Martin Mystery: New Beginnings

It has been three months since former Center Agent Octavia Paine tried to destroy the center with a powerful "super creature", but failed with the intervention of the agents Diana and Martin. Many would find it hard to believe that they are actually brother and sister due to their opposite personalities and interests, and that they are agents of a secret organization. Everyone at Torrington knows these two as siblings, and that while Diana is a genius student, sociable and accepted, and by the rules, Martin can be described as uncontrollable, always dirty, doesn't focus on his work (except his center job) and all the girls try to avoid him, but none know (of course) that they're Center agent. But that will soon change, as an old face from their childhood years, forgotten due to High School life and Center business, will soon come to Torrington, knowing more than one is supposed to…

Torrington Academy – Quebec – 9:35 P.M.

Diana is taking the time to reorganize her room, and preparing for the next test, which was two weeks from then. Diana commonly crammed for tests weeks ahead of when it usually happens, and to her credit always aces them due to her cramming. Well, I think that's enough for tonight, Diana thought to herself as she closed the book she was studying from, and proceeded to tidy up her room. As she was going through her closet, she noticed something she had almost forgotten: a box filled with memories from her life prior to becoming a Center agent. As she was carrying them to the bed, a familiar and annoying face slammed the door open, scaring Diana into almost dropping the box.

"Hey, Diana, what's in the box?" asked Martin. Martin is understandably a great annoyance to Diana, in school life and on missions. He was always playing pranks, making jokes about her, and generally always had a hair-brained theory on what paranormal creature they face on missions, and had a fascination for slime, something Diana detests.

"Martin, you almost made me drop it!" Di complained to Martin, "If you must know, this box has memories of precious moments from before we were agents."

"Really, and just what kinds of memories are they?" Martin asked slyly, as he looked over Diana as she looked at the contents. To him, such things were of barely any interest, as he remembered them well; such as a shell from the time they spent on the beach with their father, and a card for their parent's wedding. One article that did catch his attention however, was an old photo of them with their father and another family either them just couldn't remember: it was a father and his son, both of them both had a defining feature of having silver-white hair, and it seemed that the boy was enjoying himself with the two of them. "This old photo…it seems that it was taken almost 7 years ago," Diana stated, "but I can't seem to remember who they are?"

"I'm not sure either Diana, but it must have been a good time, since we all look so happy. 'Sigh', but so much has happened since then, it's not hard to believe that we could forget."

"I guess you're right Martin," Diana said, as she looked at the boy. "I must have been very close to him," Diana said, noting the fond look she was giving the boy, and he to her as they held hands, "if we were looking at each other like that."

"Well, it sure looks like it," Martin added, making the same observation.

"Well, that's all in the past," Diana said, as she put the picture on her desk, "But I'd like to remember who he was. Maybe if I keep it out, I'll eventually remember. By the way," Diana said, looking at Martin, "why are you here, anyway?"

"Oh! I almost forgot. Paranormal weekly decided to renew my subscription, isn't it great!"

That's all you disturbed me for?, thought Diana, as she proceeded to practically drop-kick Martin out of her room. The things he thinks he has to tell me about!

The next day, outside the school, a white van pulled up to the school front. A boy stepped out of the vehicle. He got his bags out of the back of the truck, and closed the door, as the truck drove away. No words needed to be exchanged in concerns to the boy's coming to Torrington; he and his father knew the reasons.

The last time I was here, he thought to himself, I was nearly cut in half. Well, I can only hope I can get a fresh start. Taking a deep breath, he walked towards the school.

Later on in the day, Diana was talking with Jenni about a new transfer student to Torrington. "Really," Diana said, "we are getting a new student?"

"That's right," Jenni said, "I saw him exit the principal's office the other day. He was knock-out gorgeous." She added, with hearts in her eyes and hands in fists.

"He was that handsome?" Diana said, her interest peaking. "Did you speak to him?"

"Sadly, no," Jenni said, seemingly defeated. "He seems to be a mysterious kind of guy, though, because even though I followed him, he vanished from my sights, and his very appearance adds to it."

