Danny Phantom: The Supernatural

A Fanfiction by Sealeena

Chapter Four: Parental Bonding (In Sensational Dragon-Vision!) Part II

Previously, on Danny Phantom: The Supernatural

"Hey Dad!" he called out in a false, cheery voice. The paper that explained the reason for a parent/teacher conference was held in his hands, which were trembling in fear. "Catch anything yet?"

Jack let out a loud belch after he pulled the line back in. "No, not even a bite." The fishing line was cast out again into the swirling energy that was the gateway to the ghost world, another sip of beer, another can crushed. "I'm so pissed that I just want to take it all out on the first person that gives me bad news…anyway, you wanted to tell me something?"

"Uhhh- sorta. Mr. Lancer-"

"Mr. Lancer what?" he interrupted. Swirling around in his chair, he loomed over his son, making a very imposing figure at that moment. His eyes narrowed. "Is this bad news?" he asked softly, the drop in tone scarier then the lunch lady ghost could ever be.

"Ummmm…." Danny hid the paper behind his back and suddenly smiled as an idea hit him. He loved his moments of rare brilliance. Allowing the same feeling to enter him when he had been sucked into Dash, he had it wash over him again and placed his hand on his father's back, suddenly being sucked into a place he would normally avoid at all cost. Jack's eyes flashed green a moment, the only indication that he was possessed, before returning to normal. In his father's voice, Danny exclaimed, "Mr. Lancer wants to have a word with us!"


Amity Park Mall, while not the largest mall in the world, was still of an impressive size. Slightly higher end stores of Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister, and Bebe were among some popular favorites. There were always events being held for both artistic and shallow in main fountain area. It also had a notable food court that boasted the usual Subway, Burger King, Pizza Hut, although there was a higher end steak house that was nestled to the side.

It was at this particular court, labeled "Time 2 Grub," that sat three best friends. Sam, being the strict, classic type vegetarian, was enjoying a veggie sub rich with green peppers, black olives, although drenched in the sweet onion sauce that she so loved to indulge in.

It was around four in the afternoon on the beautiful Friday that marked the day of the dance, causing the mall to be a little more packed then usual.

She was dressed in all black today, usually a good indicator that Sam was more into her Gothic ways and was probably thinking things too deep to mention to the boys. Her tank top hung low, allowing the swell of her breasts to be seen. The black pants were the male suit style, with accentuating off white pin stripes and hung low on her hips. Various chains were attached to several pockets and she had on her old, trusty combat boots that had been through practically anything and everything.

Danny had a Big Mac, no lettuce extra Mac Sauce and a large Coke. He had gone with a more casual appearance then usual. His jeans hung comfortably and were held loosely with a brown leather belt (more fashion then function), the jeans themselves having numerous rips and holes with a faded washing. His blue and white plaid shirt had the sleeves lazily rolled up to the elbows, gaping at the collar and allowing the expanse of his beautiful throat and neck to be shown.

Those two alone would have made a gorgeous, quiet couple, but then panning slightly to the right there was also Tucker included, which kind of blew the whole romantic image (unless one's mind went into the gutter and threesomes popped to the top….probably a place that should never, ever be delved into, even hypothetically speaking). He had gone with two large slices of meat lover's pizza from Sbarro's and a pepperoni calzone, along with an extra large Mountain Dew to boot. He wore a white American Eagle t-shirt with the logo proudly displayed on front and some boot cut jeans to match. The red fedora was present….as usual (and completely random like the last few paragraphs).

Sam swallowed another bite of her sub and looked at Danny quizzically. "So, your Dad is going to chaperone the dance…our dance?" A pause. "I didn't even know we still had chaperones."

"Yeah," Danny muttered. "But he doesn't know he's going to chaperone the dance because he doesn't !" He took a large gulp of air after spitting out the sentence so fast and practically inhaled the rest of his meal while he was at it.

"Whoa hold on!" Tucker exclaimed. He took another bite out the half a slice of pizza. "You can just waltz into someone's body and take over them without that person ever knowing it?"

"Hey douche bag, weren't you listening to me? Pretty fucking much." For good emphasis, he punched Tucker's arm with a little extra ghost power behind it to actually leave a bruise on the giant teddy bear.

"Ow!" Tucker rubbed his arm and glared at Danny. "What the hell did I do man?"

