What Lies Within

Pairings- AngealxZack

Warnings-Yaoi, Lemon, Non-Con, BDSM, supernatural elements, and kink.

Rating- Mature

Summary- Kunsel introduces Zack to the world of BDSM after badgering him for a week. Little does the black-haired teen know that this is the beginning of a new life, where not everything is as it seems and where 'spirit energy' meddles and binds.

Author's Note- If none of you remember what Spirit Energy is, go replay FFVII because you skipped over one of Bugenhaugen's infamous Planet lectures. XD Hope you enjoy!

Chapter Six

Angeal watched as the two Turks secured their apartment by using a series of codes on the door, as well as shutting down the power to the hydraulic metal door. Inside, the 1st Class SOLDIER was experiencing waves of guilt. Why had he left Zack alone in such a vulnerable state? When he had spotted the violent manner that the collar had been removed, he knew deep inside that only Genesis would be sadistic enough to do this. Every Sub that he had taken had gone missing, or had been discovered brutally murdered, he should have known that it had been the auburn haired General all along… At a soft distressed whimper from the lithe slave, Angeal locked eyes with the smaller teen and smiled gently.

"Where is your bathroom?" Angeal questioned as Rude turn around to face him.

"Behind you, down the hall, first doorway on the left, we'll wait out here, but if we hear anything suspicious we will come to check on you." The Turk sat down on the sofa and switched on the television, decreasing the volume drastically. Angeal nodded and then blinked when Reno came close, peering down at Zack before offering the teen a shaky smile.

"We won't let anyone get at you again." The red haired youth promised before looking up at Angeal and nodding.

"We'll be out here watching the news if you need anything." Reno told the taller man before plopping down on the soft next to Rude and curling up against the bald headed Turk. Angeal watched the couple with a slight smile before shifting his hold on Zack and walking down the hallway and into the bathroom. It was spacious enough for his broad frame to move about easily, even with Zack in his arms. The teen made a soft sound of protest when Angeal put him down next to the toilet, but keep still when he realized that the older man wasn't going anywhere. Gloved fingers ran through the soft spikes a few times to reassure the 2nd Class that he wasn't leaving and Angeal knelt down next to the tub, turning his midnight blue eyes to the task at hand. He carefully set the temperature of the water before plugging the tub so it could fill. Even though Zack couldn't feel whether the water was too hot or too cold wasn't an excuse to overlook the boy's comfort. He leaned back against the wall, watching the water rise for a few moments before returning his steady gaze to the spiky haired teenager, who was watching him as intently as ever, holding onto the last sense he had like a lifeline.

"Zack…" Angeal whispered softly, wishing that the drug would wear off so he could hold a conversation with the other SOLDIER. He wanted to ask Zack if he really meant those words said desperately in the warehouse. He wanted to assure the teen that he wasn't mad at him at all. He wanted to tell the youth that he was sorry…

"I promised you that you would never have to go through sensory deprivation again… I told you that I would protect you. I let you down, Zack…" Angeal muttered, frowning slightly. Zack made a soft noise and shifted delicately against the wall, unsure of his own limbs since he had no feeling in them. Angeal sighed heavily and smiled slightly, reaching out to the teen to loosen the leather coat wrapped around his lithe frame and then pulled the nude body up against him, running a hand through the wild spikes while keeping a close watch on the water level in the tub.

"Forgive me, Zack…" Angeal whispered, clutching the numb SOLDIER to his chest. They stayed like that for a few moments, until the long haired man had to pull away to shut the water off. The taller 1st Class picked Zack up easily and eased him slowly into the water, careful to stabilize his position against the back of the tub. The clear water was quickly tinged with copper and the SOLDIER frowned darkly before reaching for a dry cloth and dipping it into the water.

"Let's get you cleaned up." Angeal murmured, running the cloth against the teen's face and then down to his bare neck. The missing collar made the taller man scowl lightly, but nothing could undo the true damage that had been done. Zack's virginity had been ripped away without care and then his life had nearly been extinguished. Genesis would pay dearly; he would not get away with this… He immersed the cloth in the tinged water again and ran it over the teen's chest gently, clearing off the dried blood there. The SOLDIER hesitated then, wondering how deep Zack's trust of him ran. Would his slave shy away now from him if he tried to clean the blood caked on his thighs? Angeal had failed him in everyway a master could, so he wouldn't be surprised. It was the rejection that made him pause, but the long haired 1st continued, slowly pressing the cloth to Zack's inner thigh and beginning to rub the copper-colored stains off. Nothing… Not so much as the slightest flinch or shiver… Wide dark blue eyes looked into the teen's face.