"He does seem like that," Diana added, "so, what did you do next?"

"I went to Principal Pebbleton of course. He told me what I asked about him, including his name."

"Well, what is his name?"

"His name is one of coolest I have ever heard, and he is already cool from what I saw of him. His name…," Jenni said, and sighed. "His name is Isaac."

"Isaac?" Diana asked. Why does that name…

"Di, do you know him," Jenni asked, seeing her friend's surprise.

"No, I don't…at least, I think I don't. It just sounded familiar…Isaac."

"Even if he is good-looking and all, I hope he is also nice and well mannered," Jenni continued, "I mean, it will be nice to have a new guy in the school that actually behaves himself." She added, referring to Martin.

"Well, all you have to do is see for yourself," Diana responded, still puzzling over his name. Strange how it sounds familiar, she puzzled, as Jenni went on.

"I heard Java was supposed to show him around the school, so all I have to do is find Java to find this Isaac."

"I sure hope that I get to meet him," Diana stated.

"Oh, don't worry Di," Jenni said, "we'll probably see him in the cafeteria if he's new."

"Hello, Diana," Java stated, "it very nice day."

"Yes, it is," Diana said, as she set her tray down. "Java, you seem to have something special planned for me today, don't you?"

"That Java do," the caveman said, and reached under the counter, he bowled out a bowl of ramen. "Ta-dah!"

"Java," Diana said happily, since during her brief stay in Japan over a month back, this was one of her favourite meals, "did you whip this up just for me?"

"Java no whip it up for Diana," Java said innocently, "Java ask someone to whip it up for Diana. He just come from Japan. New student, name Isaac."

"So he is a Japanese student," Diana asked Jenni.

"Well, he came from Japan," Jenni said, "but by no account is he Japanese."

"Well then what does he look like?"

As Jenni was about to answer she looked back to the cafeteria, and gasped as she saw someone wearing a blue trench coat and black pants and shirt, sitting at a table. "That cutie's Isaac!" Jenni stated, turning Diana's head to Isaac's direction.

That's Isaac, Diana thought in wonder, but while Jenni was infatuated with him, Di just couldn't help but realize that he looked all too familiar. Isaac had two distinguishing traits that she recognized (and traits that Jenni must've liked); the first was the most noticeable, as it was his hair color, because it was a silver-white color and slicked back, which gave a prominence to his face, since it showed his blue eyes and kind features. He saw them too, and he waved to them, and smiled sweetly, causing Jenni to nearly faint from fawning over his looks, which brought to mind something she just found. He looks like an older version of the boy in the picture, she realized.

"Java think he want Diana and Jenni to sit with him," Java said cheerfully, encouraging the girls on.

"...Well," Diana said, prepping herself, "I wanted to meet him anyway, but it seems that he wants to see us instead."

As Diana and Jenni walked over to the new student, Java was left to his own thoughts. During tour, Isaac say he already know Martin and Diana. But Diana and Martin never mention Isaac. So how do Isaac know them?

"I-is this seat taken," Jenni asked sheepishly from being so close to someone with such hottie material evident; even more so than Taki, who left a long time ago, but not before bringing an awesome band group to Torrington for a Japanese Holiday.

"No, it isn't," Isaac said politely, "please, sit down." He smiled, and Diana and Jenni squealed at how polite he was; no one this polite had come around since Taki, which could be a result of living in Japan.

"I-I'm Jenni Anderson," Jenni said, visibly blushing, "and you are Isaac...right, you cutie?"

"Uh," Isaac said mildly, blushing a little on his own, "yeah, I am Isaac. And you must have been the girl who was following me last night." He added, earning a sweat-drop from her, as she chuckled.

"Well, she was," Diana stated, "and if you must know, I am-"

"Diana Lombard," Isaac finished, with an odd hint of remembrance in his voice, "Java asked me to whip up that ramen for you. Well, are you going to try it, and see how it tastes?"