"You know what you did you fucking asshole, so don't even play all innocent with me." Danny was referring to the fact that he had found out today that Tucker was taking Sam to the dance. The bastard had dared him in order to score a date with their best friend. He couldn't believe he let his ego get in the way of making sure that Sam actually was going with someone until the last minute. He felt like a moron, but more, he felt betrayed. Not by Sam, of course. He understood her reasoning and would have done the same thing if he was in her shoes…and actually a girl, but with Tucker, he was still angry. The man knew the feelings he had for Sam and still pulled a stunt like that. "I don't know whether to kill you or just maim you."

"Yeah, thank the guy that got you to go to the dance with the Queen Bee."

"I didn't want to go with her I wanted to go with-"

"GUYS STOP IT!" Sam yelled with a surprising amount of force. She placed herself in between the two young men and looked at them incredulously. "Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you guys?"

Over in another part of the mall, at the Forever 21 store, there was a fleecy tee sale happening. If someone was popular and female, they were currently fighting over the coveted articles of clothing.

Paulina happened to be one of those girls.

"I've just got to have one of these!" she exclaimed as she tore apart the display, looking for her particular size. "They're so unique!" (Note the fact that eighty-five percent of the girls in the store already had one) "Miiissss!" A clerk adjusting another nearby display paused and then practically skipped over to the Spanish beauty. "Do you have this in a size small?"

The woman, with a vapid stare, suddenly clasped her hands together and went, "Oooo - Sorry! We just sold our last small Forever21buttondownfleecytee to someone else."

"Will you be getting anymore anytime soon?"

Also note that she obviously had not paid attention to the signs throughout the store that clearly stated 'Today Only' for the fleecy tees.

The girl with smartly styled bleach blonde hair and blue eyes, and very thin body type, stated in a Valley Girl style voice, "The Forever21buttondownfleecytee is actually discontinued." She gave a saccharine smile. "If you already haven't gotten one, you are doomed to suffer as a social toxic outcast for a period of no less then five and no more then sixteen weeks! Tee hee, sorry."

Cue brilliant white smile that has the same effect as fake cheese.

Though fake cheese is better.

Much better.

"SIXTEEN WEEKS?" Paulina screeched hideously. She ripped the Forever21buttondownfleecytee in half with no effort. Her eyes began to glow a brilliant red, the pupils disappearing entirely and matching the glowing intensity of the necklace. Instantly her skin turned a dark shade of blue and became slightly transparent. In a matter of seconds, the sexy Latina went from being a boy's wet dream to becoming a very familiar dragon. "ME WANT FLEECY TEE YOU FUCKING FAT BITCH!" the Paulina dragon roared before spitting out a long line of green flames that engulfed the display stand of the last of the beloved popular tees, incinerating them completely.

Even though the dragon pretty much covered the entire store and was cracking the ceiling, it still had enough room to make a particularly graceful move. Quickly, and without warning, the creature made a small curve within the confines of the store and snapped open its maw, clamping down on the waist of the poor Valley Girl store clerk. The girl only had a brief moment in which she took a deep breath, her life blood coming through her lungs and traveling up to curl around her lips. With a clean jerk, the poor teenager was severed in half, her entrails being dragged along the store as the dragon pulled back with the lower half of her body.

Gallons of blood gushed from the still warm body onto the floor, but was quickly lapped up by the long, thin tongue of the ghostly, serpentine creature. The upper twitching half of the clerk was also consumed and down the proverbial hatch. Then, the dragon gave another roar, engulfing the store in flames before escaping into the actual mall itself. The surviving people in the store ran out screaming, causing a stampede of people rushing, trying to escape the mall of death.

In a large effort, Sam had managed to calm the guys down. "It's just a stupid dance. I wasn't even planning on going; but, Tucker said he was all out of options and said it would be good to go as friends."

"Sam!" Danny shouted in disbelief. "You can't believe that." He grabbed her wrist lightly and gently pulled her closer. Completely ignoring giant teddy bear man a.k.a. Tucker, he stared at her intently. "You know that I wanted to go with you…right?"

Her eyes widened and she blushed. "Danny…." She was interrupted by the mall being cleared out by a very large crowd of hysterical shoppers. "What the hell-"

The telltale sign of a thin trail of cold, blue vapor leaked out of Danny's mouth. The three friends looked in the direction of where the people were coming from.

"Ghost time huh?" Tucker grabbed Danny's French fries. "Can I have these man?"

