Disclaimer: The Potterverse and its characters are intellectual property of J.K. Rowling. I'm just borrowing them for a short while and promise to give them back unharmed.

A/N: Another drabble-that-went-poem in English language. The style is rather experimental, I hope you like it! Many thanks to Lady Liadan for helping me with my weird translation into English.


Green and Black

Alcina vom Steinsberg


A gaze like fire. A gaze like ice.

Will fire melt ice? Will ice quench fire?


Green robes swish past black robes.

A sparkle on a spectacle lens, a glitter in an obsidian eye.

A feline hiss, a serpentine sizzle

Snake meets cat

A game?


Hands touch, reaching for the teapot

Green advances, Black retreats

Green pauses, Black stills


Side by side at the quidditch match

Black cheers first, but Green holds victory

Afterwards, a mutual drink

Was it rivalry or fun?


Late at night

Black makes his rounds

Green follows quietly,



Morning sun sees them hand in hand.