hibari Kyoya," Reborn looked past Tsuna to the man sitting behind her, waiting to be placed at a table.

Tsuna turned around and stared with wide eyes. Everyone knew who Hibari Kyoya was. His was one of the richest business men around after all. He owned a company that had something to do with special boxes. Every hostess wanted him to take her on a paid date, but it never happened. He was never satisfied with the girl he was given. He was handsome with his slightly longer black hair and beautiful cold gray eyes. He wasn't known to be very talkative, but the girls didn't mind. They just wanted to be around him in the off chance he decided he liked one of them enough to date them.

This was going to be impossible. She knew her weakness well and she didn't have a prayer at making The Hibari Kyoya her customer. But she needed to. She truly had nowhere else to go. This was the only job willing to keep her and she was barely making ends meat as it was. She drew whatever courage she had left, placed a soft smile on her face and walked up to her waiting challenge.

"Hello sir, I'm Tsuna. Would you care to join me for a drink?"