Danny rolled his eyes. In all the chaos, he allowed the change to come over him (everyone was much too distracted to watch the awesomeness of the ghost boy transforming….dragons were more interesting). In a quick flash, Danny became Danny Phantom. Gorgeous blue eyes turned into glittering, green emerald orbs. The tanned skin of youth turned into a perfect, ghostly pale shade. Jet black hair became thicker, pure snow white strands that seemed to stand up inhumanly straight. It also invoked rule thirteen on the grand list of console role playing game clichés titled: The Higher The Hair, The Close to God (Cloud Rule), obviously meaning he was very important.

Then there were the ultra superhuman, otherworldly powers.

Which were totally cool, by the way.

Danny Phantom gave Sam a confident grin and winked at her. She grinned.

The ghost boy let a burst of energy come over him and he flew towards the dragon, allowing himself to float up and come to eye level with the creature. "Haven't we met before?" His answer was a funnel of green, acidic flame headed his way, though he easily dodged the attack. "Ok, let's try this again. Hey, I'm Danny Phantom. How's it going?"

The dragon flipped around in the blink of an eye, the tail snapping and slamming into Danny Phantom's chest. With the incredible force, several of his ribs cracked upon the impact and he was thrown back into a store window labeled See's Candies. The glass shattered, the shards slicing his back open, but before the blood had time to start running down his back, his ghost powers came into effect and the wounds healed. They became nothing but faint marks and he was allowed to shake off the blow fairly quickly.

"Fucking crabby, apparently," he muttered.

The dragon swiped for Danny Phantom and he flew over the giant arm, scoring a blow to the creature's midsection. They both went flying back, but before they hit the ground, dragon Paulina grabbed him and they skidded to a halt.

Slamming giant claws on the ground so that he was trapped, dragon Paulina roared, "MUST HAVE TEE!"

"Tea? Oooo good idea. Coffee could make you a bit jittery." At this point, he began to lose his physical form and began to meld into the floor. "Better yet…." He disappeared completely, the ghost dragon looking down at the empty floor in confusion. Suddenly though, he materialized as he flew back up, a first formed. "Have some PUNCH!" He scored a hard hit under the jaw, sending dragon Paulina flying.

One of the shoppers that had been from the other side of the mall and not realizing the pandemonium that had ensued minutes earlier, was minding her own business. She was very happy being able to grab the last, limited edition Forever21buttondownfleecytee in a size small. However, the joy at a steal was short-lived as she looked up to find the source of a growing shadow and saw a monstrosity of a ghost dragon headed her way. Dropping the bag, she screamed hysterically and ran away before she could be crushed to death by the large creature.

Dragon Paulina hit the ground hard, the force of impact sending the amulet flying and coincidentally landing into the nearby Forever 21 shopping bag that had just been abandoned. In mere moments, the hideous monster shrank back down to busty, gorgeous Paulina Barrera.

She looked around confused, almost feeling like she was shaking off the result of a night of very hard partying and bad choices. "Whoa. What hit me? ¿Me acaban en una orgía grupo de nuevo ?" A soft glow alerted her to the bag within arm's reach. "Hey, my amulet." She reached into the bag and put it back around her neck. A second glance revealed the real prize though. "Hhheeeeyyy, my fleecy tee!" She jumped for joy. "Oh they must have had it in my size. I guess good things happen when you maintain a positive attitude."


In a different, undestroyed part of the mall…

Danny Phantom flew up through the floor and materialized on the second level of the mall. He allowed the change to come over him and the sexy cool ghost persona disappeared in a flash of light. In place was Danny Fenton.

"Danny!" Sam threw her arms around his neck, his arms encircling her waist in a tender embrace. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine." He squeezed a little bit more, bringing her closer. "That's the second time I've fought that thing this week though, we need to investigate." Pulling back a little, but keeping a hold on her, he looked into Sam's eyes with concern. "How are you though? You didn't get hurt or anything, right?"

"I'm fine thank you very much," Tucker replied sarcastically.

"You know Tuck, this is probably the point when you should leave. You know, that way I don't take over your body and commit suicide." Danny's eyes turned his alter persona's ghostly green for a moment. "Like. Now."

"Pick you up at seven Sam!" He was gone in the blink of an eye.

"Wow, that is probably the quickest exit I've ever seen from that man," she commented. She felt the hold on her tighten. "Danny?"

He buried his face into her hair, breathing deeply and enjoying her perfume. The silky hairs tickled his nose and he felt his throat tighten. "Should I really be doing this Sammy? I don't want the people I care about getting hurt." His fingers played with the hem of her tank top, riding it up and brushing against the skin of her waist. Goosebumps broke out where his fingers touched and he felt the delicious shiver that ran through her. "I especially don't want you to get hurt. You….you mean so much to me Sam."

