I know, I know what you're thinking, another new story? Well I got the idea from reading "Bump on the Head" by Captain of the Obvious. I liked the story and wanted to do my own version of it. Can I handle all my SasuHina stories at once? HELL YA! Hope you all enjoy this story as much as you do my others.

Hinata awoke groggily in her bed she stretched and yawned, "That was some mission; I must have slept the whole day away." Hinata glanced over at the clock by her bed and was surprised when it only said ten a.m. Hinata got out of bed and into a shower, when she got out and opened her closet and was confused when she saw only one outfit in her closet. "Wow I really have to do some laundry."

She headed downstairs to the living room where Neji, Hanabi and Hiashi were all sitting talking in hush voices. They quickly noticed her presence and stopped talking; Hinata was confused by their action. "Hi everyone."

Hanabi ran up to Hinata hugging her around the waist, "Hinata you are awake!"

Hinata hugged Hanabi back, "Yes….why wouldn't I be?"

Hiashi glared at his youngest, "She means because you slept in late, we were expecting you up sooner."

Hinata thought for a moment, "The mission ran long but I think I'm going to take some time off."

Neji stood up, "Well you better hold off on that because the Hokage wants you in her office immediately."

Hinata let out a sigh, "Already? But I just got back."

Neji patted her on the back, "That's the break when being a ninja; come on I'll walk with you." The two Hyugas walked in the drizzling weather, Hinata noticed Neji was acting weird. Hinata looked around every few seconds because she felt everyone's eyes on her, it was becoming too much for Hinata to handle.

Hinata shook her head, "Is it me or is everyone acting crazy?"

Neji smirked, "It's you."

Hinata rolled her eyes Neji always liked to tease her playfully they had become best friends as they got older. Neji helped her become a better ninja and not so shy and for that she was forever grateful to have Neji in her life. "Whatever I just feel a little off today."

"Well that's ok you've just got back from a very hard mission."

Neji noticed Naruto running over to them before Hinata did, Naruto stopped right in front of them. "Hey you guys. Hinata how are you feeling?"

Hinata furrowed her brow, "I'm fine how are you?"

"Fine, have you talked to old lady Tsunade yet?"

Neji butted in before Hinata could say anything, "No she is on her way now, just like we should be isn't that right Naruto?" Neji took Naruto by the collar and started dragging him away, "I'll meet you after your meeting Hinata."

Hinata shook her head and started walking to the Hokage's office, "After I find out what the Hokage wants I'm in need of some serious bed rest." She entered the office and saw Tsunade and Shizune reading a scroll, "You called for me Hokage-sama?"

Tsunade handed the scroll to Shizune, "Hinata finally! How are you?"

"Good." Hinata wondered why everyone was so interested on how she was doing. "Did I forget to give in some papers after my mission?"

Tsunade sat back in her chair, "No nothing like that I just have another mission for you."

Hinata was a little disappointed but knew she couldn't show it in front of the Hokage, "Ok is it a delivery mission?"

"Nope I guess you can call it a recovery mission. Listen Hinata this is a highly delicate situation this mission must be handled with care. How you do that is completely up to you."

"I'm a little confused."

Tsunade stood up and stood in front of her desk, "Uchiha Sasuke got hurt during his last mission as has suffered a slight concussion. And as of that his memory is a little off."

Hinata was a shocked by this news, "He's lost his memory?"

"No actually he remembers everything he just thinks that you are his girlfriend."

Hinata thought she was in a dream she pinched herself to see if she was in reality, "You can't be serious? I've never said more than a couple of words to Uchiha-san."

Tsunade let out a long sigh, "I know it is uncanny but no matter what we do he won't stop thinking you and him are dating."

"So what am I supposed to do?"

"Help Sasuke either by pretending to be his girlfriend or help him realize that you two weren't dating. Whatever you decided to do it you will be doing it in the Uchiha's home."

"I have to live with him?!"

