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"And so, a man began to write a story. And that story, overflowing with hope, had just begun."

Fakir stood at the window that overlooked Kinkan town and admired the moonlit scene with a sigh on his breath. It had been three very long years since he had helped Mytho to defeat the monster raven. Rue, his best friend's princess, sailed off with Mytho in a glorious chariot pulled by swans shortly after the victory. Fakir had chosen the path of the writer and wrote the town's story while Ahiru had turned back in to a duck permanently. She retained her memories of her life lived as a girl and stuck by Fakir's side. He always wondered what she thought about, having lived as a girl but only being able to function as a duck could.

Shortly after the monster raven's defeat Ahiru and Fakir began their new life together. It was peaceful to say the least, but lonely at many times. Most surprising was the fact that her feathers. which were once gold. began to turn the purest shade of white. The yellowed feathers that she used to wear began to fall one by one off of her form. Fakir noticed this one day and pointed it out to the duck, who began quacking in the most annoying way while she ran around excitedly.

"I'm turning in to a beautiful swan!" she cried, but Fakir could only hear a bunch of quacking. Sometimes when he was drifting off to sleep he would hear Ahiru talking to him. Sometimes he saw her. She was always beautiful, but things were changing as time went by. She developed a bit of womanly curve in her body (not that he was looking too closely...) and her hair was turning the most appealing shade of rose pink. Her eyes, whether a swan, duck, or girl, were always as blue as the sky, full of hope that never ran out, and wide with childish wonder. Her freckles were starting to fade as well, slowly. She was growing a bit taller, and to Fakir, she was turning into the perfect woman. Her voice had started to change as well; no longer high pitched and squeaky, it began to sound similar to silk if it could be given a voice and entranced Fakir each time he heard it whispering his name. He thought that these were all lovely daydreams that sleep gave him to instill a lingering hope, so he paid them little mind except to muse over when he'd sit for a spell and think.

He was awake now because he had heard Ahiru again. Fakir had changed over the last three years as well. He was taller, with broader shoulders, longer hair, and softer eyes. But only when he was thinking about Ahiru. He rarely went to the Academy unless it was to give a special dance lesson to the students that were still aiming to do ballet for a living. He remembered Mr. Cat, and ironically, the cat remembered him too, for he stopped by the house often. The cat's visits were so frequent that Fakir gained Mr. Cat, Mrs. Cat, and their kittens as part of the growing family. Mr. Cat seemed to remember Ahiru as well and generally the whole family of furry animals gathered around the blooming duck to sleep. Sometimes Ahiru swore that she could feel Mr. Cat staring at her with one of his unique looks that implied "One day you're going to marry me, duck. I don't know why, but you will."

"Ahiru," Fakir said quietly as he turned onto his side. The duck was sleeping in the basket with all the cats, as was normal for her now, but she was the strangest thing in the rounded wicker. Mostly white feathers adorned her body, save for three that were still clinging to her head as if their fate depended on it. Fakir had been collecting the feathers, placing them in a jar that was above his writing desk. Why, even he didn't know, nor did Ahiru, but it was sweet to think on anyway.

After getting a glass of water Fakir went back to sleep, picking up a kitten from his pillow and resting his head in its place instead and allowing the small creature to curl up under his chin. "Maybe tomorrow," he thought to himself before falling in to a lovely sleep. He drifted off thinking of Ahiru turning into a girl again.


"Nnn, is it morning...?"


"Shut up, I'm trying to sleep!"


Fakir slowly opened his eyes, looking mildly irritated. Ahiru stared at him, wearing one of his shirts that came down to her knees, her light pink hair tumbling down around her knees in loose locks. "FakirIturnedbackintoagirlisn'tthatgreatwellwellwelldon'tyouthinkso?" The young woman was speaking very quickly and Fakir just stared at her. He stared and stared until it finally clicked in the back of his mind.

"Ahiru! You're a girl again!" Fakir leaped up and wrapped his arms around Ahiru, hugging her tightly around her waist. When she didn't say anything Fakir looked up at her and saw that she was blushing quite an embarrassed shade of red.

"Oh-" He let Ahiru go and she fell on his bed, blushing and giggling. The cats that she normally slept with came over to join them and after sniffing the girl thoroughly, accepted she was still the duck that they slumbered next to each night and began to nuzzle against her ankles.

"Fakir, isn't it great!" Ahiru smiled up at the man and he blushed, having to look away from her quickly. She really had grown in to a beautiful woman... but why? Slowly he looked down at the basket Ahiru slept in. There were three golden feathers resting in it. Looking a bit surprised, Fakir went and picked them up before going over to the jar full of Ahiru's feathers and placing the last three pieces of her childhood in the glass container. Then he went back to Ahiru and smiled down at her before pulling her on to her feet.

"Come on Ahiru. You can't wear my clothes all day. I'll take you shopping." Fakir gave Ahiru some clothes of his to wear for the moment, but then grabbed a small satchel of gold and tied it around his waist. Soon the two walked out of the house together with the cat family following them lazily towards the shopping district.

"Shopping? But why Fakir? I don't think I need to go-" Ahiru stopped. There were her friends Pike and Lilie, both on the arms of handsome tall men. Lilie looked more grown up and had let her hair grow out, styling it so it was in two braids instead of the two puffy tails with bows she used to wear it in. Pike had let her hair grow as well, but then cut it so it was short in the back and long in the front. Both were wearing Academy clothes, but they fit differently. They showed off the girls' bodies more; they looked graceful and serious rather than the childish way they had acted in the past. But when they spotted Fakir they bolted over to him, both men forgotten in the blink of "Fakir has a girl with him".

"Fakir, hey Fakir, who's your girlfriend?" Lilie was of course the one to ask this. Pike just smacked her forehead and sighed.

"M-my what?" Fakir blushed quite a shade, as did Ahiru, who was sort of hiding behind him. She was unsure what to do in this sort of situation and thought silence would be the best answer for now.

"Girlfriend. Girl you are dating and love and plan on marrying," Lilie continued, giggling at Ahiru. "Come on now miss, don't be shy, tell us your name!"

"My.. my name? My name is Ahiru," she said quietly, holding on to Fakir's arm. Pike and Lilie stared at her for a long time before tilting their heads in the same direction.

"Ahiru? Ahi.." Pike got it first, eyes widening. "Ahiru! But you moved! I didn't know you came back! And to Fakir! Naughty girl!"

Lilie perked up before grabbing Ahiru and spinning her around. "Oh Ahiru, you ended up with Fakir instead of Mytho! Rue got him and they went to a different academy together!" Lilie was positively glowing with her unique brand of love. "But they'll be back to put on a special show tomorrow! I can't wait for you to see it! And since Fakir is a special teacher at the academy, he is of course invited, so you will be too as his D-A-T-E!"

Lilie continued to gush about the ridiculous things that went on in her head until Ahiru went back to hiding behind Fakir, still shy about everything that was going on.

Fakir smiled down at Ahiru before he gently patted her on the head. Lilie and Pike both saw this and made little noises in their throats, stepping away and pointing accusingly at the two.

"Fakir! Fakir we saw that! You love Ahiru!" They were in sync during their shrieking, and after their outburst ran back to their boyfriends, dragging them away and talking loudly about how sweet Fakir and Ahiru looked together, but how sad it was that she had to settle for less than Mytho.

Fakir stared down at Ahiru. "Shall we go shopping then?" He sounded a bit embarrassed after the random attack from her friends, but looked a bit relieved when she nodded and looked equally flustered.

"Yes Fakir!"

Slowly, Fakir led the way in to the marketplace.

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