"You trust me that much…? You were just raped, puppy, how could you not even be afraid of me after that?" That amount of trust from any individual was astounding, and given these circumstances, Zack should be especially afraid and suspicious. Angeal smiled tenderly, continuing the soft massaging motion of the cloth.

"Puppy… If you are truly in love with me, then I am very lucky to have something so precious…" The long haired man whispered. It was a little unfair to Zack for saying things when he couldn't hear them, but the taller man wasn't intending on keeping this information away from the lithe youth when his hearing returned.

Angeal turned the water back on and rinsed the cloth off until it was white again and rubbed soap into it until it frothed with bubbles. He unplugged the tub and let the dirty water out only to stop the plug again and fill the bath up with new water. He gently ran the cloth over the youth's skin, pausing to dip the cloth in the water to get the suds out and rinse the bubbles from teen's skin. Once confident that all traces of the rape had been washed away and that Zack was clean, Angeal put the wet cloth aside and drained the tub again, refilling it with lukewarm water.

"I'm going to wash your hair now, Zack…" Angeal murmured, knowing that the teen couldn't hear him, but wanting to explain aloud anyway. The taller man took the youth gently by the shoulders and eased him slowly backwards into the water, never letting the water rise above the nose and mouth. When Angeal pulled him back up, the rebellious spikes had been tamed down, but definitely had not been concurred. Some errant ones were already beginning to stand back up when the older man began to rub shampoo into the wet ebony hair.

"So stubborn…" Angeal mused out loud, smiling a bit as he massaged the sweet smelling liquid into the spikes. Those pale blue eyes closed finally so the bubbles wouldn't get into them, out of instinct more than necessity. The 1st Class SOLDIER's smile grew bittersweet as he carefully submerged the teen with one arm, leaving one hand free to rub through the youth's wet hair. Angeal continued to comb his fingers through the hair until all traces of shampoo ebbed away. He sat the boy against the back of the tub carefully and then unplugged the stopper for the last time. Angeal paused, tensing when someone knocked at the door.

"Hey, it's Reno. I'm leaving a pair of sweatpants outside the door. Zack and I are nearly the same size so it shouldn't be too much of a hassle." Angeal nodded even though the Turk couldn't see him.

"Thank you. We're almost finished in here." He informed, wrapping his arms around Zack and lifting him free of the tub.

"Okay, good. Rude ordered some takeout and he nearly grilled the guy into the ground when he arrived. So, we have some food out here. I can't give any guarantees that that dude will deliver here in the future though…" The joke made the SOLDIER smile and he knew Zack would've appreciated it if he could hear Reno's voice. His enhanced hearing picked up the stealthy footsteps of the red haired Turk leaving and Angeal sat the teen down against the wall, carefully toweling the lithe form off.

"It will be alright, Zack. I won't leave you now. Not ever." Angeal vowed quietly and he stood back, grabbing the sweatpants and carefully dressing the youth in them. The road to recovery might be shorter since the 2nd Class SOLDIER trusted him so deeply, but it would still be tough. Angeal never back down from a challenge, especially one that involved his puppy…

Reno and Rude were lounging together on the couch when Angeal entered with Zack in his arms. The boy had been toweled off and dressed in Reno's sweatpants, the soft black spikes still damp from the bath. The red haired Turk smiled when he noted that he and Zack were nearly the same size, the pants fitting snugly against the lithe hips. The cheerful expression faded however when Reno noticed the state the teen was in, silent and still as a toy doll. Not happy. Not like Zack. It was almost painful to see him like this. Rude moved to the smaller loveseat to give Angeal room to sit and lay the boy down with the teen's head lying against his thigh. Reno sat some of the takeout on the coffee table in front of Angeal, green eyes meeting Zack's in reassurance before he sat on the sofa with his bald headed Dom.

"How long do you think it's been since he's been drugged? He should only have an hour or so left, right?" Reno questioned softly, careful of the delicate silence lingering in the air. Angeal frowned softly and stroked the black spikes softly, concern in his midnight blue eyes.

