Just Visiting


A/N: I'm sure most all of the readers here know the actors who play the Suite Life characters, but just in case there's a few that don't: Zack and Cody Martin are played by Dylan and Cole Sprouse respectively and Phil Lewis plays Mr. Moseby.

"Well boys it's been a…interesting…semester. I'm sure everyone will miss you the next time we set sail!" Mr. Moseby said to Zack and Cody Martin who stood with the rest of their classmates on the main deck waiting for the S.S. Tipton to finish docking at her port in New York. Zack raised his eyebrow, clearly catching the sarcasm.

"But Mr. Moseby, with all the money our mom has saved from not having to buy us groceries, replace things we break at the hotel and having to pickup Zack from detention all the time she's able to afford another semester at Seven Seas High!" Cody said brightly, a winning smile on his face. Zack gave him a dirty look at first about the detention comment and then shrugged, seeing the logic in his brother's statement. Moseby's great bit smiling happy face slowly turned to a look of pure terror as he looked from one twin to the other, hoping in vain that they were kidding.

"NOOOO!!!" Moseby screamed in a high pitched voice, staggering sideways and having to hold onto the deck rail to remain standing. The boy's teacher went over to comfort him, but soon they were both crying at the unfairness of it all.

Zack and Cody gave the two of them looks of extreme incredularity for several seconds before smiles started creeping across their faces, forming first at the corners of their lips, as they lost their composure. They glanced at each other and couldn't help but burst out laughing.

"Cut!!!" a familiar voice shouted from the twins left side further down the rail. "Ladies and gentlemen, that concludes the taping for the final episode of the Suite Life on Deck, season one!" The nearby live audience burst into applause and supportive cheers as the director finished his sentence.

Dylan Sprouse gave the audience a bow while Cole gave them his winning smile and a grateful wave. Together the boys shook Phil Lewis's hand and congratulated him on his performance before they made their way towards the director who turned to address the audience once again.

"I'd like to thank you all for coming to watch and your support. It means a lot to us all!" He paused for a moment as deafening cheers from the mostly teen girl audience buffeted him before continuing, "Now you won't be able to see your favorite twins on television for awhile, except when the new episodes of the Suite Life air on the Disney Channel, because they're taking some well deserved time off and going on a cruise to the hottest destinations in the Atlantic and Caribbean. Though I'm sure SOMEONE will catch them on a camera and post in on YouTube the first chance they get," he finished with a grin after that last remark.

As a renewed outburst of cheers exploded from the audience, Dylan walked up to the divider that separated the audience seating from the rest of the set with Cole in tow. Together they worked their way down the bottom row as girls packed in tightly to get autographs and an occasional hug from their favorite heartthrob teen actors. It wasn't often the twins gave back so much to the audience, but it was the end of the first season after all and they were feeling full of life in anticipation of several weeks of blessed rest and relaxation aboard the cruise ship Disney Wonder.

With a final goodbye, more waving and smiling, the boys made their way off the set and towards the studio exit. Their new talent manager Tim met them by the exit.

"Awesome work guys! So are you ready to hit the waves and catch some sun?"

"You know it!" Dylan answered excitedly, following Tim out into the parking lot behind the stage to his SUV. Unexpectedly Tim tossed his car keys at Dylan who barely caught them, as his head had been in the clouds for a moment, thinking about the fun in store for them on the Wonder.

"Wanna drive?" Tim asked with a sly grin. The twins had their driver's licenses' now, but even so they rarely were able to drive except for a few hours of free time on the weekends under their father's supervision.

"Heck yeah, thanks!" Cole seemed a bit put out by not being offered the keys first.

"No speeding says your dad. You're driving us to wherever you guys want to go for a quick bite to eat and then Cole is driving us the rest of the way to the airport."

"Sweet!" Cole replied, jumping into the back seat while Dylan and Tim climbed into the front seats. The boys proceeded to have a short debate over where to eat before leaving.

Several hours later Dylan and Cole had checked their baggage at the terminal, gotten their first class tickets printed up and boarded the plane that would be taking them to Orlando, Florida where they would then be driven by a Disney employee to Cape Canaveral where the Wonder was presently docked. It went off mostly without a hitch, though the Los Angles airport was an easy place for famous stars to be spotted. After being surprised by the occasional squealing outburst of a fan and escaping the ones following them through the airport Tim stayed with them until they boarded and then bade them farewell.

Dylan played on his Nintendo DS for awhile while Cole read a book. They talked with the people nearest to them for a few minutes and were mildly amused when their flight attendant had to shoo off a group of girls that had snuck up to first class to catch a glimpse of them. Cole gave them a goofy wave to go along with Dylan's wink and thumbs up as they left.

"That'll probably end up on the Internet, I think one of them had a camera phone," Dylan mused, shutting off his DS and reclining his seat, ready to take a nap on their non stop flight from LAX to OIA. Cole tucked away his book in his carry on backpack and reclined his seat back as well.

"Yeah. Anyway, feels good to be done with the first season. Now here we are taking a vacation on a cruise liner. So ironic," Cole said, closing his eyes and getting comfortable.

"Just think, tomorrow afternoon we'll be kicking back in Florida doing whatever we want. Can't wait!" Cole mumbled an affirmative and Dylan decided it was best to just stop talking and go to sleep himself. He quickly fell into a deep rest and dreamt of some of the last few episodes of the Suite Life on Deck where he was Zack living and going to school aboard the luxury liner S.S. Tipton with his brother and all of their co-stars as though it were his real life.

Author's Note: So yeah! Really different direction that what my other current story "The Chaos Demons" is taking. Sorry, no demons, time traveling, super powers or hectic battles to stay alive here. This is just an idea I've been thinking about lately and thought it might make a good short story.

Well now, Dylan and Cole are off on their vacation and soon they'll be hitting the high seas aboard the Disney Wonder. Who knows what'll happen…they might just run into another famous luxury cruiser liner on the open ocean...

Let me know if you like this idea please! Until next time, peace out!