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Warning: spoilers for the TYL arc

.: Waiting :.

They bought a land of about a ten squared miles for Tsuna.

They could have bought more, as money was not tight as one might imagine in these circumstances, but the landlords fled for their lives long ago. What they had left was this pathetic land not worthy to be the last resting place for Vongola Decimo. (Yamamoto insisted Tsuna would have loved the small stream that ran through it though.)

Someone had suggested that they planted some flowers where the coffin would be, so that Tsuna could look up and see only beautiful things, and not what the real world might turn out to be. Gokudera suggested that they go to hell and burn there, because under no circumstances that the Tenth boss of Vongola famiglia would be reduced to fertilizer for those damned plants. Yamamoto, for once, agreed with Gokudera completely.

In the end, only flowers that went inside the coffin with Tsuna were the ones they painstakingly cut from Tsuna's personal garden and rid of the thorns.

They had not the heart to bury him. (A ceremony had been held deep inside their secret base though.) Not one of them said a word about it. So the ominous yet graceful box lied there, untouched except for when the guardians made their visits.

(No one was ready to let him go.)

They took turns to come and replace the flowers every few days, but Mukuro came every night to reinforce his illusion on Tsuna's body. Other guardians would pretend that they knew nothing, and would look the other way if they actually crossed path with him. Gokudera, also, religiously visited to have one-sided conversation with his beloved boss everyday. (Hibari came once, though no one had expected him to.)

At first, they successfully pretended that nothing had to change; that Tsuna was just locking himself away on a vacation and no guardian was allowed to accompany him, that he would come back, that they were just biding their time for his return.

It had worked, for a while, when they tried not to be around each other much (or let themselves be unoccupied). Because right then, when every guardian was present, the void which was Tsuna's place amongst them, would stick out like a sore thumb.

They managed. It hurt without Tsuna, but they could live on in denial.

So it was a surprise (a reality check, rather) that, in an ordinary afternoon, with a tiny package of a boy (they could hardly remember Tsuna being that small, or that naive), Tsuna came back to them from ten years in the past.

They realised then, that the ordeal was over; that their wait finally came to an end.

- fin

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