"We'll be here when the drug wears off, it doesn't matter how long it takes…" The long haired SOLDIER murmured, never ceasing the gentle motion. Reno smiled and plopped down next to his Dom.

"You love him, don't you?" Reno questioned with a grin. Rude gave him a sharp look from behind dark sunglasses.

"Reno…" The red haired Turk tensed in anticipation for the other's smack but it didn't come so he decided to push his luck further.

"It's not like he can hear the answer yet! Ow!" Yeah, he figured that would do it. But then again, Reno was fond of the cuffing of his head in a small way. The 1st Class frowned gently at the pair, considering the question for a few moments. Zack was perfect trust and perfect love. But did he deserve something like that? And how was he to return it when he was the boy's master?

"Are you two in love?" Angeal asked seriously. Rude shifted uneasily and Reno blinked his green eyes before beaming at the long haired man.

"Of course we are! We just did it the other way around. We fell in love and then started with the BDSM." The red haired Turk replied without pause, still grinning from ear to ear. Rude said nothing but nodded in ascent.

"Then it's impossible for us." Angeal murmured with a frown. Rude looked up at the SOLDIER with a solemn expression.

"Then you don't deserve to be Zack's Master." The Turk stated bluntly, not balking in the slightest when those eyes flared an angry green.

"What?" The taller man growled lowly. Reno looked at his Dom with wide green eyes and sank back into the cushions of the loveseat, ready to jump out of the way if the spiky haired teen's Master attacked.

"If you have already given up on Zack just because you didn't fall in love traditionally, then you mock his sacrifice and trust. If you don't love him back, you are worse off for it." The Dom told the older man with a flat tone. Dark blue eyes widened and Angeal grasped at reasons why this shouldn't happen. But they were slipping through his fingers like water. Zack had done everything, had given up everything and had held nothing back. They had trust, affection, and companionship. They even had a soul-deep bond. So would it be so wrong if they fell in love as well?

"So, do you love him or not?" Reno chipped in; his Dominant not even bothering to tell him off for his defiance this time. Angeal closed his eyes and smiled softly, his fingers moving over his slave's face.

"I think Zack should be the first to know." Angeal answered with a gentle expression. Reno blinked and then broke out into a grin, but didn't say anything. Another long silence fell over the room and the red haired Turk fidgeted restlessly, trying his best not to stare at Zack because the boy was helpless and might be intimidated by staring. Rude suddenly nudged his smaller Dom and nodded.

"We should give them some privacy…" The bald headed man stated lowly and he stood to his full height before exiting the room, throwing a pointed look over his shoulder. The emerald eyed Turk blinked in confusion and looked at Zack, stunned when seeing crystalline tears streaming down the delicate face.

"Umm… We'll be back, later." Reno stated with wide eyes, smiling feebly and leaving the room to join his taller lover.

"Puppy…" Angeal breathed, running ungloved fingers over the warm tears. Zack's body was shaking and his eyes had widened. The drug had run its course and had now left the teen to cope.

The 1st Class SOLDIER ran his fingers through Zack's silky black hair, eyes shining with concern at the intensity of the teen's shaking and his continued silence. He gathered up the lithe body into his arms and held the youth to him.

"Zack, it's alright now." Angeal murmured, fingers splaying over the quivering shoulders and rubbing. Tears soaked the heavy uniform sweater as the 2nd Class sobbed and clung to the larger man, the first sound he had uttered since the rape.

"M…Master…m'sorry…" The spiky haired slave sobbed, trembling against Angeal. The older man's brow furrowed and his hold on the smaller boy tightened slightly.

"You did nothing wrong, pup. I should have been with you; it's my job to protect you." The SOLDIER murmured, his frown deepening when the spikes brushed against his chin as the younger shook his head.

"M'sorry…" The youth whispered again and Angeal began to rub the boy's lower back to comfort the distraught 2nd Class.

"What are you sorry for, Zack?" The long haired man questioned patiently.

"Broke rules…" The smaller boy murmured and Angeal smiled, pulling back from his puppy to look down at the tear-filled eyes. He cupped the curve of his slave's face, stroking the jaw line.