"Danny…" Her eyes fluttered closed in pleasure at the sensation of his touch. "You're just still rushing off the adrenaline high."

It felt good.

So wonderful, and her skin burned in the most amazing way.

The tingling sensation was spreading and oh, this was Danny, her best friend.

Was this actually happening?

"Maybe." He pulled back, suddenly feeling very awkward. He tried to swallow the lump in his throat. "Well, we should probably get going if we want to get ready in time for the dance." The slight smile that had been on her face suddenly fell and he felt like such a bastard for taking that away from her. "I'm glad you have a date for the dance, Sam. Even if it is Tucker." He tried to bring up her spirits. "Hey, you better save me some dances. I hope you have a lot of fun."

"I will as long as you're there."

The two friends grinned at each other before heading their separate ways…and completely avoiding the fire trucks and police force that came rushing to the mall mere minutes later.


At Fenton© Works…

"I don't understand why I have to wear this stupid thing." Jack tried to unsuccessfully straighten his brown and dark blue pinstriped tie. He had ditched the hazmat suit for the evening that was replaced with an actual suit. It was a classic three piece, the tie tucked into the vest. The suit itself was a few shades lighter blue then the tie, and the shirt was of a very dark blue. A silk brown handkerchief was poking out of the top pocket. Even though he had gained weight over the years, he still cut a very handsome and dashing figure. However, he was still having issues tying a tie. "Damn! I can't get this tie at all. Maddie, help me out baby."

"Oh darling, you look so good." She helped straighten the tie out. Her hair this evening was lightly feathered and the fresh, light makeup she wore gave her more of a sparkle and energy, making her seem years younger. "We don't want to embarrass Danny." She had a 50's style dress, black with big white polka dots and a big red belt cinched at the waist. Her matching red heels were adorable. "It's been forever since I've been to a school dance. I'm kind of excited."

Jack smiled and pulled his wife closer. She giggled lightly and for a moment, it was as if you could see the couple that fell in love in their early twenties.

It was very endearing.

But then the moment ended when Jack mentioned, "You know, I don't even remember volunteering for the dance. It's like this vague blur."

"Well maybe if you didn't drink half a liquor store that day you would have," Maddie growled. A few beads of sweat appeared on Jack's forehead. She held up her hands. "I don't want to fight about that. You hardly ever do it, and boys will be boys. Besides, I've noticed something else." She looked at her son who had been sifting through the fridge, having just come fresh out of the shower. He wore a pair of sweatpants, the waistband of his underwear peeking out the top. The towel was slung over his bare shoulder and he was currently drinking out of the two liter of Mountain Dew that was stored in the fridge. "By the way Danny, I think you should know I'm onto your little secret."

The poor boy swallowed wrong and he felt the fizzy pop go up his nose.

"What?" He spit out the remaining liquid he had in his mouth and looked at his mother nervously. "What secret?"

"Oh Danny, the clumsiness, the nervousness." Maddie smiled slyly at her son. "I can't believe I didn't figure it out before….you have a girlfriend!"

"It's a lie I'm not a ghost!…" He stopped a moment and looked at her quizzically. "Wait…girlfriend? No, she's not my girlfriend. She's just going to the dance with me."

"That's great!" Jack exclaimed. "I can meet her and talk to her about ghosts!"

"Um, I'm going to get ready." He rolled his eyes. "Jazz is beyond lucky that she escaped out of here when she went to college." He started up the stairs for his room. "Ok, so I'm going to have to entertain Paulina, dance with her, make sure Tucker keeps his grubby mitts off of Sam, and make sure that my Dad doesn't embarrass me and throw me further down the social ladder." He paused on the staircase and appeared to be deep in thought for a moment. "I can. Handle. That?"

He frowned and continued slowly up the stairs.


At the Manson Household…

Sam, grudgingly giving into her mother's wishes, had used the in-house hair stylist and makeup artist to look gorgeous for the dance tonight. She already was a beautiful young woman with clear skin and large eyes, but the artist had truly brought out her best features, giving her a smoky, smoldering look with dark eye shadow. False eyelashes made her eyes jump out even more and the bright red vixen lipstick was completely boner worthy.

