Preview: Chapter Four

"The Bermuda Triangle"

"We'll keep an eye out for him Mr. Sprouse," The Wonder's security chief assured him.

"Thanks. He's probably just off somewhere having fun, but he didn't come back to our room last night," Cole replied. He jammed his hands into the pockets of his pants and walked down the side of the ship. Mario Velasquez, one of the body guards assigned by Disney accompanied him. If he'd been expecting some secret service agent looking person, Cole had been dead wrong. Young and of Latino heritage, Mario was an expert in many forms of martial arts, small arms handling and conflict resolution, but you wouldn't expect him of all that when he was dressed in casual clothing like flashy shirts and swimming trunks. He was pretty damn cool actually.

"He probably snuck off to a dark corner of the ship with a fan." Mario joked, his eyes tracking back and forth over passing guests behind his sunglasses. Every so often a handful of people would freak out when they recognized Cole pass them. He looked so ordinary and no one expected him to be here that many simply overlooked him. The man's words stirred a recent memory about Dylan.

"You know, he was spending some time with a fan yesterday!" Cole snapped his fingers, "I think her name was Sarah Evans?"

"Let's go check with the cruise director and see if we can find her. Maybe she knows where your brother went too." They changed direction and made for the sky deck where the director was usually at.

"She'd better. If we don't find him by tonight I'll have to call dad and tell him he's missing…we'll all be in deep shit then…" Cole bit his lip, scanning the crowd for his brother's familiar face but finding nothing except for the occasional surprised fan staring back at him. This was supposed to be a fun cruise, but it was quickly turning sour.

"Dammit Dyl, where are you?"

Dylan moaned into the carpet as he started regaining consciousness, his head felt like it was about to explode. He really just wanted an ibuprofen and a glass of cold water right about now. His eyes opened and immediately shut again, nearly blinded by the brilliant while light illuminating the room that he was in.

"Welcome back to the land of the living!" a familiar voice said from off to one side. Dylan turned his head in the speaker's direction and opened his eyes a crack seeing his brother sitting cross legged next to him.

"Cole? Where am I?" he asked drowsily. His brother frowned at him.

"You called me that earlier. I'm Cody Martin. Who's Cole?"

"No, no…" Dylan dropped his face back onto the carpet and muttered into the ground. It was just a dream, it would all go away if he ignored it and didn't accept any of this nonsense.