The League on Stand-by

By angellwings


Dinah scowled at the headline, and shook her head. It figures Oliver would waste no time making tabloid headlines. She was surprised to see that Tess Mercer was the woman the headline was referring to. She was currently staring at the magazines on the rack beside the grocery counter. She smiled at the cashier and picked her grocery bag up off the counter.

"Hey, aren't you Dinah Lance? The talk show host?" The young woman behind her in line asked.

"Depends on who's asking," She said vaguely.

The woman glared at her, "A hard core Obama supporter that's who."

Dinah's eyes widened and she chuckled, "Of course."

She began to walk off as the woman yelled indignantly after her. She rolled her eyes. She'd faced harder critics than that. Hell, she'd made it through an appearance on MSNBC. After that anything else was a piece of cake.

Her phone rang, and she immediately answered it, "Lance."

"Hey, Di."

"Bart? Um…no contact, remember?"

"Oh come on, I have GOT to talk about this…have you seen the billions of tabloids featuring our fearless leader?"

She rolled her eyes, "Hard not to. They're EVERYWHERE."

"Tess Mercer! Seriously, the new CEO of Luthorcorp…well at least she's hot!"

She sighed, "I just don't get it. He said she was more manipulative than Lex."

"Yeah, but how would he know? Maybe there's a terrible history there?"

"As in something ex-like?" She asked.

"That would be my guess."

She nodded, "Okay, now that makes sense, but if that's true then he really DOES have terrible taste in women. Mercer is one cold bitch…she came on my show once a couple years back. She's the only guest that I've been forced to refuse to invite back."

"You don't think he's like…dating her do you?" Bart asked with slight fear.

"If he is then he needs to be smacked," She grinned. "And I'd be happy to be the one to smack him. I mean I've been wanting to smack him since he decided to campaign for Obama."

"You two have to stop with the political bickering…let NBC and Fox take care of that…" Bart told her. She could practically hear him rolling his eyes.

"Oh, come on, Speedster…it's mine and Ollie's thing. Without political bickering all we've got are the similar hairstyles," She chuckled.

"Did you actually read any of the articles?"

She scoffed, "Do I seem like the kind of girl who follows the gossip rag-mags?"

"The Inquisitor seems to have proof that he bought her a bracelet from a local jeweler," He told her.

"Jewelry? Poor Green Bean is officially in over his head," She sighed.

"Intervention?" Bart suggested.

"Might be a little too extreme at the moment, kid," She laughed.

"Dude, come on! He's walking into a pit of vipers! Indiana Jones style!"

"Don't call me dude. Let's give the playboy a chance to figure out she's bad news on his own, Impulse." She grinned.

He sighed in a resigned manner, "Fine. Man, you were my last chance. I was hoping you'd be willing to jump in there. A.C. and Victor already told me to stay out of it."

She raised an eyebrow, "Last chance? I'm at the bottom of your list?"

"What? No…who said that?" He said as he tried to cover his slip.

"You did," She told him.

"You know what, Di…I gotta go…yep just remembered I've got a…dentist…appointment," He stuttered.

"Sure you do."

"Later!" Bart said as he hurriedly hung up.

She chuckled as she put the phone back in her coat pocket and shook her head at her young friend. Oliver was a big boy, and he could clean up his own messes.

But that didn't mean she wasn't on intervention stand by.

Random drabble that spawned from the thoughts in my head about Tess and Oliver…