Diana broke apart the chopsticks, and took up a stick-full of ramen noodles. Seeing his expecting look, she ate the first bite, and... "This is incredible," she said as she swallowed, and proceeded to eat the rest, "this is...the best ramen I've ever tasted!

"I'm glad you like it," Isaac said, sounding quite pleased with himself, and very happy to Jenni's ear, "when Java asked me to make it, I couldn't possibly say no."

"You didn't have to," Diana told Isaac, "Java is a pretty good cook himself. But to tell the truth, your ramen is on par, or even better than the Japanese food Java can make."

"Well," Isaac said fondly...very fondly, as Jenni caught on, "I wouldn't discredit the local chef so quickly, though I did learn how to make it during my stay in Japan. He asked me if I could make it for you, and I happily obliged, when I heard it was you."

"You said that as if you know me from somewhere," Diana said puzzled by the very bold statement, "but I can't seem to remember anyone like you."

"Oh," he said with a very nervous chuckle, "did I say "for you"? Well, that must have been a slip. But I have to are practically an angel in my eyes."

Diana's shade went to a shining crimson as Isaac's comment sunk in, and knew that he truly meant every word of it. Jenni looked on in suspense and amazement, as Diana was rendered speechless by that last compliment. Oh my, Jenni thought in wonder, either Isaac is the gentleman of the century, or...he actually is someone from Di's past.

"Um," Diana said, twiddling her fingers, "t-thank you. No one has ever complimented me so directly before, and remained sincere, but that isn't exactly the truth."

Isaac fell silent, as if recalling something. "No is necessarily flawless, Diana. I know that better than anybody."

Jenni's surprise and Diana's blushing stopped right there and then. His tone was...frigid. It was like a complete 180 of what he was like before.

Seeing the confused looks on their faces, he stopped talking. "I have to get going," Isaac said, as he stood up, "I still have to unpack my stuff. See you later?"

"You can count on it," Jenni said normally, and saw him walk off.

"What a gentleman," Jenni exclaimed, "and what a hunk!" She quickly remembered how his voice seemed to drop the room to absolute zero. "...If it weren't for that frigid tone in his voice, he'd be perfect."

"Yeah," Diana said absentmindedly, her thoughts drifting to the picture, "he must be that."

"Diana," Jenni said, noticing her friend's spaced-out look, "what's wrong?"

"Well, I just can't help but think that...I know him from somewhere."

"Are you kidding? Silver hair; the blue trench coat; he's right out of a video game! But still," Jenni admitted, "he does seem to be a bit...odd."

"No it isn't that..." Diana said, and finishing her meal, "there's something I want to show you."

"Okay Diana," Jenni asked, as they stood in her room, "what is it that you wanted to show me?"

"This picture I found in an old box of memories last night," Diana said, picking up the picture, "I couldn't help but see the resemblance of Isaac to this little boy I seem to have once met during the summer seven years ago." She handed Jenni the picture.

"DARLING!" She squealed in glee, seeing the cute, white-haired boy in the picture, holding Diana's hand and looking at her out of the corner of his sapphire blue eyes. "This boy is a MAJOR cutie! He is just too adorable!"

"He is," Diana said, "but look at his father."

Jenni nearly went ga-ga over the father too, but was frozen dead by his appearance. The slicked back hair, the sapphire eyes, the black pants and shirt and blue trench coat...she could have sworn she just saw him in the cafeteria.

"Okay, cute and creepy," Jenni had to admit, "that man looks just like Isaac."

"I know," Diana said, "and the boy...I can't help but wonder if he is Isaac."

"Well then," Jenni said, "why don't you go ask him?"

"...Do I have any other choice in the matter?"

"Oh, hello Diana," Isaac said innocently, "I'm surprised that you were so quick to find me."

"Never mind that," Diana said in urgency, with Jenni standing by, as well as Java, "just what do you know about this picture?" She held up the picture for Isaac to clearly.

He simply smiled. "I see you found it," he stated, and reached into his trench pull out the exact same picture as Diana. "WH-what...?" she said with a shiver, taking the two pictures and holding them together.

"That same picture," Java said.

"But how is that...?"