Her dress still hung on the rack in her walk-in closet, so she was sitting on the bed at the moment in her tight, green yoga pants and a bright pink sports bra. She was typing away on her laptop, somewhat bored.

The normally messy hair was slicked back and parted to the side. He looked like a classic spy. The black tuxedo with a bowtie to match formed perfectly to his frame and gave the image of a suave, debonair man. Black shoes were shined to perfection and for once, he had confidence in those of his blue eyes tonight.

He looked into the webcam. "Tie straight, shirt tucked in, unbreakable ghost fishing line tucked away just in case…" He peered more intently at the fact that a half naked Sam was on his monitor. "So um Sam, what's taking so long with that dragon research?" Tucker was occupied with trying to learn how to tie a tie. "If you need help getting ready, I can come help you put your dress on."

He noticed Sam's ears turn red and couldn't help but grin widely.

He was so totally on tonight!

"Ha ha very funny Danny." She smiled but pressed on, trying to ignore the comment that made her mind go completely south and down the gutter. "I'm sending you the link right now."

Tucker came over and peered at the screen, finally getting his attire down.

"Oh hey, that's it." The picture of the dragon he fought stared back at him, the centerpiece of the web page. Danny clicked a link that said 'More Info.' "Medieval ghostly legend held that the cursed amulet of Aragon could transform any wearer into a dragon form under extreme states of emotional distress or anger." He peered intently at the painting of the dragon depicted and sighed. "Fucking great. That's the same exact amulet that I gave to Paulina." He thought back to his first encounter with the dragon and felt like slapping himself. "It must have accidentally fallen into my bag…wait! You mean I'm going on a date with a dragon?"

"Like I said, looks are deceiving," Sam reminded. "I'm going to get dressed now. Tucker," she leaned closer to the screen so that only her face was visible, "I expect you here in ten minutes buddy. What are your colors?"

"Black and red my beautiful little fox," he replied. The plain black suit with a silk red shirt to match the fedora was very slimming for his large, muscular frame. It was also quite attractive. "We gotta match after all." He tipped his hat and winked as Sam disconnected the chat session, which was cleanly knocked off. "Ok, seriously Danny, I am this close to kicking your skinny ass. My foot is gonna be shoved so far up your ass you might need a general surgeon instead of a proctologist."

"You're a fucking dick to rub this entire thing in my face." The green tint of ghostly energy began to slowly flash in and out of Danny's eyes. His alter ego was trying to break through. After all, Tucker had gotten the one girl that meant more then anything to him. "You know I like Sam. You know you have no right swooping in like this and trying to play hero. That's my job."

"Ok, first thing man. You are not the only hero in this joint. Second, you are going to go on a date with fucking Paulina Barrera. You only had a huge crush on her since, like…the eighth grade. I thought you would be pumped. Third, you have had all of high school to make a move on Sam. It is not my fault if you're such chicken shit."

Tucker thought about continuing. In a normal fight, he'd be able to take Danny. After all, he worked out more and was technically in better UFC shape then Danny could ever be. However, he forgot one very important thing that should remind him to never piss one of his best friends off.

Ghost powers.

Danny had powers that, while he still needed to get control over them, he was very well on his way to doing so. At this point he had more then enough control of those powers to kick Tucker's ass.

Or maybe take control over his body.

Which is exactly what Danny Phantom had done.

The only thing Tucker remembered was that one minute he was staring in surprise at rage filled, glowing green eyes and the next…he was at Sam's doorstep feeling like he had the living shit beat out of him. Or maybe it was the hangover from hell? Either way, he felt horrible, but there was no time for that because Sam had opened the door.

All the pain in the world wouldn't stop him from going to this dance with her looking like that.

Trailing all the way to the floor and with a small train, the dress itself was a vibrant red and strapless, clinging to every soft, willowy curve of her fragile frame. Right below the knees it flared out, allowing her enough movement and when she walked, there were sexy, slim black heels adorning her feet.

"Wow," was all Tucker could manage.

Sam smiled. She walked down and looped her arm with the one that her friend had enough sense to offer.

"Good to know that I can clean up from time to time, huh?"

Her eyes sparkled and all Tucker could do was stare at her, slightly dumbfounded.

"You-you are just. Oh. Damn. Wow. Amazing."

She laughed slightly. "I'll take that as a compliment."


