Michiru almost got down on her knees, but doctor Takawashi didn't give in. „Sorry, Miss Kaioh, but I can't let you in the operation room. You can visit her after we took care of her." Michiru sighed and finally stopped her begging. Instead she asked: "What happened to her?" "Apparently, someone stabbed her with a knife. Three wounds in the stomach, one in the abdomen, a few centimeters underneath her navel. She was lucky that the attacker didn't stab her peritoneal, or her intestine." Michiru covered her mouth with one hand in shock. "Dear God. Who would do such a thing?" She didn't let the poor doc time to answer, since she found the answer herself. "Satoshi." "Yamada Satoshi?" Takawashi asked, and Michiru nodded. Takawashi considered this for a moment. "Could be right." He then said. "He really hates Miss Tenoh." Michiru nodded and sighed. "We'll have to wait for Miss Tenoh to wake up, she'll be able to tell us who did this to her." Takawashi then said. Right after his last word, the door of the operation room opened and two male nurses rolled out a bed. Haruka laid in it, her eyes closed, obviously unconscious. "Haruka!" Michiru immediately rushed to her lover's side and accompanied the two male nurses into the room they put Haruka in. As soon as the two men had left, Michiru took a seat next to her lover and gently stroke her face. Haruka moaned and opened her eyes. "Hey." Michiru said softly. Haruka managed a weak smile, although her stomach hurt like hell. "Hey darling." She replied, her voice thin and husky. "How are you feeling?" Michiru asked concerned, and Haruka closed her eyes. "Terrible." Came the honest reply. Michiru sighed and planted a kiss on Harukas cheek. "Tell me who did this to you." She then demanded. "Satoshi." Haruka answered, telling her the whole story afterwards. When she was finished, Michirus face was red with anger. "That asshole!" she cursed, and Harukas eyes bulged out. Before Michiru could continue her tirade, the door opened and a familiar – and unwanted – man poked his head in. Haruka just stared before she said: "Hiroshi?"

Hiroshi walked into the room, obviously feeling extremely uncomfortable. "Hi Haruka." The young man said, looking down on the floor. "Hi." Haruka answered while Michiru just stared and said nothing. "What do you want?" the blonde asked, and Hiroshi fiddled with the hemline of his shirt. "I'm sorry." He suddenly blurted out. Haruka's eyebrows shot up. "Sorry?" Michiru asked, still angry. "Sorry for what? For making Harukas live a living hell?" "Yes." Hiroshi answered, "and for all the other things we did to her. To you." He looked at Haruka directly and spoke on. "I thought that the rumor thing wasn't that bad", Michiru let out a small hiss, "but now Satoshi went too far. First he hurt your dogs, and now he hurt you…I really tried to stop him from doing that, but he wouldn't listen!" Haruka sighed. "Where is Satoshi now?" Michiru asked. "I don't know." Hiroshi admitted. "When he went off to slaughter you, Haruka, I quickly hurried home and called the police. They'll be searching for him by now, I guess." "Good." Haruka said, giving the nervous Hiroshi a slight smile. "Don't worry, Hiroshi, I won't pull you into this by telling the police about your behavior towards me." Hiroshi also managed a little smile, and Michiru finally calmed down. "I suggest you try to find out if Satoshi is already caught, Hiroshi." The aqua haired woman said, and Hiroshi nodded. "I'll be back when I know something." With that, he left, and Michiru turned back to Haruka. "Look look." The blonde grinned. "Hiroshi does have a heart after all." "Wouldn't have guessed that." Michiru admitted. "When I saw him coming in, I thought he has something evil in mind." Haruka just shrugged and stifled a  yawn. "God, I'm tired." She then stated. "I'll let you have your sleep now." Michiru offered, stood up and kissed her lover goodbye. "See you tomorrow, hon." "See you tomorrow, sweetie." Haruka replied, and Michiru left.

Three weeks later

"I'm so happy they finally let you out." Michiru sighed while she walked out of the hospital next to Haruka. "Yeah, me too." Haruka sighed. "But I'm even happier that Satoshi is in jail." Michiru just nodded, taking her hand while the two walked down the stairs and to Michirus car, where Sakura already waited. "I think we can live peacefully now." Haruka stated. "Now that Satoshi is gone…maybe I will be accepted." "I think you will." Michiru answered, smiling. "The night after my first visit, my phone practically burned. Every single inhabitant called and left Get well messages for you." Haruka grinned and shook her head before she got into the car. Michiru also jumped in, and Sakura drove off, up on the hill to Michiru's house. But all three women knew that she didn't just drive home; she also drove into a new life for Haruka.


Author's final notes: It's finished. Crap! *lol* I really loved this story, and now I'm sad that it's over. Maybe there'll be a sequel, if anyone is interested in it *gg*

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