"Do you remember now?"

"I...I'm trying to, but I just..." Diana struggled to say, but came short of breath, as her hands trembled, which Isaac grabbed to steady them.

An odd feeling settled in Isaac's stomach. Is this right, Isaac thought, even if the last time we met had me behind a mask, and things between us being left off as less than good... He had made up his mind; that was the past. He'd tell Diana eventually, but not right away. So, he simply smiled.

"Maybe this will help," Isaac said simply, and to the shock of both Jenni and Java, he leaned forward, and kissed Diana on the cheek.

She gasped, and her memory opened like a floodgate. She was soon remembering a summer from nearly seven years ago, and a week where she and Martin were with one of their father's colleagues. She started to remember everything; including the kiss he gave her on the cheek back then, just like the one he gave her just now. "…Isaac?" Diana could only say as her hand went for her cheek, and amazingly, she began to tear up.

Isaac smiled as she finally remembered. "Yes, Diana. It has been seven long years since we last met, hasn't it?"

Diana looked up into those piercing sapphire blue eyes, and saw the innocence that still lingered in them. She began to laugh joyously, and leapt for Isaac in an instant, surprising both Jenni and Java. "I can' t believe it! Isaac, it really is you!" This leap surprised Isaac; he didn't expect the old memories to provoke this kind of reaction. Still, he went with it, and Isaac wrapped his own arms around Diana, albeit a little nervously, something Diana picked up on.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," Jenni called out, amazed at the reaction, "so you two actually do know each other?"

"We were just kids seven years ago," Diana happily explained, "and that was the only time we ever saw each other, and even then it was only for a week. My god, you are practically the spitting image of your father now."

Isaac sweat-dropped; everyone compared his appearance to his father's. "Not quite the first reaction I expected," he stated with a chuckle, "though what can I say about the girl who helped me so much once."

This is amazing, Jenni thought in wonder, as did Java, only seven years ago for basically a week, and yet they are acting like long-lost lovers. How can kids grow so close to each other in such a short time.

"How did you wind up at Torrington after all of this time?"

"Well," Isaac began, "me and my Dad heard that you were here, so we figured that I could enroll here while he is out in the field. We met your father before we got here."

It stung at Isaac; it was a blatant lie, and he knew it. Still, it was all for secrecy, and some secrets are best kept hidden. "Really," Diana replied, "and he told you how we were doing?"

"Yes, and so did Java here. For an employee, he seems to be very close to you. It's strange, but both your father and Java seemed a bit edgy when I asked them what the two of you do these days."

That's not a surprise, thought Diana, since her father only learned about what they did recently during an incident with a giant worm, and was still getting used to the idea of them as Center agents when they last saw him. Java was good at keeping it a secret, but I guess he was a bit distracted by how a stranger knew her and Martin so well. "Well, I guess he was surprised at how you knew us so well, being since this is the first time he's seen you."

"I guess so," Isaac stated, "Since no one's life is static as the years pass."

"Speaking of life," Jenni said, "just how did you two get to know each other in the first place?"

"It is a long story," Isaac said, "and I hope to tell you later. Java here told me how you and you brother are doing, Diana. I would just like your opinion on how…"

"Hey, Java, who's the new guy?" An all too annoying voice called.

Isaac sighed as Martin came into the conversation and with a peculiar look in his eyes as he looked at Martin. "Um, do I know from somewhere," Martin said, and noticed Jenni was there too, "and what are you doing with Jenni?"

Jenni was going to protest, but Isaac held up a picture, and took the picture back in his hands. "You mean to say you don't recognize me, Marty?"

"Why would I recognize some guy like you," Martin said nonchalantly, "and besides, you look suspicious."

"I was just asking your sister and Jenni how you were doing,", as he showed Martin the picture, "Now do you remember?" That's exactly what he thought when I was behind a mask...

As known by all, Martin and Diana are complete opposites, and that also stretches to their memories of Isaac. Upon seeing the picture and Isaac, Martin's face showed realization… and intense fear. Remembering that week, he screeched at a pitch that cracked the nearby glass, and leapt behind Java, cowering like a little kid.