Outside Casa Barrera…

Danny parked his Honda Accord along the curb and allowed himself to take a deep breath. He had to fly back as fast as he possibly could after he allowed himself that little detour. While he was disappointed he couldn't see how Sam looked until the dance, he was quite satisfied with the fact that he pretty much beat the shit out of himself while "shadowing" in Tucker's body. While it hurt him at the time he had taken over his friend, the pain immediately disappeared the moment he had left his friend's body.

Good to know next time he wanted to beat the piss out of his best friend.

As Danny walked down the pathway to the large, Mediterranean style home that held six baths, four bedrooms, he tried to come up with excuses to get his necklace back. "Paulina, about the amulet….it's an ancient family heirloom and I need to get it back." Upon further thought, he slapped himself across the face in disgust. "Fuck no. That blows."

Before he had any time to think on the subject, one of the ornate doors slowly creaked open. Behind that door stood a very large, very tall man, standing at least 6' 7" tall and wide enough to make any linebacker balk at the sheer monstrosity of the man. He wore a red sweater vest with an underlying white shirt rolled up his arms and gray slacks. Manly, graying hair adorned his chest and he had thick hair slicked back. The moustache was large, bushy, and intimidating.

Very intimidating.

Danny stared a few moments. However, realizing he needed to preserve his life he remembered his manners and gave a charming smile. "Oh hello. You must be Paulina's father, sir. I'm Daniel."

The man gripped both of his hands into a fist, his eyes the same shade as Paulina's of a stunning, deep brown. They were currently narrowed in anger. "If you ever upset my pequeños príncipes, you and I are going to have a very, violent talk." He jabbed his large, hairy finger into Danny's chest hard, emphasizing the fact he could crush the young man before him. "Got it?"

"Oh Pa-pa, you're scaring him!" Paulina exclaimed from the top of the stair case. Her hair was in large, spiral waves and cascaded gently down her back. Her makeup was bright and flashy, thick golden eye shadow dusting across her lids and heavily laid on lip gloss to make her lips seem more full and plump. "It's not nice to put the fear in my date so early on." The dress was a shining green, with thin straps and an empire waist that helped emphasize her breasts. A large bow was in the back and it all fell into place in a foot and a half long train. She stopped next to him and adjusted the elbow length matching gloves, as well as adjusting the dragon amulet that happened to match oh so nicely. "Come on, we're going to be late."

"Have a good evening baby!" Mr. Barrera waved. As soon as Paulina had her back turned he glared at Danny again. "I know where you live."

"Oookkayy," he replied. "Glad we had a chance to chat."


At the Casper High dance…

It was a red carpet event as far as everyone was concerned.


There was a red carpet rolled out from the sidewalk all the way into the main gymnasium. Their school had its own separate building to hold the gym and workout facilities, the dance taking place there instead of the main part of the institution. Since it wasn't prom or homecoming, the Hyatt hadn't been booked. However, the dance committee still put a great deal of effort into it, deigning to put down all the stops for a Hollywood red carpet theme. Spotlights, bubbling non-alcoholic champagne, and sushi featured as the main course was elegant, although mostly ignored.

Main Event Productions was DJ-ing for the night and currently playing enough hit music with heavy bass that every sex-crazed teenager was more then happy to dry hump against each other to said popular music.

The dance was a hit.

But then of course wherever Mr. Lancer was walking, teens tended to run away as quick as possible, trying to get away from his muttering as he mused over his "hip" book. "Let's get down with our bad selves…yo! Shake that thing." The girl he was directing his comment to gave him the finger. "Hey G, you're my dawg."

"Go to hell Lancer!"

"That's detention for you Dennis Miller! I know it was you!" he shot back.

A few feet away, Danny grabbed two champagne flutes, handing off one to his date, who was unfortunately dressed in green and not red. Surprisingly though, Miss Popularity was hanging on his arm. It was most likely due to the fact that dressed as he was, Danny became hotter then Patrick Dempsey. However, it did not stop his nervousness as he tried to be smooth and casually said, "Paulina, I was thinking, that amulet-"

"Isn't it fabulous?" she interrupted. "I haven't taken it off since you gave it to me, unlike some things I certainly could."

"Completely ignoring that inappropriate comment, I shouldn't have given that to you in the first place because…." It was at this point he noticed his little pixy sipping daintily from her champagne flute and laughing at something that Tucker was showing her on his PDA.

His heart stopped, finding her beyond beautiful in that moment.

"It belongs to Sam!"

Paulina's eyes flashed a dangerous ruby red, a serpentine tongue snaking out and smashing the flute. He carefully replaced his glass in her hand.

