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After all the years as a vampire we have never been to an Arts school. Weird huh. Well not until now. We are officially on our way to Bridge Stone Arts and Sport School.

Aghh im so excited.

"Love, your excitement is making the best of me sitting next to moppy over here" Jazz whispered in my ear and pointing to Edward. I sighed. Edward, I wouldn't blame him he left his one true love for her safety, but we all knew he wanted her to be like us so he could stay with her forever. I miss her. We left 200 years ago.


"Alice you have to promise me not to try and find Bella ok?, I wanted it as if we weren't even here to begin with" Edward said with a hurtful expression.

"I can't Edward, I want to look out for my sister I do really want her to be as well as you hope she would be but she won't she'll be like you" I said shook my head dry sobbing.

"What do you mean Alice?" Edward said

"You will find out soon enough, ok I promise not to look out for her" I said and stalked off.


"Can you stop that Alice please" Edward said he hadn't spoken of weeks.

"OMG he talks say more" Emmett said from the drivers seat. Edward growled and looked out the window.

"No need to go to fast Em we will be there in less than 1 minute" I said

We drove up the large driveway to the school. Let me just say first WOW.

We arrived at Bridge Stone Art and Sport School.