Disclaimer: The Potterverse and its characters are intellectual property of J.K. Rowling. I'm just borrowing them for a short while and promise to give them back unharmed.

A/N: Set during DH, Snape muses about McGonagall and his feelings. My first try into English language is a drabble that turned out to be a poem.

Many thanks to Chemistress and Chivalric (from TPP) for helping me with some mistakes. Many thanks, too, go to Whithehound for her very helpful suggestions!


Alcina vom Steinsberg





His eyes follow her,

as she walks in the grounds,


Up in his his tower,

his office;

the one he never wanted.




He leans his forehead against

the icy pane, closes his eyes. Why?




He feels so cold,



There's no way

he can make her understand

he has no right to even try,

it's too dangerous.

He chose this path, willingly,

there was no other way.

He touches his coat

right over his heart

as if he could feel its emptiness

as if he could stop its aching

with a simple touch.

She could, though.