"I don't care about the rules you broke, pup. Like I said, it wasn't your fault, so you weren't in the wrong. What I do care about is helping you feel safe and content again. Tell me your troubles, puppy, and you can take all the time in the world to hurt. I'll be here." Those pale blue eyes blinked, forcing more tears to fall and Zack buried his face in Angeal's chest and clung, quiet sobs wracking his lithe body.

"He…he cut the collar off…and then hurt me, but…but then he didn't let me feel at all… It's like it happened but then again, I didn't feel it. Like a dream… I…I don't think I'm okay…" Zack shuddered into the embrace the larger man had on him, burying his face into the firm chest, trying to hide from the world. The older SOLDIER hummed lightly with a frown and placed a finger underneath the boy's chin, lifting those drowning blue eyes to meet them with his own midnight orbs.

"Puppy… You were raped; I cannot tell you that it didn't happen. And I will not tell you everything is okay now, because it isn't. But know that you couldn't control it and you will heal. You are strong, Zack. I believe you can do this." Angeal murmured softly in his deep voice, not breaking eye contact with the shattered youth. Those beautiful eyes closed for a few moments, as if the teen were trying to gather himself together, and then opened again to look at the taller man with a raw emotion.

"You think I can do this?" The teen questioned softly, his tenor voice wavering. Angeal smiled gently and nodded firmly.

"I know you will get through this. But still take time to hurt for yourself. A wound needs to bleed before it can heal." The older man told his slave. Those leaking eyes closed again and the teen pressed close, sobbing quietly, his hands fisting in the uniform top tightly. It could have been minutes, or hours that the youth cried, Angeal didn't keep the time, but knew that his own chest was tightening from the other's pain. It hurt physically to see something other than a smile on the smaller SOLDIER's face. It also was apparent that the phantom echoes of pain within him might have something to do with what he witnessed on the footage from their latest mission. So the older man merely held his broken slave close and let him cry until there were no more tears to escape from those beautiful eyes, until the sobbing ebbed off, and the teen grew quiet. Only then did Angeal move a muscle, cocking his head to look down at the distressed teen. Zack was looking up at him tiredly, but wasn't crying anymore.

"Master…I…" The teen stopped when the other man smiled softly.

"You don't have to rush it, Zack. Take it slowly…" The other man advised, knowing that the teen had to have a lot of questions and didn't want too much information overwhelming his slave. The spiky haired 2nd Class paused, looking away for a moment before meeting his master's eyes again.

"When I was falling…and when…Genesis took me…I saw…" Zack stopped here and looked at the older man pleadingly, not wanting to sound crazy and not wanting this to be overheard if the two Turks in the adjacent room didn't know. Angeal stared down at the smaller teen for a moment before nodding.

"What you saw was real, Zack. Genesis and I are experiments under Doctor Hollander. The wing is a mutation of sorts, from our DNA being altered. We are not human." The words were laced with regret and self hatred, but Zack found himself shaking his head. Not in denial of the information being shared, but the emotions behind those words. Angeal was more human than most people, and was very important to Zack. It hurt to hear that the older man didn't think much of himself. Those midnight mako eyes were slightly confused now, probably at Zack's reaction.

"You are human, Master. You've just had bad things done to you. If this rape wasn't my fault, then experimentation on you isn't either." The teenager insisted with a stubborn air. The older SOLDIER couldn't hold back a smile, his dark blue eyes gentling. Zack was comforting him now, even when he himself was hurting. An ungloved thumb reached up and ran gently underneath the boy's wet eye, wiping the latent moisture away that still clung there.

"Call me Angeal, puppy." Those wet eyes widened, making Angeal smile, "you've more than earned the right." Zack tilted his head, considering the other for a moment.

"How have I earned it, Angeal?" Zack murmured, frowning a bit when his older master shook his head negatively.

"Not tonight, pup. It's getting very late and you should relax and rest." The long haired SOLDIER told the boy still sitting in his lap. Zack hesitated a few moments before nodding slightly and laying his head against the broad chest of the older 1st Class, listening to the reassuring thump of the other man's heart. The other man's hand went to his newly dried spikes, carding through the soft strands repeatedly, causing the youth's eyes to shut. This went on for minutes of silence until there was a sound from the next room. Zack opened his eyes and looked over to see Reno and Rude enter the room, knowing that the sound he had heard earlier had been a courtesy to him. Turks rarely made noise when moving. The fiery haired Turk smiled at him and Zack returned it when a small one of his own.