"What wrong, Martin?" Java asked, picking the still cowering Martin off his back.

Martin's response was instantaneous… not to mention a big mistake. "It's "old-man" Isaac! What's he doing at Torrington?"

Diana and even Java and Jenni wisely chose that moment to step back and watch the show, because even though only Diana remembered that insult about Isaac's hair, Java and Jenni could practically see Isaac annoyed at a level similar to Diana's when she ever hits Martin. Isaac is normally extremely tolerant of insults, but when people, particularly Martin that one summer week, made fun of his hair color, he'd always be very annoyed.

But Martin was the one person who could make his patience snaps faster than anyone else, and when it came to the hair, well… it's a bad idea to make a black belt angry, as Martin, or Marty, as Isaac slyly nicknamed him, painfully remembered as Isaac delivered a uppercut which sent Martin flying into the ceiling.

With both Jenni and Java stunned, Diana quickly explains, "Isaac is a bit touchy about his hair color. He really doesn't tolerate it when people make insults about it, but it seems that Martin doesn't get the hint."

At that moment, Martin fell down from the ceiling, and try to explain his reaction. "I-I-it was just a slip of the tongue. I mean it's been years since I've seen him."

All the while, he was reminiscing about that summer, recalling the number of times he tried to run from Isaac and failed after insulting his hair color, and how before the last day, Diana and Isaac scared the living daylights out of him, causing him to trip over a wire which sent white paint down, and made his "beautiful" blond hair white, and Isaac and Diana laughing themselves to death.

That was his memory of Isaac, and Diana could see right through it. "Really, because as I recall, you routinely made fun of his hair color, and I remember the look on your face when we pulled that prank on you." Diana stated.

"You mean that he got you to pull a prank on Martin," Jenni said, fawning over Isaac, "you are so cool!"

Martin was boiling now, and before his cool blew, a small teenager with a Mohawk-like hairstyle and odd buck teeth came by. "Hey Martin, how are you?" Billy said, before noticing Isaac.

As if the day couldn't get anymore peculiar, it seemed to all present that, impossibly, Billy and Isaac knew each other, as Billy tried and failed to hide the look of recognition on his face, and asked, "So, umm… who is he?"

"This is Isaac; he is an old childhood friend of mine and Martin's. Isaac, this is Billy; he's a friend of ours," Diana answered, keeping an eye on both of them, seeing the obvious, yet improbable signs of recognition on their faces as they shook hands. "So Billy, what are you here for?"

"Oh, that's right," Billy replied, as if he just remembered, "Miss Olivia Mandel wants to see you in the science lab."

Martin, Diana and Java knew what that meant. Miss Olivia Mandel is an alias for their boss, M.O.M., who ran the Center, and just got back on the job after a brief refresher course, given by the C.O.R.E. computer after Octavia Paine assaulted the Center with her monster. "Well, see you later…," Diana said to Isaac, but found him staring out the window, as if he was thinking. "Isaac?"

"Two years," he whispered, and only Diana heard it, "It has been two years, since I've seen you in the face. …" what came next was so quiet, that not even Diana could hear it.

Isaac lifted his face and turned to the group. "Do you mind if I come along?" He asked, with odd interest.

Martin would have nothing of it. "Sorry," He rudely stated, "but Billy said that Miss Mandell only wanted us," Martin continued, gesturing to himself, Diana, Java and Billy, "to come to the science lab."

"Maybe," Isaac said, with the smallest amount of force, "but I am new here, and it has been seven years since we last saw each other, so I could at least have the courtesy of meeting the science teacher."

"Look," Diana said to Martin, "he is right. It has been seven years; we may as well show him around."

"But Java already show him science lab." Java said.

"But he hasn't seen the teacher." Diana interjected.

"That's settles it," Martin declared, "We will be going now. Jenni can keep you company."

Jenni seemed to like that idea…but Isaac had other plans. "Really, Martin," Isaac said, causing Martin to turn around, "why do you treat an old friend like so?"