"Um, but I- I wanna make it up to you." She glared at him. "I'll get you something else….something more special."

It was at that particular moment that Mr. Lancer caught site of the Fenton couple. "Jack Fenton!" he gave a welcoming smile. "About our conversation the other day concerning Danny…"

Speaking of Danny, he noticed his parents as well. "Like sushi! I'm going to go get you some special sushi!"

Quickly turning intangible, he literally flew into his father and having taken control of what he coined as shadowing, melded into Jack's subconscious seamlessly. Setting aside the slightly nauseous feeling of suddenly feeling everything else of another person, he quickly took control of the situation.

"Oh that Danny boy of mine. He has certainly grown into a fine, young man. As his father, I get that all the time."

"Jack, you sound kind of strange," Maddie commented. "Your vocabulary seems expanded and you're not being distracted by every shiny object in the room."

Danny, as Jack, gulped slightly. "It must have been something I ate." He started running to the sushi bar. "Hey, how about I get us some drinks? Doesn't that sound great?" He pushed himself through the wave of his peers. "'Scuse me, excuse me, adult coming through. I shave every day…." He found his two best friends standing off to the side and sidled up to them. "Tucker, Sam, we've got a problem."

The two stared up at him, eyes wide and full of fear at being grounded.

"We had nothing to do with it Mr. Fenton…." Tucker looked around, panicked. "It was all Danny's idea!"

"Tucker, it's me, it's Danny! Sam, I want you to try to help me find Paulina." He glanced at the crowded dance floor. "I lost her when I shadowed Dad. Tucker, keep an eye on my dad. If he starts talking to anyone besides my mom, text me."

Sam grinned as he walked away. "This dance is getting better and better with every passing minute." She kept to the edges of the room, heading for the doorway in hopes of cutting her off. Luckily, she didn't have to look long as Paulina walked back into the gym, trying to adjust her dress and unsuccessfully covering the hickey on her neck. "Wow, that's a smooth one."

Danny's phone vibrated and he saw the following text: Danny, found her.

A few seconds later, he sent: Stay on her, on way. DONT make her angry!

He left his father, hoping to intercept what he felt was a guaranteed disaster.

Unfortunately, the two girls had headed off to the ladies room.

"Hey Paulina, nice dress." Sam wasn't too sure if that was a good enough compliment.

She was several month's behind on the rules of bitch speak.

"Yes," Paulina replied, as if there was no doubt she looked amazing (which she did. Hey, she may be a slut, but at least she was a very attractive and stylish one), "and it goes so nicely with your amulet." She turned around, snapping her compact shut, the hickey hidden well enough for the most part. "Don't you think?"

"My amulet? That's not mine…" Cue click of understanding. "Riiighhtt. Listen, my grandma gave me that amulet and-"

"Forget it cupcake, I'm not giving up this trinket. Or your little boyfriend Danny."

She gave a smug smile and looked wicked.

Very wicked indeed.

"My boyfriend?" Sam chuckled. "And they say pretty girls can't be funny. Danny isn't my boyfriend."

Not yet, she thought to herself.

"He's not?" Paulina raised a perfectly manicured eyebrow.

"He's my best friend."

"Whhhattt a bummer. I was only going out with him tonight because I thought I was stealing him from you." She took off the amulet and clasped it around Sam's neck. "Honestly, I was hoping to make such a smart little girl like you jealous. Not much gets you as it is." She finished adjusting the amulet around Sam's slender neck. "Here, take your crummy amulet. I'm going back inside to dump that dorky boy."

Sam felt her short fuse snap and her rage surfaced in a matter of seconds. "SHALLOW." The magic took over. "LITTLE." Itty bitty Samantha Manson was consumed by the ghostly form of the dragon. "BITCH!"

Paulina fainted on site and smashed her head heavily into a sink, the inanimate object making sure to help her stay unconscious for a good deal of time.

"Sam?" Danny was outside the bathroom now. "Paulina?" He heard a large crash, as if some kind of demolition were taking place, and ignoring social conventions ran into the girls' bathroom, only to see the ghostly dragon flying away. Sam was not in site. Without a second thought he transformed into Danny Phantom, his only thought to make sure that she was safe and flew as fast as he could to intercept the creature. He positioned himself above the creature and torpedoed down, the dragon slamming heavily into the center of the empty football field. "Take it easy Paulina." He landed lightly. "You don't want to hurt Sam or so help me-"

It was at this moment he noticed an unconscious Spanish lady gripped in the dragon's giant claws, her head wound slowly seeping bright red blood.

