It was just another day in the forest, all the animals were going about their daily lives

Including two foxes, Tod and Vixey

"Hm I wounder why Vixey wanted me to get so much fish for breakfast today?" Tod asked himself as he walked to the lake

Vixey had been acting real strange for the last few days, she seemed more calm, happy, and kept saying the number "six."

"Is this part of that heat thing?" Tod woundered remembering Vixey telling him that she had gone into heat. Which Tod (being raised by humans and not knowing these things) was totaly cluless about what that meant

"Or is it part of that game she showed me? Na why would Yiffing be the cause of it? It did feel rather nice thogh,"

Tod decinded to quit woundering about it then and focus on the fish.

Back at the burrow, Vixey was resting in the grass as the sun shown down on her

"Boy will Tob be suprised when I tell him the news," Vixey said as she patted her tummy (it's not big yet, their's no bulge)

"Vixey I'm back," Tod said holding five fish in his mouth, and all wet

"Oh Tod I'm so happy," Vixey said as she nuzzled him

"Why? It's just fish," Tod said

"No not the fish Tod, it's about me. I'm pregnant," Vixey said

"Pregnant?" Tod said as if not knowing the meaing of the word

"Yes, you know pregnant," Vixey said

Tod stood their silent and looking confussed

"Tod do you know what that means?" Vixey asked

Tod shook his head no

"Are you serious? You don't know about where baby foxes come from?" Tod again shook his head

"Baby foxes?" Tob said as he began to look around searching for the little pups

"Your mom never told you about that?" Vixey said

"I never really knew my mom, or dad," Tod said "They died when I was real young,"

"This is going to be harder than I thought," Vixey said to herself "Okay Tod time to teach you about the miracle of life,"

-three minutes later-

"Oh my gosh you ate the six baby foxes!" Tod screamed as he ran away in fear

"No Tod I didn't eat them...Okay in a way I did, but it's no like that," Vixey said chasing her mate who had mistaken the phrase "Baby foves come from mommy foxes tummy."

"Boy you pups are going to have a crazy dad," Vixey said to her stomach