How High the Moon

by Winterwitch


Holding a tumbler loosely in his hand, Severus leaned his head on the sofa and sighed contentedly. This is the life, that was worth fighting and nearly dying for.

A decent Scotch, some Jazz playing quietly, the French doors of the cottage standing open and letting in the fragrant spring air, while the moon pours his cool light over the lawn.

Something was missing, though, the most important part. He opened one eye at the soft sound of the door opening. Pulling her close when she snuggled up to him, he kissed Minerva full on the mouth.

Life was perfect.


A/N: Inspired by Chet Baker's "How High the Moon".

A short note to my faithful readers: I'm changing my penname into The Winterwitch in the next few hours. According to FFnet, you might need to update your fav or alert subsciptions to my account. I'm sorry for the inconvenience!