Reborn had been watching Tsuna and Hibari throughout their first dinner together. They seemed to be getting along well, up until she spilled the drink. This happened to be the moment Reborn was waiting for. The relationship was pivotal on this moment. If Tsuna did what she did every time she caused an accident, Hibari was doomed. Each time, Tsuna's large, watery brown eyes, and the way her lower lip would tremble would be enough to break down any angry customer into instant forgiveness. When Hibari continued the dinner and only took his leave afterwards, Reborn was sure Tsuna had him in the bag.

That's why, when two days passed without seeing Hibari again, he wasn't worried.

After four days, Reborn started to doubt himself and Tsuna started to look anxious.

Six days and Reborn was trying to think of a way to help Tsuna after he fired her. He really didn't want to, but it was what was best for the business. He observed that Tsuna looked like she'd lost all hope.

On the seventh day, Reborn's worries were wiped away when Hibari walked through his door and asked for the girl he no longer needed to fire.

"I would like to request the company of Ms. Tsuna."

Tsuna was brought out and when she saw that Hibari was her requester, her jaw dropped.

"Hibari," Tsuna greeted quickly.

"Tsuna," Hibari responded.

"Shall we?" Tsuna said, leading Hibari to a table.

Tsuna seated them at a table in the back so as to provide them with more peace and quiet. As they sat down, Tsuna took in Hibari's appearance. He was dressed in a black suit with a purple undershirt and a black tie. Handsome was the first word that came to her mind. They ordered their drinks and meal before Tsuna started a conversation. "I'm surprised to see you again, after what I did," Tsuna said, blushing at the embarrassing memory.

"The stains washed out with the mixture you recommended," Hibari told her.

"Good, I'm glad. After the first two times I did that to the customers, I figured I should know how to fix it."

Hibari's eyebrow raised at that, "It happens that often?"

"About every other customer that I have, yes." Tsuna wasn't about to admit that with the other customers, it was either her singing or the food landing on them that also drove her customers away.

"I'm surprised you still have a job here."

"Me too actually. The customers always forgive me and pay for our meals even though they were inconvenienced. They've never complained to the boss about me. Come to think of it, I wonder why that is?"

"I think I know why," Hibari said with a slight grimace.

"Really? Why?" Tsuna asked innocently with wide brown eyes, her head tilted at an angle.

Hibari shook his head, "Nevermind."

Tsuna pouted, "Thats not fair Hibari."

Hibari smirked and that simple action made Tsuna's stomach flutter with butterflies.

"A-Anyways, I read in the paper that your company was having trouble against one of your rivals. Is that true?"

Hibari's smirk turned into a frown. "Mukuro likes to think he has me where he wants me. Little does he know, I could crush his company whenever I felt like it. But, a little competition his healthy."

"Mukuro is the name of the president of the Mist company, right?"

"Yes, but I don't want to talk about work."

"Okay, is there something else you want to talk about?" Tsuna asked.

Hibari seemed to think for a minute before asking her another question. "Why do you work here?"

"That's because...every other place I worked at, I was fired," Tsuna flushed red again at her confession.

"Aaah, your clumsiness got you in trouble," Hibari supplied.

Tsuna was sure she turned even redder than she was before with his talk about one of her flaws. "Yes, it gets me into trouble more than you might think."

The smirk was back on Hibari's face. Tsuna worked up the courage to ask the one question that had been plaguing her since the beginning of their dinner together. "Hibari, may I ask you a question?"

Hibari nodded his consent.

"Why did you ask for me again?"

Hibari took so long to answer the question, Tsuna thought wasn't going to answer it. But (H)e did; although, it sounded reluctant on his part. "I enjoyed your company."

Tsuna was incredibly happy to hear this and smiled in response to his answer. It was about this time that their food was served. Tsuna was about to try and help the waiters once again when Hibari stopped her. "Let me, we don't want another accident to happen."

Tsuna agreed, flushing red once again, understanding that his words were meant to tease her, not scold her. The meal was quiet while they ate, just like their first meal together. After they finished eating, Hibari excused himself from the table.

"Have a wonderful evening," Tsuna said in farewell.

"Until next time," Hibari slightly bowed his head after paying for the bill, left.

"Until next time," Tsuna whispered happily to herself.