Words would have responded, if not for the look in Isaac's eyes; it even made Java and Jenni step away, as they saw the force in those eyes, and only Diana and Martin knew what it was; in the metaphorical sense, Isaac unveiled his killer's glare. Martin's reaction was rapid, as he began to cower behind Java again. "Okay," he pleaded, "okay! You can come; just don't look at me like that!"

Isaac then closed his eyes and smiled, and his glare was gone, replaced by his normal look. "Well then," Isaac said, acting as if nothing happened. "Shall we be on our way?"

"Just a moment," Diana said, and she told everyone else to leave, while she spoke to Isaac. "What's wrong?" He asked.

"I'm sorry, that I forgot about you," Diana stated, "for not remembering you."

"It's okay, Diana," Isaac said, "it's has been seven year, so it isn't a surprise you forgot."

"...Those nightmares you had," Diana said in concern, "do you still have them?"

Isaac smiled. "I don't think I've had one in a long time," he said, "so you don't have to worry."

Diana smiled for Isaac; he used to be afraid of letting anyone get close to him, but she changed that. With that said and done, she and Isaac rejoined the rest of them and went to the science lab, with Martin and Co. wondering why he was so intent on coming, with only Billy knowing why…

As they were waiting in the science room, Martin asked Isaac why he was so eager to come with them. Isaac's only reply was, "I was just thinking about a woman my dad knows, since she has the same name. I thought it wouldn't do any harm to see if they are the same person."

Not the same Olivia Mandel I know, Martin thought, as he reminisced about the impossible school assignments she dealt out. They were barely down played from last time, but were still impossible. At the same time, Diana noticed something she never saw before. It was something about his personality, and something about the way he acts as well. That something was practically solved when M.O.M. walked in. That's it, Diana thought, he acts like M.O.M. when he's serious.

"Good afternoon students." She said.

"Good afternoon, Miss Mandell," Martin, Diana, and Billy said, while Isaac seemed to be smiling, and was on the verge of tears, as Diana noticed.

"Good afternoon…" He started, his voice apparently shaking from…happiness? "…Ms. Mandell."

"And who…" M.O.M said, but began to falter and shake as she saw Isaac, a first her agents saw her do, "are…?"

Before she could finish, she let out a gasp of shock and dropped what she was carrying. Martin, Diana and Java could only stare as they looked at Isaac, and back at M.O.M…to see what appeared to be recognition…and a smile of happiness? What stunned the agents more was the fact that M.O.M, their ever cold-hard and serious C.O., appeared to have tears in her eyes.

"Isaac," She started, her voice still wavering, and tears came down her face from closed eyes, "I'm…surprised you showed up here." Diana was taken aback briefly. Was M.O.M...scared of something?

"I don't see why not," Isaac said as he smiled back, "M.O.M."

At that, Martin ran screaming for the back of the room, while Diana and Java could only gawk dumb-founded at that revelation. "You two know each other?" Diana and Java asked in shock.

Martin was at the back with his jaw at the floor and his eyes popping out. To further add to the pandemonium in their heads, Billy switched off his suit, showing the small, green alien that hid underneath, causing Diana's and Java's jaws to hit the floor and eyes to dilate in shock, with Martin reduced to a gibbering wreck in the back.

"You know Billy; I think you looked better in the suit," Isaac said, truly unfazed by Billy's appearance.

"Why, thanks Isaac," Billy responded.

It was Diana who first broke out of the shock from the room of impossibilities, and quickly asked, "What in the world is going on here?"

It was M.O.M who answered, clearing up her tears, and told Diana, Java, and the still gibbering Martin, on how roughly 19 years ago, she was on a mission to capture a Minotaur in Greece, and that Isaac's father, Harold Alexander, was visiting at the time. At first he was just a witness, but later, when she was having trouble with the Minotaur, he appeared out of nowhere and helped her subdue the monster by tackling it to the ground, which allowed her to put a net over the Minotaur. His reason was that he couldn't sit around and have her become a victim of the monster. She stated she could have done it herself alone, but she appreciated the help, as it made it much easier. Eventually, the case expanded to be something greater than a few disappearances, and with another old associate of her, they had to stop a sorcerer from unleashing who knows what from Tartarus.