"Paulina?" He looked at the dragon's eyes that popped open. "Sam?"


"Uh yeah, that's definitely my Sammy."

A giant funnel of hot, acrid green flames hurtled towards him from dragon Sam's mouth. He flew under and grabbed Paulina from her grip. Before he could get any further, the tail slammed into his midsection, hurtling them back. Concentrating, he phased through the bleachers, him and Paulina hitting the chain link fence that surrounded the football field.

Dragon Sam lunged for them.

As he dodged that, he felt his phone vibrate (how he carries things is something that will most likely never be explained as it would involve multiple dimensions and numerous debates, for which the author dictates is a waste of time, does not have enough patience, nor is willing enough to push that word count capacity): Lancer is gettin close 2 ur dad!

"Fuck. Sam, forgive me." He gently set Paulina down. Calling upon the strength of his powers, he grabbed the serpentine tail and spun her around, flinging her off into the sky when he got enough momentum going. Hopefully, it would give him enough time to stop his descent into social squalor. "Ahw man. Dad!"


Back at the dance…

Jack Fenton was happy to be walking around and mingling with Danny's classmates, but got extremely annoyed when he realized that a man around his age was speaking with his beautiful Maddie. "Hey! Who the hell are you and why are you talking to my wife?"

"Jack, this is Mr. Lancer." She gave him her warning look. "…from the parent-teacher conference."

"Right, right," Danny said in his father's body. He threw his dad's arm around his mom's waist, trying to act natural and not feel out of breath for shadowing in the nick of time. "It's just in this light, I thought you were….um…George Clooney. Doesn't he look sharp, Maddie?"

Mr. Lancer was slightly stunned. "Well, thank you."

"Well, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to dance with my wife." Lady Gaga's "Telephone" began playing and while he wasn't sure if his parents could pull of dancing to it, he was more worried about getting the hell away from Mr. Lancer. "Yes, that's what we grown-ups do, we dance with our wives!"

"Oh doesn't this bring back memories?" Maddie sighed wistfully.

"If by memories you mean things you remember that I don't then yes! Then remind me of stuff I'll totally agree to remembering."

He was sounding a little bit too much like Jack.

Time to get out of his dad's body.

Ok, that sounded more then a little wrong.

Crap, Sam!

Just in time, he intercepted dragon Sam heading back towards Paulina's unconscious body. Dodging the same old fire-breathing attack he taunted, "I hate to say this, but you throw like a girl!" She took the bait and charged. He took out his weapon of choice. "The Fenton Ghost Fisher©. It catches ghosts and dragon ghosts." He cast the line out to catch his prey. "Way to go Dad!"

Catching around the amulet, he flew around in large circles, mindful to avoid the dangerous flame. In a matter of moments, the bound the wings to the long body and the creature fell to the ground, dazed from the crash. He swooped down, quickly ripping the amulet off triumphantly. With a show of his strength, he ripped the amulet in half, destroying it. The dragon body shrank and faded away to give way to the svelte Sam groggily trying to get up.

"Sam?" He helped to gently lift her up, holding her closely to him. "Are you okay?"

"Oh my God, what hit me? Did we have fun at the dance?" She looked at their surroundings and blinked. "Did we just have sex or something?"

"I wish." He pulled lightly at his bowtie. "I mean, let's just say you had a roaring good time."

"I'm guessing the dance is over, huh?" She gave a weak smile, but he could see her bottom lip quiver slightly. "Too bad, I didn't get a chance to have a slow song." He gazed at her amethyst eyes, admiring the way the red dress molded to her body. She was practically a goddess and he didn't know how to tell her, but he wanted to make her feel special. "Do you think there's time to go back?"

He gave a soft smile. "I have a better idea. You have your iPod with you?"

She took it out and handed it to him. "What do you have in mind?" He held up a hand as he scrolled through her songs. The soft tones of Bryan Adams came out softly from the speakers of the iPod touch. "Everything I Do, huh?" She looked down, suddenly bashful when he held out his hand to her. "Are you serious Danny?"

"Just go with it," he said softly and they settled into a rhythm. With no one around to judge, they didn't have any need for embarrassment or harassment from fellow peers. She allowed herself to be enveloped by his strong arms and leaned closer. "Sam, you're amazing."

She smiled.

"You too, Danny."

The song continued on and for just a little while, they got to ignore the rest of the world.

To Be Continued…

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