Later on…

Rachel sat upstairs, alone on her bed feeling kind of guilty.

The bedroom door opened and Harriet walked in. "Rachel, everyone is downstairs ready for dinner. Please would you talk to Richie's dad, Alex."

Rachel glanced up at Harriet and then looked back down, focused on her hands sadly.

Harriet walked closer to where Rachel was sitting. "Why didn't you tell us Richie's dad was alive?"

Rachel sighed. (the heart touching piano begins to play in the background)

"Harriet, when I first found out I was pregnant, I was so scared!" She looked into her eyes as she explained her story. "I didn't feel like I was in the right place. I mean, I wasn't ready to be in a serious relationship… so, I ran off."

Harriet sat down on the bed. "Rachel, let me ask you, were you in love with him?"

Rachel kind of looked at her with doubt. "No, I wasn't. I guess, that's why I left him. I felt like I was in such a strange place in my life." She paused for a moment. "But, after I left, I met this man, fell in love with him and got married."

Harriet smiled. "Robert?"

Rachel smiled back. "Yes. It felt so perfect. You get to where you know what he's going to say before he even says it." She continued to smile. "And you laugh at the same things." She paused for a second, changing her facial expression to more serious. "But then, things change."

"Rachel, it's not your fault."

Rachel looked down for a second and then back up to Harriet. "No, it is! I was wrong for not telling anyone. I was just afraid to admit that the guy I married, wasn't Richie's father." She paused. "I just figured, since I was married with the man I loved, it would be more right and didn't matter because we would someday have a perfect family, like you and Carl."

"Well I wouldn't call what Carl and I have is perfect." Harriet paused. "But we do understand the importance of family. And I think it's important that you try to work things out with Alex so that way Richie can have a mom and dad to look up to." Harriet smiled at her.

"You're right." Rachel sighed. "Harriet, I'm so embarrassed. That poor man has been sitting downstairs waiting this whole time. I don't even know what to do when I go down there." She looked at Harriet for advice.

"Be lucky that Richie's dad still cares for him because there are some men out there that don't even care for their children." Harriet paused for a quick second. "This gives you a chance to start over and make things right because, Rachel, family matters."

Rachel smiled and sighed relief. "Thank you, Harriet. You always know what to say."

Harriet smiled back. "Now lets go downstairs for dinner. Remember, just talk and eat, but, try not to do both at the same time."

They both laughed.

The door bell ranged as they walked downstairs.

Harriet opens the door and there standing was mother Winslow. "After all these years I've been taking care of Carl, you would think he give me a spare key to the house."

Harriet smiled. "Come on in."

Rachel walks to her. "Hi mother Winslow."

"How are you Rachel?"

"Oh…hopeful." Rachel smiled. "You see, Richie's dad is here."

Mother Winslow looked kind of surprised. "Oh is that so?"

Alex poked half his body out from the kitchen door. "Is everything alright?"

Rachel looked at him. "Yes Alex." She smiled.

He smiled back at her and returned back to the kitchen.

"Was that him?" Mother Winslow asked.

"Yes." Rachel replied.

Mother Winslow smiled. "Ohhh he's hot!"

They all laughed together.