She said that Harold was allowed to remember, since he aided her in its capture. She then started reminiscing over how they developed a friendship over the years, and even when Harold had Isaac with another woman, they still maintained close connections, and even agreed to tell Isaac about the Center when he was 15 years old, and how she and Billy haven't seen either of them in person since. She also stated how she told the two of them about Martin and Diana being Center agent, a statement that surprised the two of them, and further solved the sibling's questions about how Isaac knew them well enough not to be shocked at their being as agents.

The reaction in the room was mixed. It seemed that both Billy and Isaac had eyebrows cocked at the part about how Isaac's father had him, as Diana noticed out of the corner of her eyes, and Java took it in like a sponge. Martin snapped out of his shock at the end of the story, and spoke. "So let me get this straight. He is the son of some man who helped you in one case and you've maintained ties with him ever since?"

"I had also requested his help on other missions on more than one occasion as well." M.O.M replied. "Anyway, I need you to investigate a series of paranormal disturbances in San Francisco. It seems that the same 4 random people with no known connections have reported strange disturbances and thefts in their homes," And with an oddly determined look she added, "I want you to take Isaac as well."

"WHAT? But he isn't a Center agent, he just knows about it," Martin complained.

"So was his father. Besides, it may be a good experience for him to take on an occasional mission like his father."

"About time," Isaac said with a sudden coldness. "I'm surprised you kept me from the field so long, considering how many other agents my age you let in."

The frigidity of the tone startled the group, and M.O.M replied. "...I didn't think you were ready yet."

"But that is so not fair," Martin insisted, "he hasn't proved himself yet."

"Martin, don't try to back-talk me."

Left stunned, Martin asked Billy for a portal to the first person's house. Soon Diana, Java, and a sulking Martin left through the portal, with Diana leaving last, still pondering over their similarities, and above other things, the description Isaac once gave of his mother.

No, it's impossible, Diana decided as she shivered at the thought, but Isaac did surprise us with how he knows M.O.M, but stopped, deciding not to dwell on it any longer, and went through the portal, leaving Isaac alone with M.O.M while Billy went back to the Center, leaving Isaac with his eyes on Olivia, as it was her real name.

The air turned serious as Isaac spoke. "That was unexpected," Isaac stated, "sending me on assignment with them so soon."

"Look, after what happened in Japan," M.O.M said, "after hearing what you did...I felt like I had no other choice in the matter."

Isaac heaved a sigh, and looked at her. "If only I could have told them about what I did; maybe things could go easier with them."

"Isaac," she told him, "you are practically thinking of telling them that you were practically the one responsible for saving them from a hell of a lot of trouble with Sousuke and his followers."

"I am aware of that," Isaac said, and staring straight into her eyes he said, "Mother."

"But it just doesn't feel right," Isaac said; "to keep such a secret from them. I mean, they deserve a right to know who helped them."

"Isaac, when I find out about your involvement, we left your name out of the mission files, so as to not attract any unwanted attention. They will be told when they need to know, and now is not that time."

"Besides," she added, "do you know how they'd respond if we out-right went and told them that you were made an official agent immediately after the incident on my recommendations?"

"...I don't know. But I came here on my own free will, so it could at least make it easier for them when they are finally told."

"Look, I don't want to be kept a secret as much as you do, but there are some things that must be kept secret, including for now...the fact that you are my son." She finally admitted it. "Isaac, I have experienced pretty much all the dangers that the life of a Center agent can entail...a part of me didn't want to put you at risk, especially...after what Sousuke nearly did to you."

"You may still act like I am one," Isaac said harshly, "but I am not a kid anymore, even if I am your child. You've recruited many other kids my age into the folds of the Center," he walked towards the portal, "so why hold back on me?"

As he passed through the portal, and it closed, only then could M.O.M answer. "Because I'd never be able to live with myself if anything happened to you..."