Tsunade nodded, "He thinks you two are living together, I don't care how long this takes Hinata. Uchiha Sasuke is one of the best ninjas we have in this village and it is your job to help him." Hinata knew that there was no arguing with the Hokage, Hinata just accepted her mission and left.

Like he said Neji was waiting outside for her, "So I guess you heard about Sasuke? Pretty weird right?"

Hinata nodded, "Yeah I mean why does he think I'm his girlfriend?"

They started to walk as he said, "He had a crush on you, so I guess he wanted to ask you out before he went on that mission. When he got a concussion I guess his brain got all mixed up."

Hinata didn't know what was going on, "Uchiha-san had a crush on me?"

Neji nodded he remembered how distracted Sasuke was at times when every Hinata was around, "Yeah I mean he was over a lot don't you remember?"

Hinata thought for a moment and remembered Sasuke being over at her house a lot but she just thought it was to hang out with Neji since the two were friends. And even when Sasuke was over she only remembered saying hi to him. Neji lead her through the town to an apartment building, "Neji what are we doing here?"

Neji held open the elevator doors for Hinata, "This is where Sasuke lives now; he got rid of the compound after he returned for killing Itachi."

The elevator doors opened on the top floor, "But I have to go home and do laundry then pack up my things."

"You're things are already here, I brought them here while you were asleep." Neji reached into his pocket and handed Hinata a key. "Here you go a key to your new home."

"Don't call it that I'll only be here for a couple weeks at the most." Hinata took a long look at the door, "Want to come in with me?"

"No can do, I've got to meet the team for some training." Neji put his hand on Hinata's shoulder, "Don't worry you'll be alright."

Hinata sighed as she said goodbye to Neji and then turned the key in the lock of the apartment and opened the door. Hinata steeped into Sasuke's living room, "Uchiha-san?" She got no answer so she decided to walk around and take a look around the house, beyond the living room was a dining area along with a kitchen. Hinata followed a narrow hallway and passed a bathroom and a workout room. Hinata reached the end of the hall where a door was and opened it and her mouth dropped, it was a huge bedroom with a balcony.

Hinata immediately took off her shoes before stepping on the black carpet, she looked around the room. The room had two dressers one black and one white, two walk in closets, and a huge high canopy bed. She opened one of the closets and just like Neji all her clothes and things were in there. She had just closed the door and two arms wrapped around her waist. "Welcome home."

"UCHIHA-SAN!" Hinata spun around to see Sasuke standing there.

He dropped his arms and raised an eyebrow, "Uchiha-san? You haven't called me that since we started dating." Hinata didn't know what to say she just stared at Sasuke with a confused look on her face. Sasuke reached out a put a hand on her cheek, "Hinata are you ok?" Hinata just nodded she was too focused on Sasuke's hand on her skin to say anything.

Sasuke sighed, "You're worried about the concussion thing aren't you? Hinata I am alright you don't have to worry about me ok? I hate it when you worry, besides Tsunade said I could do everything I used to do." Sasuke gave Hinata a smirk that made Hinata nervous.

"W-What do you mean?"

He reached out and put his hands on her waist, "I think you know what I mean." He grabbed Hinata tightly and flung her on the bed. She quickly realized what he meant, and before Sasuke jumped on top of her she rolled off the bed falling on to the floor. Sasuke fell on the bed, "Hinata are you ok?!" Hinata nodded slowly, "Then come here Hinata."

"N-No….I d-don't w-want too. I-I'm n-not in the m-mood." Hinata didn't know what she was saying the words just came out.

"Are you serious?" Sasuke patted the bed next to him. "Then come here and I'll help put you in the mood."

Hinata knew she couldn't get any redder than she was at that moment, "A-A-A-Are you h-hungry? I-I-I-I'm hungry. I should g-go m-make s-something t-to eat." She ran out of the room as she was saying that, she ran to the kitchen quickly turning on the faucet in the sink. She started splashing cold water on her face to cool off, "If this is how Uchiha-san is going to be this mission is not going to be as easy as I thought it was going to be."