"Hey, Zack. Are you comfortable?" Reno questioned, sitting down on the loveseat with his bald headed Dominant. The shorter youth nodded, watching the two closely. Reno was leaning back into the sofa and Rude was texting on his cell, probably intentionally deterring his attention from Zack in order not to intimidate him.

"Are you hungry? We have some takeout." The slim Turk offered with an encouraging smile. The teen nodded in response, a little startled when Angeal leant forward and opened one of the boxes. The taller SOLDIER gathered some noodles between chopsticks and offered it to Zack's lips. He would have thought he was being babied if only for the fact that his master had fed him before now. Angeal had never done it in front of other people, but it was familiar ground that made the teen feel a little more secure. He was also comforted from the fact that his master knew that he wasn't weak. The youth leant forward and closed his lips around the chopsticks, gathering the slightly cold seasoned noodles into his mouth and chewing.

"We'd have gotten something else, but it is rather late at night for delivery." Rude explained; sunglass-shielded eyes still on his phone. Zack shook his head after chewing another mouthful.

"Thank you. It's fine." Both Turks relaxed at the sound of his voice. Reno's emerald eyes softened slightly and then the teen yawned widely and stretched.

"It's time for bed, Rude." He informed with a grin, knowing that the other man was in too subdued of a mood now to question his submissive's gall to issue orders. Merely a nod and a 'hmm' sound was his answer, along with the cell phone closing.

"Zack, you and Angeal will be taking the guest room. It's the door across from the bathroom. You can stay up as long as you prefer. Goodnight." Rude stood and was followed by his smaller red haired lover, who flashed a smile over his shoulder as they left. Angeal continued to feed him until he shook his head, a little satisfied from the full feeling in his stomach. If Zack remembered, the last time he ate was three days ago. His master set the takeout aside and wrapped his arms around the smaller teen.

"How are you feeling, pup?" The deep voice queried over the sound of the heartbeat Zack was listening to. The 2nd Class SOLDIER locked eyes with Angeal and smiled shakily.

"I feel safe again, and I think I might be fine later. But…" His voice trailed off, as well as his blue eyes. Angeal waited patiently for his slave to continue.

"What's going to happen to…Genesis?" Zack asked finally.

"You don't have to worry about that, puppy." Angeal answered with a frown.

"But, I would like to know…" The spiky haired teen replied, looking up at his master's face pleadingly. Angeal sighed, realizing he was becoming weak to those azure hues, especially when they were sad.

"Sephiroth and Tseng are tracking him. Genesis will most likely be put to death for raping and killing many innocent SOLDIERs. He can't continue to live." The larger man answered. Zack hesitated.

"Put to death…by you?" The pale eyed 2nd questioned, looking at Angeal with a solemn expression.

"Yes, pup. By me." The SOLDIER answered with a nod. The soft chime of Angeal's cell made Zack jump and tense, only relaxing at the soothing words from the older man's mouth before his master quieted and answered the phone, one arm still securely around Zack's lithe frame.

"Hewley." Angeal intoned, wondering what this was about. A deep chuckle answered and Angeal knew at once that the caller was Sephiroth.

"You don't need to be on edge, Angeal. Genesis fled headquarters and is no where near where you two are. Cissnei and Tseng are on his trail." The silver haired General informed.

"That's reassuring." Angeal replied with a soft sigh. Sephiroth made a soft noise of acknowledgement.

"How is Zack?" He asked. Angeal's eyes met his slave's curious ones with a soft smile.

"He's recovering, and needs rest." The larger man answered.

"Both of you can rest easy tonight. Genesis will be found and he can't get to either of you. Take care." The connection was severed and Angeal closed his phone, pocketing it. Zack yelped lightly when his world shifted suddenly, finding him securely in Angeal's arms and on their way to the bedroom. The softness of the sheets was pleasant to feel after so much brutality, and the fact that Angeal immediately drew him into his embrace made the feeling grow tenfold.

"Angeal…?" Zack questioned softly, glowing blue eyes looking at his master, who smiled in response.

"Tomorrow, puppy. Just rest and know that you are safe." Angeal murmured, running a hand soothingly through the soft black spikes. Zack hummed and leaned into the touch, knowing that the other SOLDIER would chase away his nightmares if they came for him in the night.

To be continued…

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